Florida Gators/LSU rescheduling and Missouri talk: Podcast

Gator Country brings you a new podcast as we talk about the possibility of the Florida Gators rescheduling their game against LSU, plus start to preview the Missouri game.

Andrew Spivey and Nick de la Torre talk about the negative talk about why the game was rescheduled, plus give their opinion on when the game can happen.

Andrew and Nick start to look ahead to the Missouri game, plus give you a look at some of the injured guys that could return on Saturday.

Andrew:What’s up, Gator Country? Your man, Andrew Spivey, here. Nicholas de la Torre. Nicholas, had an off week, unexpected off week, I guess you could say, after the hurricane chasing all week. We had Friday and Saturday off. So back to business. We’re taping this on Sunday, and Missouri week’s here. Nick, I don’t know about you, but I miss Gator football.
Nick:I enjoyed my off week. Spent some time at the bar. Spent some time watching football games. We get paid to watch football. That’s really cool, but normally I only get to watch one game a day, and I’ll miss a bunch of games. Yesterday I was able to watch everything. I watched Alabama/Arkansas, Florida State/Miami, watched Tennessee. You should have seen it. There were some players out at the bar. We’ll just say everyone was watching the Tennessee game very intently, and most of the establishment was very pleased with the outcome.
Andrew:I can honestly say that I was probably the most nervous watching that football game than when I’ve watched a game in a long time.
Nick:The football players were glued to the TV. The way that they were reacting, to me, was hilarious. It’s cool to see though. It’s cool to see that they’re watching, and they’re invested. They know what needs to happen, and they were cheering for a favorable outcome for Florida.
Andrew:I was texting our good buddy, Ryan Brauninger, over at Tex Ags, and I sent him a message on Friday. I said, “For me, would you please take out all of the anger on Butch?” He replied back, “I’ll send it to John Chavis.” I said, “That would be great.” Then when it starts coming back, I said, “Could you please send to John Chavis that this team is coming back, to please stop. Stop now.” He sends it back, and he goes, “We can’t. They have the pixie dust and the voodoo doll.”
Nick:Let’s talk this. We’ll talk about LSU real quick, and then we’ll move on. Commissioner Sankey goes on yesterday during the game and says that the game has to be played. Says there’s no real easy way to do it, but the game has to be played. I was looking back to 2001, and that was when they actually moved the SEC Championship game back a week.
Nick:So Florida and Tennessee could play, that was September 11th. That was a nationwide crisis, so is that an option now when you think about how much money and everything that goes into it? Someone was asking me about moving Florida/Georgia up a week, and I said, “The city of Jacksonville has contracts with vendors, because they do something Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday leading up to the game. You can’t move that game.” I don’t think. Was talking to a guy that covers the Jags and lives in Jacksonville, and he says, “It means so much to the city of Jacksonville, I don’t think you can, especially after what Jacksonville just went through, I don’t think you can not give Jacksonville the opportunity to have that revenue source.” It seems like Sankey knows that this game needs to replayed, so it might be a situation where you force LSU into that November 19.
Andrew:I think you do. I think if you’re LSU, I mean, if you’re Sankey, you put the iron fist. You tell LSU, you’re going to play this game. You have no excuse. I’ll just say it. To the asshats on Twitter, who are coming at this in an insensible way, talking about this was a game that could have been played because the weather was beautiful. The weather was very beautiful on Saturday. Did everybody know that on Thursday? No. I think when most of us went to bed Thursday night we were expecting it to be pretty bad until Friday comes about. I guess that’s what bothers me the most, Nick. You would think that New Orleans and Baton Rouge would understand, because they’ve been through hurricanes, but they’re just acting like complete assholes. I don’t know. Alabama fans have always told me LSU fans are assholes, and for once I guess I see it.
