Grantham wants to help rebuild Florida dynasty

When the Cincinnati Bengals came knocking on Todd Grantham’s door earlier this year, he had a decision to make: Take the NFL money and run or finish the job he started with the Gators.

With or without Grantham, the Florida football program is trending upward. But of course, with him was always the preferred option.

After some consideration, he knew he still had work to do in Gainesville. He knew the potential of this team in the coming years and didn’t want to look back and wish he’d stayed to be a part of it.

The players bought into his coaching last season. What would it say about him not to see it through and buy into their futures?

“I love our players,” Grantham said. “I really enjoy developing them, being around them. There’s a lot of things that you kind of look forward to. I certainly look forward to the challenge of the SEC schedule. Looking to continue to develop and get us back to where Gator Nation should be. I want to be a part of that.”

On top of the commitment he made to his defense, he also made a commitment to his fellow coaches.

Between their time at Mississippi State and at Florida, Grantham and Dan Mullen built a system that worked. They meshed perfectly, which is not the case between coaches everywhere.

The relationships aren’t forced, and that makes it a lot easier to go out and do his job every day.

“I’ve got a really good job,” he said. “I work for an excellent university. I like the administration. When you look at Scott [Stricklin] and what he’s tried to develop from a family atmosphere. You look at Coach Mullen. He and I, we mirror a lot as far as our beliefs and what you need to do from a football standpoint to be successful. I’ve got really good bosses.”

Grantham couldn’t be selfish in making the decision. He also had to consider his family.

He’s got a wife and two kids who have followed him from job to job, city to city, throughout his coaching career. They’ve had to replant themselves every few years without getting too comfortable anywhere.

They felt comfortable here. He felt comfortable here. Maybe it’s finally time to put down some roots and stay a while.

“From a family standpoint, the community has been great to my family,” Grantham said. “My kids like it here. It’s a really great place to raise kids and I think it’s the best fit for me and my future.”

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Bailiegh Williams
Growing up the daughter of a baseball coach in a household that revolved around Gators sports, Bailiegh’s future working in sports was her destiny. She played four years of varsity softball at Suwannee High School and one year on softball scholarship at Gulf Coast State College. In her first year she discovered a love for journalism so she packed her bags and moved to Gainesville to finish her A.A. and begin interning for Gator Country. She is now on track to graduate from the University of Florida in 2019. In her free time, Bailiegh enjoys binge watching her favorite TV shows and spending time with her family and her two fur babies.