Recruiting Mailbag

1gatorbear: Have you heard anything about Cook recruiting Lane and others to FSU ?

AS: I have not, and honestly I would be shocked if anyone would say that Dalvin Cook is recruiting Ermon Lane because that would give away Cook’s decision.

Gilfish08: Not sure if this was addressed in another thread but do we still have that silent commit on the defensive side of the ball? I think you gave us that inside scoop on the Arkansas weekend.

AS: It’s up in the air right now concerning that silent commit but he is still telling the staff what they want to hear.

Arob2827: Which players do you see, in your best guess, committing to Florida during the AA game and the UA game?

AS: Jamal Adams and Dalvin Cook. I’m not 100% on everyone who is committing so forgive me if I missed someone.

TrillGator: How good are our chances with 2015 rb Jordan Scarlett

AS: Right now Florida trails Florida State by a good bit but let’s see how much influence Quincy Wilson has on him.

TrillGator: Any other JUCO OL’s we are looking at?

AS: Not that I’m aware of and honestly I would be shocked if Florida took another JUCO offensive lineman now.

TrillGator: Any names popping up for the new opening at QB?

AS: There have been a few names thrown out there but none that I have confirmed as having real interest in Florida just yet.

Macbgator: Andrew, will we add a QB in this class

AS: I think they will simply because having three quarterbacks on the roster on scholarship is not a good thing.

Macbgator: Is there a chance that we could get LB Jacob Pugh to come to the good guys? We have no LB in this class and I remember that he grew up a Gator fan and always wanted to play for the Gators. What happened?!!!

AS: I highly doubt it especially with FSU having such a good year. Really it was just more about him staying at home and going to FSU.

Ol2ange: How are we looking for some of our top targets (A. Jackson, L. Carter, J. Adams, Tabor, Damien Prince, etc)?

AS: Right now I say Florida has a slight lead for Jackson, Carter and Adams and trail by a good margin for Tabor and Prince.

Ol2ange: What current commitments are the staff worried about in terms of academics? (Meaning, they won’t be able to make the grades to get in to UF)?

AS: Dontae Angus is the main one right now and also Ermon Lane has some doubt but nothing major yet.

Gator_nica: With the recent de-commitment of 2015 WR Campbell, any chances we pick him up? Is there mutual interest? I remember he was interested, but then went ahead and committed to Michigan.

AS: Mutual interest yes but I also don’t think he will do anything for a little while as he said he wants to take visits first.

Indygator: AS, do you agree with the GC article that seems to show multiple holes in our recruiting for the last 3 years?

AS: There have been some holes yes especially on the offensive line and the tight end position last year. I also question the quarterback recruiting a ton.

Atlg8rfan: Will you put out a mock class before NSD? If so, is there a target date for it? Do you still see a class of approximately 24?

AS: I plan to put one out once a new OC is in place and I can get a better feel for the offensive side of the ball. Yes 23-25 is the number I see.

MrB-Gator:  Is there a chance we sign LB Jakob Johnson from Jax?

AS: A chance yes but it will have to be done quickly since he will enroll early at Tennessee. Right now I lean towards Florida not taking a linebacker in this class.

Agmetcalf: AS, Lane just tweeted this morning that Cook and him were going to college together. Is this a good thing for us? or are we going to end up disapppointed on both? He seems to be frustrated with Florida fans on twitter. Side note – if you are tweeting a 17-18 year old kid bashing him about where he might go to school you probably need to reevaluate yourself.

AS: I’ve always been told that Ermon Lane will go to school with Quincy Wilson and until I’m told differently I’m sticking with that. So I say it’s a good thing for Florida but in all honesty I think it’s all a smoke screen and simply kids just tweeting.

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  1. Why is there any talk about 2015? UF will have to show major improvement or the present staff will be gone anyway. There is a reason that no one’s knocking down the door to fill the vacancies on the present staff. I think most who have been approached have said thanks, but no thanks. To me, any talk about 2015 recruits is a waste of time until there is stability with the coaches. Muschamp’s seat is very hot right now and it will take some wins to cool it off. I’m surprised that UF is not going to sign any other JUCOs since the future is now for this staff. What happened to Sebastian Tretola?

    • The coaches can’t go around thinking they are going to have a bad year next year so they have to recruit for 2015. Sebastian never visited and signed with Arkansas yesterday.