Previewing Florida Gators vs. South Carolina 2017

GatorCountry brings you a new podcast as we preview the Florida Gators vs. South Carolina game on Saturday afternoon in Columbia, South Carolina.

Andrew Spivey and Nick de la Torre break down the game and the team mindset heading into the game as the Gators look to get back in the win column.

Andrew and Nick also break down what is a loaded weekend of good football games, plus give you some players to watch for the Gators on Saturday.


Andrew: What’s up, Gator Country? Your man, Andrew Spivey, here with Nicholas de la Torre. Nicholas, I know it’s not been a fun week. It’s been a quiet week, but the Gators do play up in Carolina on Saturday, and Willy Muschamp is waiting for them.
Nick: For everyone that’s asked, no. They cannot forfeit the rest of the games. It’s almost over.
Andrew: I kind of wish they would. There’s a little celebrity softball game up in Atlanta this weekend that I’d rather be checking out than watching a football team that doesn’t care to play.
Nick: I thought the Braves regular season ended.
Andrew: It did, but now we’re playing a little softball.
Nick: They are a softball team.
Andrew: Okay. There you go. Nick, you’re traveling up. You get to go see Willy Muschamp in person and see Boom. I know you’re looking forward to it, but, Nick, I’m not sure this team’s looking forward to it. Everything we’ve kind of been told is that this team has, I don’t want to say checked out, but checked out almost.
Nick: You don’t want to say checked out, but checked out.
Andrew: I mean, what’s the best word to say except for say checked out? I mean, they’ve checked out.
Nick: I guess I can get that, but I don’t understand that, because you’ve got guys that are still competing for their future, and your resume when you’re a football player is your tape. If you’re going to be a guy that checks out, and you just have terrible tape the last month of the season, those are questions you’re going to have to answer when you start going to combines and stuff, and start talking to NFL teams. Hey, what happened this month? The team wasn’t good. Our coach got fired, so we decided not to play. No. Who are you impressing with that?
Andrew: Right. You’re starting to look at some of these guys that are with the potential to go on and go early, the Cece Jefferson, Martez Ivey, Taven Bryan, those guys, and you have Randy Shannon publicly call out Martez Ivey during the week about him not playing well. You don’t think teams are going to look back at that and say look at what happened?
Nick: Yeah. He really just, didn’t he just call him out for the red zone offsides?
Andrew: Yeah. He said that they were playing with lack of effort, I believe is the what the words were, or the attitude or something was the words he used. It was kind of mind-blowing a little bit that he used that. To be honest with you, I haven’t been impressed with the way Randy Shannon has handled things.
Nick: You don’t say. You haven’t been impressed with Randy Shannon?
Andrew: With Randy Shannon the way he’s done things. You’re looking at him calling out Lamical Perine. When you start to call out your team, granted they need to be called out, but they don’t need to be called out in the media, in my opinion, in the public eye. Especially with the divide going on so much right now.
Nick: Yeah. I don’t know. I think there’s something to it. You see it a lot in basketball.
Andrew: Yeah. You know what I’m saying? Do you agree that it maybe should be a situation where he kind of chills out a little bit with this team? I mean, he’s close to losing his team already.
Nick: Well, I don’t think Randy Shannon is going to be here long, so I don’t think he’s worried about hurting feelings.
Andrew: Okay. Maybe you’re right then. I’m with you. Anything that you’ve seen this week that makes you believe this game is going to be competitive?
Nick: Listen, I’ve seen Will Muschamp teams for a while. It can absolutely be competitive.
Andrew: Okay.
Nick: I’ve also seen Will Muschamp stop Florida’s offense, most notably when he was the head coach at Florida, but it would not surprise me to see him stop Florida’s offense again.
Andrew: Here’s the thing. As bad as Florida’s defense looked last weekend, it wouldn’t surprise me to see South Carolina show up with no offense either.
Nick: Yeah. When we were talking to Chris on the Wednesday podcast, that’s what you and I were laughing about was it sounded like 2013, 2014, me and you in 2013, 2014, talking about Florida’s offense. It sounded like the exact same thing. It’ll be interesting to see Jake Bentley. He’s a younger guy. He should really just be a freshman there. If he can get going early, and get some confidence. It’s like we said on Monday too, and again on Wednesday, this is a team that is waiting for a reason to quit. If South Carolina goes up quick, you’ll start seeing eyes looking at the floor, and guys just trying to bide time until the game’s over.