My way of looking at it is this may be the way that they get this series to end. They’ve wanted this series to end for a long time. This may be their out to where when scheduling comes up again they can get out of this game. The way they’ve shown themselves in this thing, and the way some of the national media has shown themselves, and I don’t even include Clay Travis. Clay Travis is Skip Bayless. He just wants to be talked about, probably he was abandoned as a little kid, so he wanted to be talked about. So he got that. The other guys, Booger, I have a lot of respect for Booger McFarland on the SEC Network. Granted, he’s an LSU guy.
Nick:I was going to say he went to LSU.
Andrew:I lost a ton of respect for Booger after the way he handled himself. He handled himself very unprofessionally, and just really bad the way he handled himself. I don’t know. I just think that it was a situation where this call had to be made. There was no way around it. There was just no way around what happened on Saturday. Nick, you said it yourself. You were preparing to be stuck in your apartment all weekend long. Nobody knew what was going to happen, and then you see Saturday.
Nick:I have like 80 gallon jugs of water that I don’t even know what to do with.
Andrew:Gainesville fire department is in Jacksonville helping. Let’s not make like this game, you continue to hear people say they were scared. Teams aren’t scared of going to play other ones. Nick, our good friend, Barrett, Barrett Sallee, made a good point. He said, “What did Florida have to be scared about? They were down Leonard Fournette. They were down two offensive linemen, a tight end, an offensive lineman, and they just went through an emotional rollercoaster with an interim head coach.”
Nick:Who would you replace LSU with? I’ll run these through.
Andrew:I want Auburn.
Nick:The cross division rivalries are Auburn/Georgia, Alabama/Tennessee, Florida/LSU, Ole Miss/Vandy. How does Ole Miss get so lucky? Kentucky/Mississippi State, that’s a match made in heaven. That series is actually 22-21. Arkansas/Missouri, South Carolina/Texas A&M. So you would just flip flop Florida and LSU with Auburn and Georgia?
Andrew:I mean, I don’t know if it happens, but I, like a lot of Florida fans that are out there, I would love to see that series come back. That series is always a really good series, and I like that series. If LSU wants to be chicken shit and run away and do things, then see you. Get out of here. Go play Auburn, who is not as good. Nick, I don’t know. It just it was stupid to say they were scared. Really? Really?
Nick:Football players scared to play football. That’s breaking news.
Andrew:Against a banged up LSU team. That’s what doesn’t even make sense to me. It’s like, if Florida really wanted to be jerks they could have played the game. You were going to be without all your dudes. Next time you play, on November 19, you probably have a healthy Fournette. I don’t know.
Nick:It looks like we’re heading into a situation where Tennessee is going to lose next week. That’s pretty much fact. We can just write that in Sharpie. Tennessee’s going to lose to Alabama, and that puts us in a situation where Florida wins out they’d be 6-1, and Tennessee would be 6-2. Butch would not be happy with that, and it looks like we’ll get that game, Florida/LSU, one way or another. It’s going to matter. That’s the thing is everyone was saying if Florida goes out and loses to Georgia, loses to Arkansas, then they have three losses. The game might not matter. The game doesn’t matter for SEC Championship standings. If LSU loses to Alabama, game doesn’t matter. Maybe they don’t do it then. If things start to play out, it’s a game that has a lot of implications. Maybe you do have to force LSU into doing something they don’t want to do.
Andrew:You kind of look at things now. Arkansas is really turning into the team that I kind of thought they were going to be, and that was not a good team. They’re starting to get beat up a little bit. So you look at things. If Florida does win in Jacksonville, Arkansas and Carolina are two teams that Florida should take care of. If you’re LSU, you’re asking for it. I don’t know. The way Tennessee’s luck has went this year, Florida deserves to not have to play that game.
Nick:I would like to see the game. It’s one of the games I look forward to.
Andrew:Absolutely. You know what I’m saying. I don’t know. I’m frustrated of the way LSU handled it. I think they handled it like children. I think their department handled it like children. I think everyone handled it just like spoiled children. I think that’s what it is. If I’m Commissioner Sankey, I’m looking at maybe handing down some fines that way, because the way they handled it was just very immature from Joe Altuve, or what’s his name? What’s their AD’s name?
