Recruiting Mailbag

Jhenderson251: Does Lauderdale end up at ASU because we have a good feeling about someone better, or did Arizona really just blow him away on his visit?

AS: Florida feels good on Isaiah McKenzie but ASU also really impressed Eric Lauderdale. Florida also hasn’t visited Lauderdale since December and ASU has visited him twice now.

Gators_8: I’ll ask the obvious one lol. What have you heard on this potential big flip? I think most people know who is being referred to at this point, but do you feel like it’s something that does not officially go public till NSD? Also could we have a guess on a percentage of it actually happening? Thanks

AS: Lol this honestly not a question I want to talk much about it besides saying that it’s very possible but not a sure thing. The more people talk about the less likely it happens.

Gators_8: Is Willis Solid? The only reason I ask is because of how hard it can be to get those kids to leave the state plus his mother being a die hard corn dog fan

AS: Gerald Willis is very solid and both he and his mother have said he isn’t flipping. I don’t even believe he has talked to anyone but Florida.

Gators_8: What is the word on Darrell Williams?

AS: As of 8 o’clock tonight he wasn’t even visiting Florida anymore so nothing to see here IMO.

Gators_8: Latest on Treon (I’m sure there will be some more developments on him by the time you put this out)

AS: Florida feels very good on Treon Harris and the in-home visit helped even more. Right now the Gators just have maintain the momentum but a lot of people close to him believe he ends up at Florida. Harris grew a Gators fan and I was told that he has always thought about being a Gator but the opportunity never presented itself until now.

Gators_8: Any possible surprise official visitors coming up?

AS: The one thing I’ve learned in is in January always expect surprises so yes I wouldn’t be surprised if someone comes in unexpected. Now before I get a ton of questions about this, I’m not saying someone is coming in but just saying I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a surprised.

Teebone7200: Is the staff being allowed to over sign now? It has been posted by some that Machen does not allow UF to go over 85 scholarships on National Signing Day while many other big time programs over sign and have until after spring to get to the max limit. Can you clear this up for us?

AS: No the staff isn’t allowed to over sign. I have confirmed that again today and the Gators will only be able to send out seven letter of intents on signing day to players not committed to Florida right now.  Florida’s administration doesn’t want the coaches to force players out like other programs do.

Interrygator: my son says the receivers committed so far are relatively slow. He thinks FSU has recruited better speed at receiver. Any truth to that ?and please elaborate.

AS: Florida only has Ryan Sousa committed at receiver and he’s isn’t burner but he isn’t slow either. Sousa is more of a possession receiver.

Macbgator: What positions do we have left that the staff wants filled and who do you think fills those last position???

AS: I’m told Florida wants only 1 more offensive lineman now, 2 more receivers, one quarterback, two defensive linemen and one cornerback/athlete.

Macbgator: Has the ship sailed on rb Scott, if so who else are we looking at that is a possibility???

AS: Yes it has unless Florida misses on a lot of people. Right now it doesn’t look like Florida will sign a second back unless Bo Scarbrough says he wants in which is unlikely.

Swampthing22: With the big flip has it happened or are the coaches pursuing him to flip?

AS: It hasn’t happened yet but that particular player has given Florida some very positive feedback.

Macbgator: Do you think Godchaux will be in this class??

AS: If he visits Gainesville like he says than yes I think he’s in the class. Godchaux has always liked Florida a lot.

MrB-Gator: What are the possibilities of the two kids from Wayne County GA (Jesup) being in this class…….Sanders and Patterson.

AS: Florida needs to miss on a few receivers for this to happen and then I honestly still don’t know if they are in the class. I have a hard time believing the Gators are willing to take Jeremy Patterson right now at defensive tackle with so few spots left.

Dpgator: If you have solid information on a recruit flipping to UF and being a silent, would you accept payment for information provided payer keeps same secret and remains silent? You decide what would be reasonable fee, am willing to sign an NDA. I need to be able to sleep at night and this may be a small price to pay to ensure optimal health.

AS: HAHA let’s work this out. LOL but I really wish I could share the information but right now it’s best this stay very quiet.

Mdmcgarry: Who do you see as realistic commitments to our offensive line?