Andrew: I mean, if any hopes of going to a bowl game, they’re still out there. You got to win the next three. Even if it is the Birmingham Bowl. I mean, you need to find a way to win this weekend. Like it or not, you got to find a way to win this weekend.
Nick: Should get Adam Lane to be the honorary captain for that game, the Birmingham Bowl.
Andrew: For what, the toilet paper bowl?
Nick: Yeah.
Andrew: He’s going to run out with a roll of toilet paper. Where is Adam Lane at, by the way?
Nick: No idea.
Andrew: Anyway, expect to see anything different this week? I don’t.
Nick: What do you mean different?
Andrew: Different. Randy Shannon wants to talk about he wants to make changes on the special teams, and that kind of stuff. Do you expect to see anything different?
Nick: No. Randy Shannon was David Reese’s linebacker coach, and on Monday he told us David Reese only played three games last year. No. I don’t think Randy Shannon is making wholesale changes to the offense. You still got Doug Nussmeier calling plays. Get your shots ready for 2nd and 10 runs between the tackles. Nothing’s going to change. It’s going to be the same thing that’s been going on. Now you don’t have Jimmy Mac to even script the first series for Doug.
Andrew: Here’s another thing for me, Nick. Maybe you guys are starting to listen to me a little bit when I say that Randy Shannon is in over his head. You look at what happened on Monday. He’s just tripping over his own words, man. People are starting to realize he is in over his head, in my opinion.
Nick: Yeah. I think people are seeing that. I gave him a break for not being super involved with the offense. He’s the defensive coordinator, was the linebacker coach before that. There’s no reason for him to know what the offensive game plan is on a Saturday. I give him a break there, but then he starts messing up and not knowing people on the defensive side of the ball, specifically people that were in his room last year as the linebacker coach. Then I’m thinking, where has he been? What is he even doing?
Andrew: Did you not take away—I don’t know. I’m confused of what people thought. Was this what you thought, Nick? Because in my opinion it wasn’t. I think you thought he was going to do better.
Nick: Yeah. I think we mentioned that before the Missouri game. I thought you might get an inspired effort, and I questioned as to how long that would go. Would it be one game? Would it be a quarter? Would it be a half? Turned out to not even be a thing. I thought you’d get some kind of inspired play, whether it’s I’m playing for McElwain, because I didn’t want him to be fired, or I’m playing for Shannon because I’m a defense guy, and I like him.
I just thought there would be some kind of boost. We saw it after Muschamp was fired. I think you saw it when Zook was fired even, if you want to go back that far, the way they kind of finished out the season there. You didn’t see any of it from this team. Maybe there’s a disconnect between the staff and the players, or the rifts between players in the locker room. To me, it’s the same team we saw before McElwain, and there’s no reason for me to think that that would change this week.
Andrew: Maybe Randy Shannon is just not a good head football coach.
Nick: Maybe. He hasn’t been a head football coach in 12 years.
Andrew: Everyone wanted to call him the next football coach, and wanted to get on the train of he’s right, this, that, and the other.
Nick: Nobody thought Randy Shannon was going to be the next head football coach at Florida.
Andrew: I’m saying everyone was on the train that he was going to do this. He was going to do this. He was going to get better. No. He wasn’t. He’s the same guy. He’s old, and it’s over with.
Nick: You keep saying he’s old. He’s 51.
Andrew: I’m saying he’s outdated as far as being the head football coach. That’s what I should say. I shouldn’t say that. That’s what I’m saying. That should be worded differently, and that’s how it is. He’s past his thing. His recruiting’s terrible, and everything else. There it is.
Nick: Can we talk about another football coach?
Andrew: Sure. Go ahead.
Nick: Dan Thompson asked the Gator special teams last year seemingly chose reliability in punt return, kick return, he used Hargreaves and Powell as examples, over speed like CJ Henderson. Any idea in your mind why?
Andrew: First, let me say this.
Nick: This is talking about my good buddy, Greg Nord.
Andrew: First of all, this is a situation that I think people don’t understand. Greg Nord is special teams coordinator in pay, in title. Greg Nord doesn’t coach special teams, no more than you and I coach the special teams. He just doesn’t. There is analysts, that other kind of thing, and all parts of the staff have a role in it. That bothers me a little bit when people hop on Greg a little bit. Granted, he’s the guy that gets paid for it, but he’s not the one that is in charge of special teams fully. That’s everybody.
