Recruiting Mailbag

MrB-Gator: Is there any chance we take a LB in this class?

AS: Always a chance but it looks very doubtful at best right now.

Macbgator: Will we get a commit this weekend? If so who?

AS: I think it’s possible and you should know by now that I won’t steal a kids thunder.

AG111: If we get Derrell Scott and Isaiah this weekend .  Will the deluge of 3 star offers to skill guys cease?

AS: I think if Florida lands both of them they are done at running back and only have room for a guy like Eric Lauderdale at receiver.

CTG8TR: What is the lastest with CJ Worton? What is your evaluation of him?

AS: Nothing new to report but Florida will visit him before he heads to West Virginia. I think he has very good hands and above average speed. I haven’t seen much of running routes inside so that’s a question to me.

Chicogator1: Andrew,with news of Pruitt bailing out of Tallahassee, do we have any chance of any defensive flips? Maybe some LBers? Thanks, for the hustle, keep up the good work.

AS: I honestly don’t see Florida being able to flip any of their guys especially Jacob Pugh. Florida really never wanted Kain Daub so it’s doubtful they would go after him anyway.

TrillGator: I think the question on everybody’s mind here is with no LBs in this class who are some studs we are looking at in 2015.

AS: Jeffrey Holland is the top target on the board for Florida, Adonis Thomas of Georgia is another name to watch plus Justin Hilliard of Ohio is another top guy who has been offered already.

TrillGator: what happened to Davon Godchaux visiting?

AS: He will probably visit after all IMO.

Texasgator94: Do you ever tire of all the whining that the “negative” so-called Gator “fan” does? i.e. We land Willis & Tabor, which was totally unexpected, and yet all they focus on is the decommits of Dalvin & Ermon, which wasn’t a well-kept secret so-t0-speak.

AS: I’ve learned to just not read it as much as I can simply because it’s the players decision and they have to do what’s best for them.

Southcolgator: If Lo Carter chooses Ga, do we have a back-up? With RoPo going pro, it seems we are thin at this position. Has Jordan Sherit been moved to TE?

AS: Landing Gerald Willis and Thomas Holley helped fill a void on the defensive line so there really is no back up plan. It’s no guarantee that Sherit moves to tight end but there has been some speculation that he worked out there towards the end of the season but I have no proof of that.

Dfalco2: AS- Muschamp looked very relaxed and actually happy during the Roper press conference. Is that just the effect KR has on people? If so how are recruits reacting to his energy and personality? Who are the top guys he is recruiting for this years class? Can you put a percentage on L Carter being in this class?

AS: Will Muschamp has relaxed over the last few years more and recruits love him so does his players. CWM is personally recruiting everyone on the board as he’s a hands on head coach. 50/50 right now on Lo Carter.

Gator427: Andrew, do you still think Lewis and JC Jackson will be in this class? Has Lewis improved his grades?

AS: Let me clear something up with C’yontai Lewis for everyone, it was never a question on grades with him it was whether or not he get it done in the SEC which I think he can. To answer your question though yes I think both are Gators on NSD.

Gator427: Andrew, do you know of any recruit committed somewhere else that may be in this class that has not been discussed publicly?

AS: Chris Godwin, committed to Penn State, is someone that Florida likes and suppose to go visit soon.

Juggernautz: How did you get -17 red ratings? Lol

AS: Good question, I wonder the same thing honestly. Whoever did it confess up. LOL

Juggernautz: Which of our current 2014 recruits have the best chance of playing as freshmen?

AS: Jalen Tabor, Gerald Willis, Damian Prince if he’s in the class, DeAndre Goolsby and Eric Lauderdale if he’s in the class.

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