AS: Right now the board and in order they could commit follow like this: Damian Prince, Andrew Mike and then Yodny Cajuste.

Mdmcgarry: What do you are chances of getting… Treon Harris? Lorenzo Carter?

AS: I think Florida has a great shot at flipping Treon Harris and less than 50% on Lorenzo Carter but Will Muschamp’s in-home visit is huge and I mean HUGE here.

Jagtownsville: AS – Has the name of the Big Flip been mentioned by anyone on this forum, somewhere? Or have we still missed it?

AS: The name is out there and many of you guys on here have hit the nail on the head.

Gatordon: Why should I bother to post anymore questions, they don’t get posted or answered?

 AS: I try to answer every question posted unless it’s a repeat of a question from above the thread.

Adgator: How good do you feel on Damian Prince and Andrew Mike being Gators? Is Speed Noil an EE at TA&M

AS: Noil has early enrolled at A&M. I think Florida has an above average shot at Prince and if they miss on him than a great shot at Andrew Mike. The one concern on Prince is distance.

Phillip214: What percentage do you give the Gators to land Travis Rudolph? Bo? Adoree? Prince? (individually and not collectively).

AS: Rudolph is committed to FSU, Bo=5%, Adoree=75%, Prince=50%

Texasgator94: Do you believe Godchaux visit and, if so, do you still believe he’s ours if he does?

AS: I do think Davon Godchaux will visit Florida and if he does indeed do that than I think Florida has a great shot.

Texasgator94: The big flip: Can’t tell us, shouldn’t tell us until the kid is ready to go public. That said, maybe you could outline for everyone what a “flip” is, since many speculate on players who aren’t committed & therefore cannot flip. In addition, will you confirm it’s on the Offense or Defense for the sake of the speculation that you know will not stop?

AS: IMO a flip is a prospect committed to another program simply because how can you flip when you aren’t committed to anyone. I honestly don’t want to get into position and such.

Dfalco2: Will JC Jackson be in this class on signing day? How are we looking for Prince and who is recruiting him besides muschamp? Also you still feel good about Andoree signing with the good guys? Great job with the tidbits!!

AS: I think JC will be a Gator ultimately because he doesn’t want to be a receiver at FSU and he knows they will stick him there.

Runswithbulls:  Which players can make an impact next season with emphasis on offensive players?

AS: I think Jalen Tabor can play early as well as Gerald Willis on defense. On offense I think Deandre Goolsby will see time next year and you could see JC Jackson on special teams and maybe even some defense.

Juggernautz: Do you know why we don’t recruit Texas/California harder other than for the obvious answer?

AS: I think the programs in those states do a good job of keeping the top guys in state as well as Florida not wanting to waste time recruiting those guys if they are staying close to home.

Juggernautz: > NFL Draft: If you had the 3rd pick overall in this years draft and Clowney & Bridgewater were
both available which would you take or would you trade down to get more picks?

AS: I would take Jadaveon Clowney because I think he can play next year and I think Teddy Bridgewater needs time to develop as a pro quarterback. I don’t think there is a top notch quarterback that should be drafted in the first round this year. Now Johnny Manziel is a talent you take a risk on.

Juggernautz:  Could you give us a brief bio on yourself & what led you to be a reporter for GC?

AS: I coached football for 6 years and then was a student assistant at the University of South Alabama but after one year I decided to take a job in the media covering recruiting. I look back sometimes and miss coaching but I love what I do.

Andrew Spivey
Andrew always knew he wanted to be involved with sports in some capacity. He began by coaching high school football for six years before deciding to pursue a career in journalism. While coaching, he was a part of two state semifinal teams in the state of Alabama. Given his past coaching experience, he figured covering recruiting would be a perfect fit. He began his career as an intern for, covering University of Florida football recruiting. After interning with Rivals for six months, he joined the Gator Country family as a recruiting analyst. Andrew enjoys spending his free time on the golf course and watching his beloved Atlanta Braves. Follow him on Twitter at @AndrewSpiveyGC.


  1. i hope its Bo.. Im hoping we close the lorenzo, adoree, prince, bo, & any of the current receivers on board.. Muschamp & co are doing a hell of a job on the recruiting trail.. Go gators, chomp chomp chomp Gatornation