Andrew:Alleva, all the way from their president all the way to their bozo Ed Orgeron. If you’re Sankey, you need to put some fines down on that stuff and get some apologies out. Then, if I’m Jeremy Foley, I want to hit back one time.
Nick:That doesn’t seem to be Florida’s MO.
Andrew:No. They picked the perfect candidates, like we said. They picked the perfect candidate. They knew Florida wasn’t going to hit back, because that’s not the way Florida does things. They took it, and went with it. They definitely handled it very badly from an LSU standpoint. The look really childish in this circumstances.
Nick:Alright. So we didn’t play that game. We might play that game later, but there is a game going on this week. Missouri comes in. It’s Homecoming. Missouri took one on the chin two weeks ago to LSU. That was Ed Orgeron’s first game. They lost, what was that? 40-7?
Andrew:Something like that.
Nick:42-7. Then they were off last week. Interesting note is Missouri brings in the SEC’s best passing offense. Florida has the SEC’s best passing defense. I think Drew Locke is really, for Missouri, is a really talented quarterback. We kind of saw that last year, despite the game, and he was young, but I think he’s a talented quarterback, and it kind of goes into what Quincy Wilson said before Kentucky week. They like to throw the ball; we like teams that like to throw.
Andrew:Yeah. I think the thing to remember about Missouri is that their having to throw the ball a lot. That’s kind of the reason I think that they do have it. Drew Locke is a good quarterback. I’m looking this up. He’s thrown the ball 208 times already this year. Right at 150 passer rating, so it’s not too bad there. Let’s see. Passing yards, they’re scoring 37 a game, so they’re doing all right. I just don’t know. I feel like Missouri is just in the dumps right now. They lose their coach. They lose their defensive line coach that was really spectacular. They just have really went downhill, in my opinion.
Nick:Yeah. They’ve kind of been…
Andrew:Sneaking by?
Nick:Maybe not sneaking by, but to me they’re kind of a conundrum. You come out, look terrible against West Virginia, lose. Crush Eastern Michigan, put up 60. Lose to Georgia in a close game. Then you score 79 against Delaware State, and it’s like this offense can do some things. Then you show up at LSU, and you get stomped, 42-7. To me, it’s like you’ve seen the offense be bad twice, at West Virginia, at LSU. In three homes games, two against far inferior opponents, offense looks great. Offense even looked good against Georgia. Is it maybe a road thing? I would say Florida’s defense compares more favorable to LSU than it does to Georgia, Eastern Michigan, West Virginia. Is it maybe just they’re a team that can beat up on bad teams and can’t play up? They don’t have an extra gear to get up with a team like LSU or to get with a team like Florida? We’ll see. I don’t know. I know Florida’s ready to play, but I don’t know if this Missouri team is built to beat this Florida team this year.
Andrew:Right. I don’t know. I kind of looked at it as I thought Florida should win, and it would be close game for a little bit, and then they would pull away. Then I was wondering a little bit about a letdown, had they played LSU this week. Since they didn’t play LSU this week, seems, I don’t want to say pissed off, but maybe this hurricane, as much as you don’t want to use that as an excuse, but maybe that was what got some life back into the program. I kind of said that, Nick, and I feel like I keep hyping on this, harping on this, every week, but I keep thinking there’s something missing with the team. To see the team come out, and to hear what you said about that rooting for Tennessee to lose, maybe that it factor is back for this team. Maybe they’re back and can go forward and be motivated.
Nick:I was talking to a buddy last week, as we were watching Tennessee and Georgia. He said, “I think Georgia getting an upset here, holding onto this game, I think that would do a lot for Florida mentally.” Losing to Tennessee took you out of the driver’s seat. Now you need help to accomplish everything you want to do, go to the SEC Championship. Now you need help. It’s not on you anymore. It’s your own fault, and you know that, but you see it start to happen, and you’re thinking to yourself, “This is it. Tennessee’s going to lose. Then they have two more games that are tough. They get two losses. We take care of business, and we’re good to go.”
