Recruiting Mailbag

Gators_8: When will we know if Rudolph will trip to gville this weekend? Is it something that we will find out the day of most likely?

AS: It’s best if word doesn’t get out until he’s on campus but I’m sure someone will spill the beans earlier but it won’t be me.

Jagtownville: How many times per day do you have to charge your cell phone?

AS: At least three times a day and sometimes more. I also use two cell phones. Haha.

Jagreene: Been a Gator Fan for 30 years, I absolutely love this time of year, makes me feel like a kid on Christmas Day, waiting to open the presents on NSD, would hate to run off a recruit with early info, simple question is the big flip still in the mix?

AS: Saint Nick is here with presents and yes the big flip is still in the mix. HAHA

Juggernautz:  C J Worton: Why did the Nolies back off him again & is he a lock for us?

AS: They were upset about the way he handled the last few weeks including reaching out to Travis Rudolph. He’s not a lock but a strong lean.

Juggernautz: Which freshman QB will see playing time first: WG or TH(assuming he will be a Gator)?

AS: I think you will see Treon Harris play as a freshman if he’s a Gator simply because Grier is gaining weight and learning the whole playbook. Harris will just have a few plays in the book for him.

Juggernautz: Do you think we will sign more players in 2015 than 2014?

AS: Tough to say right now without knowing who leaves and who stays but right now I say it will be close to the same, meaning around 25.

Gator_nica: At this point in the recruiting process, are we going to ge VERY happy with our class, or we shouldnt get our hopes up?

AS: I think Gator fans should be very happy with this class simply because you went 4-8 on the field last year and it could have turned real bad.

Macbgator: is Godchuax visiting this weekend?

AS: He says no

Gator427: Do you expect any surprise visitors this weekend?

AS: Florida is known for sneaking in visitors so there is always a chance.

Gator427: What is the maximum amount of players we can take in this class if a lot the recruits we are still recruiting want in?

AS: 6-7 more

Gator427: Besides Riggs, are you hearing of any other player(s) leaving the team or taking a medical hardship?

AS: This is honestly a question that I don’t like to speculate on simply because I wish everyone to be healthy enough to play ball.

Gator427: Do you expect any 2015 recruits to publicly commit this weekend?

AS: It’s very possible yes

Gatorpat: AS – If we don’t get Treon, does Porter go to qb?

AS: I think he will get a shot at quarterback if Treon Harris isn’t a Gator.

601gator: Andrew there was a rumor of a highly ranked recruit that was going to flip to us that was not on our board is he still in play; thanks for all you do.

AS: Yes he’s still in play

Adgator: Andrew Mike=Gator???

AS: It’s doubtful right now simply because of room in the class.

Gators_8: Is Miami recruiting Treon as an Athlete or QB? Can you shed some light onto the issue with Ice and their coaching staff. What exactly happened?

AS: Treon is a quarterback recruit for them but the family doesn’t see that being a good fit because of the Canes offense. I’m honestly not the right person to ask about that because I don’t know all of the details but I do know things are better now.

MrB-Gator: AS…..any commitments before NSD?

AS: It’s doubtful any go public by NSD for 2014.

G8trjasonB: As a fan, from the guys we are recruiting that are currently not publicly committed to us, who do YOU want to most see in this class?

AS: I personally would love to cover Adoree’ Jackson for the next few years because he’s a good guy and an electric playmaker.

TebowNut6: Any Percy Harvin/Julio Jones/Tebow/Clowney (i.e., very highly ranked, “once in a generation”-like) recruits in the 2015 class that UF is good shape to get?

AS: Kevin Toliver is an instant playmaker in college at cornerback but he’s headed to LSU barring a major change.

Jagtownville: Are there any SILENT commits currently? Not asking for names, just yes or no.

AS: yes

Gators_8: Any chance we try to get a last second flip with a guy like Scott if we end up having room on NSD? I feel like his heart is with UF.

AS: The ship has sailed on Derrell Scott.

Gators_8: Any word on how the Prince and Rudolph visits went tonight?

AS: Both visits went extremely well.

Cluckugator: I’ll try to mix it up because the player speculation is killing me… If you had to pick one assistant as the “best” recruiter at UF who would it be and why? T-Rob seems to have the hot hand this year, Durkin cleaned up last year, Joker obviously knows what he is doing on the recruiting trail, Lawing brought Clowney and Latimore to USCe. Which one of these guys would be the worst to lose?

AS: T-Rob because of the relationships he builds with these guys .

Gatorphan: Looks like Isaiah Mckenzie got a late offer from his. “Dream school” in Virginia Tech. Are we in trouble here or is he playing the game?

AS: Let’s see if he visits them this weekend or not if he does than there is some things to worry about yes.

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