I don’t know, Nick. It’s something that has bothered me for a long time, and we talked about. I’m okay with Vernon Hargreaves and any of your DBs that are sure-handed guys being the guy that catches it inside the 20 or whatever it is, if they have sure hands. When you got guys like Brandon Powell, who doesn’t have sure hands, and hasn’t shown that ability to return a punt, I don’t know why.
Now, here’s another thing. It’s not all on Brandon Powell either. The special teams in general has been a shit show. The special teams blocking in general is a shit show. In large part, you can point to 24, Mark Thompson, who game in and game out doesn’t block when he’s one of the first ones down there. Special teams attitude, special teams hustle, is terrible.
Nick: What is that? Do you agree with me that it’s kind of not been made a point of emphasis? That it’s kind of thought of a …
Andrew: Punishment?
Nick: Yeah. A second tier, or maybe even a punishment. Yeah.
Andrew: Yeah. I would. I would agree that there hasn’t been an emphasis put on it. I mean, there has to be an emphasis every day of the week of, “Listen, this is what you come here to play for. Special teams is as big of an emphasis as offense is.” You see a guy like Brandon Powell, I mean Adarius Lemons, and I’m not picking on Adarius Lemons, but he’s down in the dumps because he’s only playing special teams, when back in the day that’s how you got on the field was doing that.
Nick: There used to be, at least at Florida, a pride that came from playing on special teams. Carlos Dunlap, who was first team All-American, played special teams for Florida. You just don’t see that. You look at the guys that are playing special teams, and they’re not sniffing the field on defense. Why? Why not have your best athletes and your best players play special teams? At least, at worst, it’s an area where you can get momentum for an offense that has been atrocious, and an offense that hasn’t been able to move the ball or score points.
Andrew: Yeah. You and I talk about Eddy Pineiro, and we joke about him kicking it out of the end zone. Listen, I was one of the ones that said, “Why not try to kick it short and get field position?” Then I remembered.
Nick: No, sir.
Andrew: I remembered and thought about nobody wants to hustle on that. Then him and Randy are having disagreements. Eddy Pineiro didn’t miss five kicks. Randy Shannon just don’t want to be man enough to accept responsibility he told him how to do that.
Nick: No. Eddy kicked the ball exactly how he wanted to kick it five times. There were no mishitting anything.
Andrew: What did you make of that?
Nick: Eddy went rogue. I think Eddy went rogue.
Andrew: You don’t think Randy told him to do that?
Nick: No. I don’t think Randy is telling anybody on special teams what to do.
Andrew: You don’t think nobody told him what to do?
Nick: No. I think Eddy just did it on his own.
Andrew: Okay. If that’s what you think, I’m with you. It seemed weird to me.
Nick: What do you think?
Andrew: I think he was directed to do that, and then when it turned out to be a shit show, Randy’s over here applying for a new job, and whoever else is telling him on special teams to do it, they’re all like, “This was really a bad idea. We look retarded.”
Nick: Yeah. It looked bad.
Andrew: I don’t think you can fix that this year.
Nick: No. Here’s your fix for kickoffs, you never have a ball stay inside the field to play again.
Andrew: Right. Exactly. That’s what I agree with. I agree you got to kick it out. South Carolina is not the most loaded team on special teams, or as far as athletes go, but when you got the lack of effort that Florida’s playing with, anybody can return it.
Nick: Yeah. I agree with that.
Andrew: Here’s my thing, Nick. This is what I go back to. At some point or another, it’s got to become a pride factor for this team. It’s got to become a pride that, listen, we’re playing for the front and for the back, and if you’re not playing for the front, at least play for the back. At least play for that last name. I mean, at the end of the day, and this is what everyone will tell you, you only have what you put on tape. People can laugh at Jim McElwain for saying that all you want to, but it’s true. That’s all you have is what you have on tape. If people don’t want to go by that, then there’s problems. I don’t know how else to say it, except for to say that they should go out there and be ready to play.
Nick: I agree with you there. This is certainly kind of an emotional game for a lot of those guys. Last year I remember Joey Ivie and Brian Poole and Quincy Wilson, a lot of those guys had great relationships with T Robb and Muschamp, even Coleman Hutzler and Jeff Dillman. It’s a weird game, but I think that also adds to your motivation factor.
Andrew: How are you not motivated to play this game, if you’re those older guys?