Nick:Then you kind of get that air out of the balloon deflation after the Hail Mary, and now you’re kind of back in it after last week. That was a thrilling game to watch. Incredible game to watch, but you’re kind of back in it now. I think that’s what the coaching staff would need to grab onto. If they can sense that from their team, they need to grab onto that and say, “Listen, we’re close. They have to go and host Alabama next week. Handle our business, and we’ll put ourselves back into the driver’s seat.”
Andrew:That’s a good point. Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe that’s what it’ll do. Me personally, I’m looking forward to seeing that sense of urgency back. I really am. I looking forward to seeing that sense of urgency back from the team, and just a sense of want, maybe. I guess is the best way to say it. I hate to say that, because then it makes it seem like they don’t want to win. Everybody wants to win, but like I said, Nick, it was just something missing. You even asked me. You’re like, “Why do you keep saying that?” I’m like, “I just feel like something was missing with the team.”
Maybe it’s getting Del Rio back, plus not playing. Maybe that together gets them, and then if Tennessee does beat Alabama, or Alabama does beat Tennessee like we all think they will, that puts Florida in the driver’s seat with a bye week, and then going to Jacksonville against Georgia. Nobody needs to be hyped for that game. Maybe that would help them to go with that. Maybe this is the turning point. Everybody kind of looks at certain things in the season to be a turning point. During Tebow’s year it was the Promise. That was what it was. Every year has a turning point for good teams. Maybe this is it. Hopefully it is, in my opinion.
Nick:Or you come out, lay an egg, and lose another Homecoming.
Andrew:Yeah. You can’t do that. Here’s the thing. This is what I wanted to say too. Let’s look at some of the positives in this game, or in the game not being played this week. Del Rio, a full other week of being off of it in playing. Nick, you’re a baseball guy, like me. In baseball they always say, “If you could play today, we’ll give you another day, so you’ll be extra ready.” He could have played. He was going to play against LSU. He gets another week of rehab, that kind of stuff, to get more comfortable. He should be really ready to go against Missouri.
Then you look at Sherit. He’s probably still likely out. Joey Ivie I think will still be out. Brantley should be even better to go. You look at Cox, whatever his injury was we still don’t know. He should be ready to go. Sharpe’s shoulder should be a little bit better. That still won’t help him block, but he’d still be a little bit better. So everyone should be better than they were last week, and you should be a little more healthy before you get another bye week the next week.
Nick:Yeah. You know what? The beat writers need that extra bye week too.
Andrew:I don’t know. I get a little bored.
Nick:I’m excited. Let’s see. The rest of the schedule is kind of rough, but you get that bye week before Georgia. That will be a really interesting game. First time seeing Kirby Smart and Jacob Eason. At Arkansas is going to be an interesting game. That’s going to be cold. It’s going to be cold in northwestern Arkansas in November.
Andrew:Against a team that is heading downward quickly.
Nick:It’s against a team that’s coming off of a bye week.
Andrew:Yeah, but they’re heading down, spiraling very quickly.
Nick:Maybe that bye week comes at a perfect time then.
Andrew:Maybe. I don’t know. We’ll see where that is. I don’t think as highly of Arkansas as I have recently. It’s not even just because of Alabama. It’s because of what I saw a lot of the year. They just, to me, haven’t looked like they’re getting better too much. Austin Allen is tough as nails, but that’s really about it for me there.
Let’s talk about a little bit that happened over the weekend. Mark Richt, Nick, he’s still Mark Richt. Can’t win that big game.
Nick:Man, just kick the PAT. It was a Jacksonville native after everything that happened in Jacksonville, Demarcus Walker, to get through and block it.
Andrew:Think about what that game was, Nick. It was a game where Miami controlled that game all game long, and Richt did like Richt does most of his career. That’s take his foot off the gas pedal, and got beat.
