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TrillGator: At this point Dalvin Cook appears as if he will ultimately end up a Gator, but who is the bigger threat UM or FSU?

AS: I believe Miami is the bigger threat but the family keeps saying Florida State so as is the case with Dalvin Cook who knows what’s going on.

TrillGator: Do you think we land Jamal Adams?

AS: Right now I lean towards no. I think Adams lands at LSU but with Joker Phillips on staff at Florida nothing is a given right now.

TrillGator: Any chance we try JC Jackson at receiver?

AS: Not at first because Travaris Robinson believes Jackson can be a top notch SEC cornerback but if things don’t work out at CB than he will be moved to receiver.

Gatordon: What does your gut tell you about our ability to land Cook? What are the odds?

AS: My gut says at the end of the day Cook is a Gator because of his relationship with T-Rob but not having an OC hurts.

Gatordon: What recruits may be wavering?

AS: Dalvin Cook, Ermon Lane, JC Jackson and Chris Lammons are guys to keep an eye but I think Cook is the only one who may leave.

Gatordon: How can the offensive performance this year not hurt our recruiting?

AS: Coaches are able to sell early playing time to recruits and tell them they are the guy that can make the difference.

Gatordon: Will we be able to flip some big time recruits that will surprise folks?

AS: I really don’t see anyone flipping this year that is big time. Ryan Sousa just flipped from FSU but that wasn’t a surprise, honestly.

Gatordon: There have been conflicting rumors about what WM is telling recruits about next year’s offense; what have you heard from recruits?

AS: Everyone I have talked too including some current players and guys that have transferred like Max Staver tell me that Muschamp is telling them that it’s going to be a spread offense.

Macbgator: I understand we are looking at a TE from Ocala, a 2 star, Andrew is he a better option at TE than Moral Stephens from Perry? Would Stephens be a option at WR, if not at TE? I believe he would be ours if he got an offer, but it seems we are slow playing him, any reason?

AS: Well Florida has landed Stephens but he’s really just a flex tight end or slot receiver as he isn’t a guy that will be in a three-point stance blocking someone.

JerseyGator: Andrew, why are we offering these OLs all of a sudden, don’t the coaches feel good about Sharpe and Simms?

AS: I believe Jordan Sims goes elsewhere, maybe even greyshirting at Alabama.

Chosen12395: Saw a feed that said we offered Dwayne Lawson and Deon Cain for class of 15 have you had a chance to see them play? What are your thoughts on them becoming Gators?

AS: I’ve seen Cain play and he’s an explosive athlete that I think can be a really good receiver. I think Florida has a great shot with him.

MrB-Gator: What does the board look like at LB right now?

AS: Clifton Garrett and Raekwon McMillan have eliminated Florida so really Florida doesn’t have a good chance at any linebacker on the board right now. They may look at a guy like Jakob Johnson from Jacksonville but right now I’m not sure that happens.

AG111: Without any transfers we are at 85 … are the staff expecting 10?

AS: Yes they are I think they are at 7 right now and a few players may leave or leave for medical reasons.

Gators_8: How did Tabor’s visit go?

AS: It went really well from what I’ve gathered and what his dad has told me but ultimately it depends on what happens with Marcus Roberson.

Firefightinggator: Can you give us a list of top five most likely to be gators in 2015?

AS: CeCe Jefferson, Byron Cowart, Martez Ivey, Jeffrey Holland and Jacques Patrick.

Macbgator: AS do you think Thomas Holley will be in this classs? Will Derrick Kelly OT be in this class? Have we slipped to the point that Donald Sims will not be in this class?

AS: I think Holley is leaning towards Penn State right now but it’s close and I do think Kelly is in the class and right now Jordan Sims is headed elsewhere IMO.

KPC: why the sudden change on Adams?

AS: The family wants a stable coaching staff and that isn’t the case right now at Florida.

Gator_nica: By my count, our 2015 class seems to be shaping up to be a monster class. Am I high, or do you think the same?

AS: I think the same as the state of Florida is freaking loaded.

Gator_nica: Do you still feel confident our 2014 class will end up top 10?

AS: Top 10 sure but this class should have been a top 5 class honestly.

Gators_8: Latest on Adoree Jackson? Any chance we get him on campus again?

AS: I think Florida gets Jackson back on campus and ultimately I think the track program lands him in Gainesville.

Garyg8rstevo: The only way we get Tabor, possibly, is for Roberson to leave, opening a spot at corner? Or has that ship sailed already?

AS: Only IMO is if Marcus Roberson leaves.

Macbgator: If we do not get Cook, is Tony James our only option, which I have no problem with and think would be a great addition ?

AS: I don’t think Tony James goes anywhere but Oregon IMO but yes, that’s about the only option left.

Juggernautz: AS, who do you think will be our new OL & OC’s?

AS: I honestly have no clue at this point. Muschamp and Co. keep things close to the vest but if I was a betting man I think either Clay Helton, Major Applewhite or Mike Norvell.

Juggernautz: Do you think Mr. Sharpe will pursue playing for our basketball team as well
as being on the FB team?

AS: I think he tries it for a year or so but ultimately I think he will see he can’t play both and will leave basketball.

Juggernautz: Personal question: what is the hardest part of your job as a GC writer?

AS: Two things really stick out to me. One is trying to find time to get away from all things GC for a day or so to just relax or hang out with my family. It’s very tough to just leave without thinking about things. The second is keeping you guys updated with everything while also trying to not to hurt my sources.

Juggernautz: What is the funniest moment you had doing a interview w\ a recruit?

AS: Mackenzie Alexander last year. When I called him he answered and asked how I was doing and how GatorNation was doing and asked me if I would let him write my headline saying chomp chomp. The whole interview was crazy and typical Mackenzie.

Newk44: With the transfer of Maybe 2 QBs would there be any chance we go for one more alongside Will Grier?

AS: Chase Litton is a guy to watch for but honestly I think Florida is ok with just Grier in this class.

Supagator: Are there any current commits that May have grade issues? Also, how many potential recruits can we sign early?

AS: Dontae Angus is the guy who has grade concerns and by my count 6 can count back to last year.

Newk44: Does Joker talk to Jamal much and since he is family does that mean he can talk on the dead period?

AS: It’s a sticky situation but yes he can talk to his dad because they are friends but it’s not supposed to be about recruiting.

Gators_8: Have you heard anything on M. Alexander wanting to transfer to UF?

AS: The rumor has been out there but Alexander is just upset he was injured and I highly doubt Clemson would release him to Florida.

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