Getting to know Florida Gators freshman Jordan Scarlett

The Florida Gators football team said good bye to Matt Jones and Mack Brown after the Birmingham Bowl in January but Head Coach Jim McElwain has the Florida Gators reloading the position with incoming freshman Jordan Scarlett and Jordan Cronkrite.
Gator Country was able to sit down with Scarlett and discuss what he’s looking forward to most as he gets ready to take the next step in his life at the University of Florida.

Gator Country: You’re starting your college career this week, what are you most excited about?

Jordan Scarlett: I’m looking to go up there and see what life is like in Gainesville and to get with some of the freshmen guys and start building those bonds and good relationships so we can get this team chemistry going.

GC: You were a late addition to the signing class, who are some of the other freshmen you’re closest with?

JS: Jordan Cronkrite and Richerd Desir-Jones from my class. CeCe Jefferson because I got to spend some time with him at the Army All-American game and Martez Ivey also. Antonio Callaway too.

GC: What were Jim McElwain and his staff able to do to get you to flip your commitment from Miami?

JS: Coach Mac just told me that it was a short process and everything but to trust him. He explained to me how he wanted to run his offensive scheme and I liked it.


GC: Did Florida’s recruitment of you change after the coaching change? Did McElwain and his staff show you more interest than the previous staff?

JS: Oh yeah, definitely. When [McElwain] arrived Florida was on me. He came and took a visit to see me and we got to chop it up and talk about some things. I just liked the way he talked about everything and approached everything.


GC: What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

JS: I have to say taking my official visit out there. They showed me a real good time as well as my mother. That’s what I liked.


GC: Other than Florida, what was your favorite place to visit?

JS: FSU. It was just, I liked the way Coach Jimbo handled things. I had been talking to him throughout my whole high school recruiting process and we built a great relationship all along. When I went up there he took care of me and I got to spend time with Dalvin Cook and see how they do things around there. That’s’ what I liked about it.


GC: What is he highlight of your football career so far?

JS: Winning two state championships.


GC: Which one was better, as a sophomore or as a senior?

JS: My senior year. I felt like that was my senior boys and me and we went out and did it. My sophomore year was great too, but we did it for those seniors that year. That’s what we were fighting for [my sophomore year].


GC: What number do you want to wear at Florida and what is the significance behind that choice?

JS: I’m going to wear 25. It wasn’t the number that I wanted but it was just a number that was available. I don’t mind 25, I had it my freshman year at University School.


GC: Is there a NFL player you try to model your game after?

JS: Marshawn Lynch. I think that we both just have a great running style, a beast mode running style. That’s what I try to model my game after.


GC: If you could take any celebrity on a date who would it be?

JS: Meagan Good


GC: LeBron or Durant?

JS: Durant.


GC: Kevin Durant or Steph Curry?

JS: Steph Curry.


GC: If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing that you would buy?

JS: A car for my mom.


GC: Orange or Blue?

JS: Blue.


GC: XBOX or PlayStation?



GC: FIFA or Madden?

JS: FIFA. That’s tough. I play both but I’m on FIFA more.


GC: What music do you listen to before a game? Pre-game ritual?

JS: I listen to some music, probably some Meek Mill before the game.


GC: Favorite TV show?

JS: Family Guy.


GC: What’s one thing about you most Gator fans don’t know?

JS: I think the thing that the Gator family doesn’t know about me is that I play the piano. I took a couple of piano classes at U School.


GC: Favorite song to play on the piano?

JS: Two Chains – I’m Different.


GC: How long have you been growing your hair? Have you ever been tackled by it in a game?

JS: I started growing it my freshman year. I just wanted to get dreadlocks because it always looked cool in a football game. I don’t plan on cutting it anytime soon. I’ve never been tackled by my hair, not yet. I’ve had someone pull on it in a pile, just trying to be dirty, but I’ve never been tackled by it.

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