Nick:Yeah. It had a sense of, listen, Miami might be a better football team.
Andrew:They’re absolutely a better football team.
Nick:But it had the sense of, we’re letting them hang around. It’s hard to say in a rivalry game with a team that has Dalvin Cook, that has players like Demarcus Walker, that has a tremendous safety in Ermon Lane.
Nick:Right. It had the feeling that they were just leading them around.
Andrew:Right. It did.
Nick:You didn’t pick up on my comment there.
Andrew:I’m coming with that comment. The Ermon Lane thing was funny, because you see Ermon Lane get a tackle, and Quincy Wilson tweets, “So, Ermon Lane is playing safety now?” Just a little background, those two guys do not like each other at all, and he just out of nowhere tweets, “So, Ermon Lane’s playing safety now?” Ermon’s gotten more action at safety in less than a month than he has in three years at receiver. As they said, he couldn’t catch a cold at receiver; maybe he could do alright at safety.
Nick:Growing up in south Florida, this was an awesome game. For me, I was pumped about it yesterday. I was waiting for it all day long, until it came on. It had that old Florida State/Miami feel to it. To me, that’s one of the best rivalries in the country, Florida State and Miami. It was fun that it was important again.
Nick:But, yeah, kind of like you said, Mark Richt. You’re up 13-3 at the half, and you come out of the locker room, and you give up 14 quick.
Andrew:There’s no question Mark Richt is going to win 9 football games a year down there, and he’s not going to win big games. Why anybody thought differently of what was going to happen with Mark Richt in Miami were crazy. They just were. The one thing that I will say is this. He got very lucky. He has no Louisville and no Clemson on his schedule this year.
Nick:How does that happen?
Andrew:Yeah. How does that happen? He has a very favorable stretch down the road, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Pitt, Virginia, North Carolina State, and Duke.
Nick:Right now Virginia Tech leads the Coastal Division at 2-0 in the conference. Then Virginia at 1-0. That’s not going to stick. I can tell you that right now. Miami still controls their destiny, because at 1-1 they still have to play Virginia Tech. You beat Virginia Tech, you handle your business the rest of the way, you’re in. On the other side, Florida State’s done. Louisville’s probably done. I don’t know who’s going to beat Clemson.
Andrew:And they got to beat Clemson twice. Even if Florida State was to beat Clemson, then that wouldn’t matter.
Nick:Florida State already has two losses.
Andrew:And Clemson has a tie breaker over Louisville. So I doubt anybody can beat Clemson besides Florida State.
Nick:Clemson just beat Boston College, 56-10. The rest of their way is North Carolina State, then at Florida State, Syracuse, Pitt, at Wake, and then Muschamp. They’re going to be fine.
Andrew:They’re going to be fine.
Nick:It could be a Clemson and Mark Richt ACC Championship. The Canes have never been to the ACC Championship.
Andrew:You definitely wouldn’t think he’d be favored, because he doesn’t win big games. What happens when he loses this week to North Carolina?
Nick:I don’t think they will.
Andrew:Who knows. I don’t know what people thought, but Mark Richt is Mark Richt. He’s not going to surprise anybody else. He’s Mark Richt for a reason.
Let’s talk a little bit about kind of the Tennessee thing. They go out to A&M. A&M pulls it out. What about that battle out in the West though? That A&M/Alabama game just turned into a monster game. Nick, I’ll say this. I am one of those guys that have always said A&M looks good for the beginning of the season, and then sucks late in the year. Man, that secondary they’ve got is some pretty good secondary. Justin Evans and Armani Watts are really good. I don’t think they can beat Bama, but I think that should be a damn good football game out at College Station.
Nick:Then Miles Garrett too.
Andrew:And he’ll be healthy. That’s another thing. They said he was only about 50%. He was only really playing on 3rd down against Tennessee. Very well could be a great game when they go to College Station in two weeks.
Nick:Two weeks, the 22nd.
