Players vocalize during Vanderbilt week

With bowl eligibility hanging in the balance, Florida focuses its attention on this week’s homecoming against Vanderbilt. The Commodores come into town with a 4-4 record and offensive linemen Trenton Brown and Tyler Moore as well as linebacker Mike Taylor spoke to the media about that game (among other things).

On the season up to this point

  • Brown said it’s been frustrating not being able to play, he had personal expectation to play more but knows God has a plan for the situation.
  • Moore says although the team is 4-4 they’re still having fun, it’s a solid group to be around and they’re sticking together.
  • Taylor says the goal was to win all their remaining games last week, and it is the same this week. It’s not going how they expected it to, but as long as games are left to be played, they’ll prepare for them.

On the offensive line’s performances

  • Brown said he took Florida’s man down man up motto to heart over the bye week, he knew his number was being called and he had to come through. He leaned on his fellow linemen for help and they delivered. He thanked them.

We just got back to basics during the bye week and worked on what we needed to work on,” Moore said.

On individual performances against Georgia

  • Moore felt good about the way he played against Georgia, it was the first time he’s played left tackle since he was a freshman playing against Nebraska so it’s been awhile, but he felt he did well.
  • Taylor said there are some specific things that need to be readdressed as far as run defense is concerned, and they need to be fixed before they play their next game.

It was emotional for me,” Brown said. “Being that [Georgia] was the first school I was committed to in JUCO, then switching over to Florida. There was a lot of emotion going through my mind. I know a lot of those guys, a lot of the coaches, but I knew I had a job at hand and I had to take care of business.”

Going forward

  • Moore says freshman Kelvin Taylor will give the run game a boost, he says Taylor runs aggressively and knows how to find holes even if they don’t appear to be there.
  • Brown said the offensive line gelled for the first time on Saturday, that bodes well for the future.

[Vanderbilt has] been a better team, you know the last couple of years than they have been in the past,” Taylor said. “It’s another challenge for us, we’re going to have to prepare like we have every week, and we don’t take any opponent lightly. We’re going to have to be prepared just like we were every other week.”

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