Luginbill talks Florida recruiting

While at SEC Media Days, Gator Country was able to sit down with ESPN recruiting expert, Tom Luginbill, to get his take on Florida’s 2014 recruiting class.

Q.) At The Opening you saw Will Grier and Dalvin Cook. What did you think of them?

A.) Will was a guy they targeted from the get go. One thing that Will has done, in my mind, is he has enhanced his arm strength. His stature still has a ways to go, as far as physical appearance, but he is starting to get a little more strength and starting to be able to make those second level deep throws. He is a highly competitive guy. He’s not playing against great competition in high school, so to get him in that environment, where the game is sped up and the windows are tighter, that forced him to up his game and I think he did that.

Q.) What’s your take on Dalvin Cook?

A.) He is this year’s Ryan Green. The guy that can play tailback, can play receiver, and could even play cornerback. Just really good at every aspect of the game. I think he is going to be a premiere player at tailback and be a difference maker.

Q.) What did you think of Ermon Lane at the Opening?

A.) He had some consistency issues with some drops on balls that he should have caught. But then he will come out of nowhere and make a spectacular grab and make you say, where did he come up with that? He has gained a lot of weight, so he looks like his physical stature is coming along.

Q.) Your take on Florida’s recruiting class?

A.) Trying to address needs at key spots. Mainly, in their interior at defense tackle. They know they need to get more wideouts and weapons around their offense. I know they feel good about their targets and their momentum, not just the winning success of last year, but the successful 2013 recruiting class.

Q.) What’s your take on Grier’s mental makeup?

A.) I think he has this calm swagger about him. He is able to keep an even keel with his emotions. You don’t see peaks and valleys with him. He’s only going to get better. He has a high ceiling for development, he hasn’t even scratched the surface of what he is going to be physically once he gets in the weight program and starts adding stature to his frame. The ball comes off of his hand quickly. He has some traits that you can’t coach. I would agree that his feel for the game is a little bit of a riverboat gambler mentality.

Q.) Who does Ermon Lane remind you of?

A.) Donte Moncrief  of Ole Miss. He has that physical bulk to him where he is difficult to deal with after the catch. His height helps him in the red area. I think to that end, in today’s game, you have to be able to take the 5 yard catch and turn it into an 80 yard gain, but then you also have to be a guy that your quarterback can throw the ball up and have you win a one on one battle.

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