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Slorey: Odds Ermon Lane remains committed?

AS: I think Lane sticks to Florida as long as Will Muschamp and Travaris Robinson stay. Lane is very close with Quincy Wilson and that should be enough to keep him a Gator.

Slorey: Odds Dalvin Cook remains committed?

AS: Tough to say as of right now because so many things are going on but I think it’s 50/50 right now between Florida and Florida State.

Slorey: In light of the fact that Muschamp’s offensive philosophy is “ground and pound”, why does it seem to be so difficult for this staff to recruit and establish depth at the offensive line?

AS: For one the lack of talent in the state of Florida at the offensive line position hurts and the Gators have just been unforuntate out of state lately.

Slorey: There have been rumblings of numerous 2015 silent commits. Accurate statement?

AS: There are a few guys who have said that Florida is their leader so I think the Gators are in a good position with several 2015 prospects.

Slorey: What is the status of Adore Jackson? Still feeling confident?

AS: Florida is just trying to get Jackson back in town which could happen for the Florida State game. Right now the Gators feel like they are in a good position.

Slorey: Why the love affair between JC Jackson and UM?

AS: Jackson has some family near the Miami area so that’s part of the love affair and the fact that he can play early there helps.

Moosegator: Are we still going after Carter? If so what are our chances to land him?

AS: Florida is going to go after Lorenzo Carter until the day he signs in February but Florida is slipping for him some due to bad season this year. Florida desperately needs to get Carter and his family back on campus.

Moosegator: What are our chances with Sims?

AS: Florida is in good position to land offensive lineman Jordan Sims and they are showing the most love right now. The official visit will be huge for him.

Gatorboy08: As of right now, what are the chances both Cook and Bo Scarbrough end up Gators.

AS: Together less than 30% but I think Florida still has a decent shot of keeping Dalvin Cook in the class.

oI2ange: I’ve asked this before, but any new names with JUCO players?

AS: Honestly not really Florida is trying to get high school players right now but if they miss on someone they could move to the JUCO side. I plan to have a mock class after the season.

Juggernautz: AS, if you were JFoley, would you make any changes to the staff & what would they be?

AS: I would definitely look at the offensive staff and make some changes there and see what happens after that.

Juggernautz: Which RB would be a better fit for our team: Dalvin, Bo and/or Tony?

AS: I honestly see Dalvin Cook and Bo Scarbrough as both being great fits for Florida. I think that if Florida was to land Scarbrough it would be huge because he’s a power back that runs people over but Cook is all around type of back that’s great for Florida too.

MrB-Gator: Are we going after Tony James?

AS: Florida is keeping James warm and if things go south with Cook they will turn up the heat on him or Florida could also move on him if they have room for him.

Gatornica: can you touch on who are the most active recruiters on staff? We know T-Rob and Muschamp are awesome, but who else stands out?

AS: DJ Durkin is a very good recruiter and also Joker Phillips is a good recruiter. Brian White is very active as well.

JerseyGator3669: Andrew, does Lewis have grade issues? Also, can you tell us the new players added to the board?

AS: C’yontai Lewis has some academic concerns as does Dontae Angus but both figure to be working hard to get into school. The new players on the board are receiver Ryan Sousa and Charles Nelson.

Juggernautz: Will the staff need to change the strategy of the way they recruit due to the horrid season we are having?

AS: They will just have to work harder and do a better job of selling the programs future instead of the on the field product.

Airrailey: Tony James versus Dalvin Cook. If Cook bolts, what are the odds of pulling James from the Ducks? Can you compare the two, they seem to have similar skill sets on tape, but Cook looks like he has the frame to be a little bit bigger after a few years in the weight program.

AS: Florida has a great shot at Tony James if they decide to push hard for him. James is more of a speed running back and Cook is more of a complete back.

Ga8or22: Where will 5-Star Safety Jamal Adams Land? Bleacher report has his a 2/1 favorite to Florida – is that true?

AS: I think Adams is a Gator as long as Joker is still at Florida.

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