Recap of Florida’s Pro Day

Florida’s Pro Day took place on March 30th inside the Gary Condron Family Indoor Practice Facility at the Sanders Football Practice Field.

The Gators had 13 participants including one track and field athlete.

At least one representative of every NFL team including multiple head coaches were in attendance.

Gator Country provides a recap of what went down at Pro Day and some inside information along with it.


Richardson weighed in at 6-4.2, 246 pounds on Pro Day.

The QB opted to only throw today, which is probably a smart move considering he performed very well at the NFL combine.

Richardson let it fly in his session, displaying accuracy in both on the run and in the pocket passes. Perhaps the best part of Richardson’s performance was his arm strength. His last throw of the day was a 70-yard completion in which he led his receiver to.

One NFL scout looked at me and said “That’s ridiculous” after a 55-yard dot by Richardson. Scouts on both sidelines were drooling over Richardson’s throwing session.

Richardson only improved his draft stock during Florida’s Pro Day.



Dexter only competed in short shuttle and position work today.

Dexter’s three cone time was an unofficial 7.55.

I didn’t get the official weigh in for Dexter, but he mentioned he was a little heavier today because he put on muscle while losing body fat.

Dexter talked to 22 different teams at the NFL combine, but his favorite meeting was with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Dexter told the media that NFL scouts have been giving him comparisons to Chris Jones, a defensive tackle for the Chiefs.


Cox worked out at Florida’s Pro Day despite being removed from the team midway through the 2022 season.

The edge rusher started the day with 29 reps on the bench press, a very impressive figure. Cox followed that with a vertical of 30 inches.

Cox logged a 4.88 unofficial 40-yard dash and struggled in the three-cone drill.

Cox seemed to do well in some of the positional work.

Gervon Dexter said that Cox improved his numbers across the board today.


Linebacker Ventrell Miller only measured and recorded his vertical today.

Miller measured at 6-0.4, 235 pounds.

Miller impressed in the vertical after a rough first two tries, logging 34.5 inches, the best on the day by far.


Trey Dean measured at 6-2.4, 204 pounds.

Dean logged a 4.69 and 4.70 unofficial 40-yard dash.

Dean’s three cone time was an unofficial 6.58. He didn’t participate in the vertical.

Dean has heard from the Packers, Raiders, Jets, Bucs, and Ravens.


Perhaps the most impressive performance of the day was from Amari Burney.

I didn’t get the official weigh in for Burney, but he looks like he’s slimmed down.

Burney logged a respectable 22 reps on the bench press and a vertical of 33 inches, which he didn’t seem happy with, but is a pretty high figure.

Burney ran a 4.54 and a 4.53, a really impressive number for Burney.

Burney’s three cone drill was logged at 7.03.

Burney worked out with the DBs and held his own throughout the day.


Torrence ran the 40-yard dash at Pro Day and logged an unofficial 4.75 twice.

Torrence also did some positional work.


Shorter measured in at 6-4, 234 pounds. The big-bodied receiver did the shuttle and ran routes today.

I was impressed with how quick Shorter was at that size.


Torrence measured in at 6-5, 331 pounds at Pro Day.

Torrence only participated in positional work and he didn’t disappoint.

Most of the NFL is interested in Torrence, but he really likes the Saints.


Gouraige participated in everything at Florida’s Pro Day.

Gouraige wasn’t pleased with his 24 reps on the bench press or his 22.5-inch vert.

Gouraige’s 40 time was logged at 5.38 and 5.4 unofficial.





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