QB Will Grier to Transfer from the Florida Gators

Florida Gators quarterback Will Grier will be transferring from the program GatorCountry has learned.

The transfer comes in the midst of a yearlong suspension for Grier due to failing a NCAA drug test for taking an over the counter supplement. The suspension, which began on October 12, would keep Grier from playing at Florida, or any Division-1 school until the seventh week of the 2016 season.

Head coach Jim McElwain recently stated that Grier would rejoin the team in practices and activities as early as January 5, following Florida’s bowl game against Michigan, however after news broke Saturday that Grier would transfer Florida released a statement from McElwain.

Will came to me about exploring his options to transfer. We will support him and help him in anyway we can,” the statement reads. “This has been very difficult on him and obviously he is looking for a fresh start. We will always be there for him as will all Gators.”

Grier retained attorney Clay Townsend to file an appeal of the suspension to the NCAA. Townsend and Grier were hoping to have the suspension reduced, allowing Grier to play at the beginning of the 2016 season, but that appeal was denied on November 20.

Grier has not practiced with the team since his suspension. The Gators were 5-0 when Grier started this season (6-0 overall) before Treon Harris led the team to a 4-3 record down the stretch. Grier completed 106-of-161 (65.8%) pass attempts for 1,204 yards and 10 touchdowns to just three interceptions before his suspension.

If Grier transfers to another Division I school he would be forced to sit out a season due to NCAA transfer rules and, from what Gator Country has gathered, would not be able to serve his current suspension for banned substances concurrently while sitting out as a transfer. Grier could transfer to a junior college to play right away, then return to a Division I school in 2017, sit out the first six games and then resume his career as a redshirt junior.

Kassidy Hill and Nick de la Torre contributed to this report.

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  1. GREAT NEWS! Go figure…
    This year was his first time playing real college football. IN THE SEC and with a HORRIBLE, patchwork O-line,a new offensive system, and very few playmakers. All things considered, he was amazing. He made good reads, fit the hall into tight windows, thew over the middle ON TIME, and was excellent evading defenders, keeping plays alive and picking up yards on the ground. In my opinion he’s also a better runner than Treon. He was only going to get better and I guaruntee he’ll be an NFL QB in the future.

    • AND, when receivers were running wide open down the field, he didn’t miss them. Unlike Treon who tortured me by not even noticing those opportunities, let alone actually making the throw and completing it.

  2. My God…Couldn’t he of made this decision earlier? I mean if he’s coming back great, if not, let us have time to recruit another top notch guy. It was a tad selfish to do what he did and IMHO seemed like a true Gator and was gonna work through his crap. Bolting and running away isn’t always the best answer. He had thousands of people pulling for him…maybe it’s selfish of me but I think he should have nutted up and come back. Go Gators.

    • Me too. He’s going to end up screwing himself,If he transfers to a NCAA team he has to sit for a year for transferring, then serve the rest of his 6 game suspension. that will be 2 years before he ever steps on the field. Why would his father let him transfer. The only thing I can think of is he’s going to a JUCO then transfer to a NCAA team, so he missed 6 games plays for a year then misses 6 games. Maybe he’ll end up in SC, since Muschamp recruited him and has a good relationship with him. Plus he is from NC, so that’s close to his father and home. Then his dad can keep a closer eye on him. Good luck to him in whatever he does though.

  3. This makes no sense, first with the NCAA regulations where an athlete can smoke pot and sit out a game, but he can take a supplement that I can buy at a GMC and be suspended for a full year. So a word to the wise, if you consume something in excess to improve your physical growth, you could lose a year of eligibility, so watch out for how muck Milk you consume when you get to the next level in competition; but lighten up on marijuana, you might only go to prison.

    • Nobody knows what he took and the “banned substance”list is ridiculous. Good thing your opinion means absolutely nothing and you have no idea what your talking about.

    • How about rape a girl and have the FSU campus cops and school cover it up and not get suspended at all. Winston is just a straight up shit bag. He’s a shit bag, he’s always gonna be a shit bag. There’s no changing that. Famous Jameis the shit bag.