Muschamp Monday: “It’s on me, we’ll get it fixed”

It’s almost over Gator fans. A six game losing streak will likely turn into a seven game losing streak in six days time but the 2013 football season is almost over.

Even following a loss to FCS opponent Georgia Southern, the University of Florida released a statement through spokesperson Steve McClain that Jeremy Foley’s stance had not changed on Will Muschamp and that the AD was still behind his head coach.

With the backing on the administration, Muschamp took the podium today to discuss the Florida-Florida State rivalry, the affect that this season can have on recruiting, job security, the Gator seniors and what went wrong against Georgia Southern.


Job Security

  • Muschamp doesn’t live under a rock. He hears fans calling for his head and he’s heard the calls for over a month now. However, with the support of both the President of the university and the athletic director, Muschamp feels confident in his job security.
  • In his introductory press conference upon being hired, Muschamp said that this wasn’t a five-year plan at Florida.

You know I think, again, continue to recruit well. I think our last two classes, you look at the production of the field of those two classes have been very good. We’ve got to continue to put another class together like that. I think we need to make some improvements offensively. I think defensively we’ve been a little inconsistent this year. I think obviously we’ve taken a step back, in my opinion for some obvious reasons. But at the end of the day, it’s not an excuse. We need to perform better on the field and that’s my responsibility. But those are the things that I see.”

  • Muschamp said that taking the team to Atlanta next season is “absolutely” a legitimate possibility next season and he is confident in his ability to be able to turn this program around.


“It’s on me, we’ll get it fixed.”

  • Throughout the losing streak, Muschamp has been adamant that Florida isn’t too far away from where they want to be and has consistently taken responsibility for his team.
  • Three times in just over 10 minutes today Muschamp said “It’s on me.”

You’ve got to see the big picture of where we are and more than anything where we’re headed. It’s been very frustrating and it’s all on me. I get all that and we need to improve and get better, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

What happened against Georgia Southern?

  • Muschamp said you need to get an offense like Georgia Sothern’s off rhythm early in the game and the Gators were never able to do that.
  • Offensively, the Gators were unable to score points or move the ball effectively against a mediocre FCS defense. This allowed the Eagles to stick to their game plan on offense and get into a rhythm.

On offense, we gotta score points. I mean, you gotta be able to put them under duress to change what they do and not let them feel comfortable handing it to the fullback for three or four yards and just moving the chains and staying ahead of the chains. And that’s what they were able to do. So, it’s on me. We’ll get it fixed. I can assure you of that.”


Injury Updates

  • Michael Taylor has a grade two MCL sprain. The injury won’t require surgery but he will miss the game this week.
  • Muschamp was adamant two weeks ago that D.J. Humphries injury would not sideline him for the season but the sophomore left tackle is doubtful this week.

D.J. Humphries looks doubtful right now. We’re gonna try to work him out Tuesday — he will not practice today — and see what he can do. He’s just got, the knee’s still a little bit loose right now for our medical staff right now to clear him.”

  • Jon Bullard is probable to play this week. A UF spokesperson told me it was a hamstring injury that kept Bullard out of the lineup last week.
  • Marcus Roberson is “ready to go” according to Muschamp.
  • Alex Anzalone will need surgery on his shoulder and will miss the Florida State game.

Alex Anzalone is out with a shoulder. He will have some surgery done on his shoulder there.”


The School out West

  • Florida State brings an undefeated record and the Heisman frontrunner into Gainesville this week.
  • Muschamp credited Florida State’s balance on offense but is very aware of the kind of problems Jameis Winston can create.

Jameis Winston is a fantastic football player. Mature beyond his years. A really good athlete, but a really good quarterback. A guy that’s got a great arm. He can make all the throws.”

  • Florida State also has a deep, talented group of running backs and receivers, all of whom the Gators need to gameplan for this weekend.
  • Florida State leads the nation with 23 interceptions and already have eight scores on defense.

Defensively, Jeremy Pruitt, Jimbo hired him during the offseason. He’s done a really good job running some 3-4 and 4-3 principles. Similar to some things that we use. I think the thing that jumps out at you is 23 interception and eight scores on defense. They do a good job of attacking the football. A lot of situations have been presented when they’ve been up in games and they’ve created some loose-down situations for their team.”



  • This has been a tough season in Gainesville but Muschamp doesn’t believe the struggles on the football field will have a ripple effect into recruiting, saying, “This is still Florida.”
  • Honesty is the best policy.

You’re honest with people and you tell them exactly where we are, and that’s what I do.”


Senior Day in Gainesville

  • Florida will honor 15 seniors on Saturday in The Swamp.

Last home game for 15 seniors. Thirteen of those will graduate by the spring and 10 of them this December, so I’m real proud of that and I appreciate their contributions to the program. Obviously one of the great rivalries in college football.”

  • Most of the members of this senior class were part of either the 2009 or 2010 recruiting classes. Those were different times in Gainesville to say the least.

Certainly their senior year has not gone well and that’s on me, and we’ll get it corrected and make this program something they’re very proud of.”

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    It’s almost over Gator fans. A six game winning streak will likely turn into a seven game winning streak in six days time but the 2013 football season is almost over.