Nick: Yeah. I mean, there’s only a couple left, and unfortunately a lot of those guys won’t make the trip, like Sherit, Washington, Marcell Harris. They won’t be making the trip. Still guys on the roster that were recruited by this staff, and it’ll be interesting to see how they handle it. There was some staring last year, if you remember. Some staring over at the sideline after plays, and I like that kind of stuff. We’ll see if this team has any of that kind of fight in it.
Andrew: I still go back to Malik Zaire, Nick. That is Malik is a guy that is looking for that next opportunity. Now, I know some people are going to laugh and say, “Why? Where is going to go?” Everybody still believes they can get that opportunity, and he’s one of those guys that I’m sure still believes he can get an opportunity at the next level. It’s all about proving it this week. I think it’s up to Doug Nussmeier to find a way to put him in some positions of having that opportunity to throw deep, but also use his legs. I mean, make Will Muschamp game plan for both sides of the ball, I mean, for both things on that side of the ball, running and passing.
Nick: You would put your confidence in Doug Nussmeier opening things up on offense and allowing Malik Zaire to run the ball at a where? One out of 10. Ten being yes, absolutely.
Andrew: One. Negative 10.
Nick: There’s no negative numbers.
Andrew: I put no confidence in him whatsoever to do that. I’m just saying, if you’re him, you got to go into this game thinking that. Then you’ve got to make Jake Bentley beat you throwing the ball, and that’s a thing that I think Florida has struggled with. We joked about that with Kellen Mond in Texas A&M, and they didn’t. They allowed Mond to run around a little bit, and that’s something they’re going to have to do. Last week we said they needed to make Drew Lock run the ball, and they did run the ball, so I guess I can’t really pinpoint. They did both against them.
Nick: Question.
Andrew: Okay.
Nick: What do you think is a quicker fix for the next coaching staff, offense or defense?
Andrew: Good question. I’m in the minority here probably when I say that I think Florida has some players.
Nick: I would agree with you there.
Andrew: I feel like there is some very young talent on the defensive side of the ball. I think there is some depth concerns on the defensive side of the ball. Then when I go to the offensive side of the ball, you look at what returns next year. Just at the running back position, you got Perine, Davis, and I think Adarius Lemons is going to be a pretty good player, and depending on the recruiting class. You go to the receiver position. You got Tyrie, and you got Toney. I think you got players. Your offensive line is going to be a little bit of a question mark at left tackle next year, but besides that I think you have some talent, if you can get a quarterback and run a system.
I just think that the biggest thing that this coaching staff has done is not adjust to their players, and that’s offensively and defensively. When you’re defensively you can’t put your linebackers in space and expect them to do it, and vice versa, you can’t make your DBs stay in coverage when you’re not putting pressure on those guys. That’s kind of where I’m at.
Nick: I agree with you about the players. I think there are depth concerns. I think you pretty much return, probably nine guys on offense. You probably lose Martez Ivey, but you return most of your offense. Everything there just revolves around the quarterback position. It’s not going to be Feleipe Franks. You’re looking at maybe Kyle Trask, or Matt Corral. We all know my stance on freshmen quarterbacks. I would just say the offense would take longer, in my opinion, just because until you get a quarterback, and get a coach that can develop a quarterback, you’re going to have that same kind of offense.
Andrew: Yeah. That’s the thing. Here’s another thing, Nick. Get in the weight room. Get in the weight room. These guys have got to get in the weight room and get going, and that’s a big thing. That’s a topic for another day on that. This week, in my opinion, it’s an opportunity that you’ve got to come in this game, and you’ve got to work hard. That’s just all it is that I can say about this team. They got to come in and want it. If they want it, they got a chance. If they don’t want it, they don’t have a chance. Nick, I’m just going to say it. I have a feeling this game might get ugly.
Nick: Really?
Andrew: I really do. I’ve said that. I don’t believe in Will Muschamp as a football coach. I don’t believe in Will Muschamp as anything, but I can really see this game turning into a 24-3 game, with South Carolina winning.
Nick: If I gave you $100, the line is at 5.5.
Andrew: If you gave me $100, I’m picking South Carolina.
Nick: You’re going to give Florida the points. You’re going to lay the points and bet South Carolina.
Andrew: Absolutely. From everything I’ve heard …
Nick: You’ve turned full heel, Spivey. Full heel.
Andrew: When you got a team that doesn’t care so much, and then you get a leader of the team who’s dividing coaching staffs and that kind of stuff, what do you expect, Nick?
Nick: I hear it.
Andrew: What do you expect? I don’t know what else people expected. Randy Shannon got the interim job because of that, and he hasn’t done a good job of exactly going out and leading his troops. Again, it’s not even all on Randy. I shouldn’t even say it like that. It’s on everybody, all those guys. Think about it, Nick. If you’re Doug Nussmeier, you know what’s happening in three weeks. You know what’s happening in three weeks.
Nick: Dead man walking.
Andrew: Right. Exactly. You know what’s happening in three weeks. I can’t just put it on him, but I put a lot of it on him. We’ll see. How do you think? Do you think it’s going to be a close game?
Nick: I think it will be a close game, just because I think it’s two bad offenses. I don’t see, unless South Carolina’s defense is able to do some stuff, I don’t see them really running all over Florida.
Andrew: Okay.
Nick: You can get special team play, or something on defense happens, and something like that. I just don’t see, like you said, a 24-3. I just don’t see that happening without some plays on defense or special teams from South Carolina.
Andrew: You know Will Muschamp’s going to put the pressure on these boys. They are going to put the pressure on them to make things happen. One thing with Will Muschamp is he knew how to score on defense, and that’s something that worries me in this game, especially with Zaire probably going to get behind a little bit and throw the ball. I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong. Been wrong before.
Nick: No. You’ve never been wrong.
Andrew: We both picked Florida to beat Missouri.
Nick: Oh God.
Andrew: Nick, since there’s not a ton to talk about in this matchup.
Nick: Going to do our picks?
Andrew: Yeah. Going to be a little bit of a shorter podcast.
Nick: Huge weekend.
Andrew: Huge weekend. I’m just going to fire away.
Nick: I am so happy that this is a noon game.
Andrew: Yeah. Here we go. Right off the bat, let’s go with it. Michigan State in Buckeye land.
Nick: I’m going to go with Ohio State. I would pick, if we did point spreads …
Andrew: 17 point spread.
Nick: Yeah. I would take Michigan State with the points, but since we don’t do point spreads, I’m going Ohio State.
Andrew: That’s crazy. 17 points is crazy. I’m like you. I think Ohio State wins, but I think it’s a closer game.
Oklahoma State at Iowa State. I went back and forth on this game all week.
Nick: Okay.
Andrew: It’s a 6.5 point spread at Iowa State. I’m a big fan of Matt Campbell. Who are you going?
Nick: I’m going to go shout out to Mitch Gerber, who does GatorVision for Florida. He is an alumni of Iowa State, so I’m going to go with the team that plays in Ames, Iowa.
Andrew: I’m going with Iowa State too, and Matt Campbell.
Nick: Wow. I didn’t think you would.
Andrew: Mr. Mullet is there. I’m going to roll with Iowa State, and my guy Mr. Matt Campbell.
Here’s one that I want to throw at you. We’re going to do the point spread. Florida State at Clemson. 16 point favorite.
Nick: Clemson. Clemson wins by more than 16. Absolutely.
Andrew: Okay. I’m with you. They win by that.
Nick: This will look like that lowest moment of Miami’s low year, when they lost, what was it? Like 58-0? Clemson just waxed them. This is going to be that Florida State equivalent.
Andrew: Yeah.
Nick: Maybe not lose by 58, but they’re going to lose by 30 or more.
Andrew: I agree. Here’s the big dog in the SEC. Georgia goes to the plains to face Auburn. I don’t even think this is a close game. I personally can see Gus Malzahn getting axed after this season.
Nick: Wow. I don’t know if I have it being not a close game, but we will both being going with Georgia there.
Andrew: I’m going to say Georgia wins by 20+.
Nick: Really? Georgia by 20+.
Andrew: I don’t think Auburn’s good, man.
Nick: On the road.
Andrew: I don’t think Auburn’s good. #10 in the country with two losses, and they’re bad losses. No thank you. No. I am going that. Nick, this is the most absurd top 20 matchup in the country. #2 Alabama at #16 Mississippi State. 13.5 point spread. Do they cover?
Nick: I’m going to yes. Mississippi State covers, but Alabama absolutely wins.
Andrew: Alabama wins by 30.
Nick: Really?
Andrew: That’s crazy. Mississippi State’s trash. Nick Fitzpatrick’s going to be destroyed. Get out of here. Saban’s making his team made with that #2 playoff talk. Get out of here.
Here’s one that I am interested in watching. Notre Dame at Miami.
Nick: I love this game. I will watch every second of this game. Notre Dame-Miami.
Andrew: Who you got? Three point favorite is Notre Dame, which is kind of crazy.
Nick: I got the U. Miami’s got their swagger back. I’ll tell you this. They don’t lose this week. Mark Richt loses on the road next week at Virginia.
Andrew: Wildcard thrown at you right now. Richt pulls a late season Mark Richt, and loses the next two. Notre Dame wins.
Nick: Really? You’ve got Richt going 0 for his next two.
Andrew: Yes.
Nick: Virginia and Miami are the only two that can win their division in the ACC. I don’t know if it’s Coastal. Whatever they call those stupid named divisions over there. It’s only the two of them, and it will come down to Miami and Jake over the World’s first alma mater, Virginia.
Andrew: Yup. Last one for you, Nick. TCU goes to Oklahoma. Boomer Sooner or Horned Frogs?
Nick: Boomer Sooner. That offense, man. You can just go ahead and chalk up for minimum 30 points a game. Minimum. They will score 30. Oklahoma will score 30 on Alabama. They might give up 70, because they don’t play defense, but you can chalk them up for 30 no matter who they play.
Andrew: I’m going to say Oklahoma, but I’m going to say it’s a close game. TCU plays defense. Gary Patterson’s going to have his boys ready to play defense. You know that. I’m going to go close game, but Boomer Sooner as well.
Nick: So we’re both on that one. Now it comes down to, we’ll go to our players, and you get to pick first.
Andrew: My first player is the guy that likes to play offense, and that is Lamical Perine. I’m going Lamical Perine.
Nick: Ugh. I’m going to go with David Reese.
Andrew: Okay.
Nick: Called the guys out. Time to back it up.
Andrew: I’m going to go Marco Wilson. I think he rebounds from a shaky week last week. When I say shaky, I mean, he gave up two passes. I’m going go here.
Nick: He’s only given up four all year.
Andrew: Yeah. I’m going to go Marco Wilson.
Nick: Okay. I’m going to go with Jaewon Taylor. Little Jaewon, not Waany.
Andrew: Okay.
Nick: You’ll see a theme in my player picks this week.
Andrew: I’m going to turn around, and I’m going to go with Taven Bryan. Will Muschamp took a shot at getting him, and people questioned it. You and I questioned it as well, but he’s finally turning into the Wyoming wild man. The wild man pays back Will Muschamp for signing him the SEC out of Wyoming.
Nick: I’ll take Duke Dawson, one of the last few remaining Muschamp holdover guys. Three on defense. I’m going to go ahead and tell you that those will be the three leading tacklers on defense this week.
Andrew: Okay.
Nick: Those are the guys I picked.
Andrew: First of all, shout out to Johnny Townsend and Duke Dawson. Got their Senior Bowl invites. Something you and I like. We know how much the Senior Bowl likes those two guys. Expecting big weeks from those guys. Shout out to those two guys. Very much deserving. Sucks for Jordan Sherit, because I had heard that Jordan Sherit was also going to make that team, had he not been injured. Props to those guys.
Nick: Absolutely. Both of them. That’ll be a fun week for both of them, and it’ll help their draft stock. Get to talk to teams. Probably more important for Townsend, because of the nature of punting and punters sticking around in the NFL than it is for Duke, but a great opportunity for both of them.
Andrew: There you go. Guys, we’ll be ready and rolling when we go from Columbia. We’ll be breaking down the game. Be back on Monday. Basketball also starts on Monday. If you’re looking for offense, Mike White and his boys, oh my God, those guys can score. Mike White is the Steve Spurrier of basketball offense. That guy loves his guard play, that kind of stuff. We’ll have all of that. If you haven’t joined us yet, ask one of us. We’ll get you that coupon code. Nick, tell everybody where they can find us. We’ll get out, and we’ll see everyone on Monday.
Nick: for all your Florida Gator news. The podcast is there in audio and transcript form. You can find the podcast on iTunes. Search @GatorCountry. Subscribe there. You’ll get your podcast sent to you every Monday, Wednesday, Friday when it publishes. Do your social media thing. @GatorCountry on Facebook and Twitter. @TheGatorCountry on Instagram. I’m @NickdelaTorreGC. He’s @AndrewSpiveyGC.
Andrew: There you go. Guys, we appreciate it. As always, chomp, chomp. Go Braves.
Nick: You stay classy, Gator Country.

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