Andrew:Bama’s got a little tough one. They’ve got Arkansas, then they’ve got Tennessee.
Nick:That’s a Florida bye week, which means I get to watch that game.
Andrew:Yes. Then the following week, so Bama had Arkansas last week, Tennessee this week, then they have A&M on the road. Then they get LSU at home. That’s a tough four game stretch. That’s a tough one.
Nick:It is.
Andrew:It’ll be interesting to see, because I think for the first time in maybe a long time A&M’s got a chance to do something good. They won with Johnny Manziel, but that was Johnny Miracle happening. I think they’ve got a chance to do well.
Nick:And, important to note that A&M gets a bye week this week, and Alabama has to go to Tennessee before getting A&M back. And Alabama has LSU after.
Andrew:That’s what I said. That four game stretch.
Nick:Yeah. I’m saying, from the point of outside things. Alabama has to go to Tennessee. Then they have LSU, like you said. So you’ve got a three tough stretch there. A&M has this week off, and New Mexico State after Alabama. Whoever made their schedule had some foresight.
Andrew:Who has this week off?
Nick:Texas A&M has a bye week this week.
Andrew:Yeah. Then LSU has Southern Miss this week.
Nick:No, Alabama has Tennessee this week. We’re talking about the Texas A&M/Alabama game.
Andrew:Right. My bad. LSU has Southern Miss, and then I don’t know who they play the week before Alabama. So it should be interesting to see kind of where the West goes there. I think though, I think when you start to look at things now, I think this is going to be an important week for Sankey, because he’s going to have it tough this week. He’s going to have people calling his office and begging for this game. I’m going to be interested to see where things go. Do you make a decision now to either cancel the game for good, or do you wait until you know that you need that game? If you do that, people are going to be pissed off that you waited until you needed that. You either make a decision now, or you don’t, in my opinion.
Nick:I think they wait.
Andrew:You know what I’m saying? That’s a bad precedent.
Nick:Yeah. That makes sense, but I think you wait.
Andrew:You don’t agree that makes a bad precedent?
Nick:It does. I don’t think you can come out now and say, “Listen, it’s too hard. We can’t do it.”
Andrew:Why not?
Nick:I don’t think you come out and say that now, and then get into a situation where Florida goes 6-1, Tennessee 6-2, and now you’ve got all kinds of fans crying foul.
Andrew:Yeah. I bet you this. There will be some talk about this next spring in Destin.
Nick:We’ll be talking about this in Destin, that’s for sure. Wonder when we ask Butch, what he’ll say.
Andrew:Butch will be crying like his usual titty baby ass self. He gets on my everlasting nerves. I despise Butch Jones. I really do. Wish I could be locked in a UFC ring with him.
Nick:I don’t think that would end well for you.
Andrew:Are you kidding? Have you seen that guy?
Nick:Maybe he’s scrappy.
Andrew:Yeah. Okay. I’m from Alabama. I don’t play fair. No. I think they need to make a decision, but we’ll see where it is. As of, we’re taping this at 5:54 on Sunday, Presbyterian’s AD has been emailed saying that Florida was going to get in touch with him soon, but they haven’t had the conference call yet. We’ll see. I do know that Strickland is being talked about in this process, because it does involve him as well as Jeremy Foley. So I know the two of them together are talking over all this situation.
As of this time, South Alabama hasn’t even received any kind of inkling from LSU about moving the game, but Presbyterian has been asked to talk about the game. From what I understand, from someone who’s talked to both schools, they’re both understanding. South Alabama wants to go to LSU, but they understand the issue of this may have to happen. If it gets on down, Florida fans, you can make fun of LSU fans, because they’ll be the ones that didn’t want to play.
Nick:That whole narrative though of they’re afraid to play, that was stupid.
Andrew:I know. I’m just saying. They put it on Florida that Florida didn’t want to play, and let’s get something out there real quick.
Nick:It’s like you said though, and that’s what I don’t get. If anyone could understand what Florida was going through, was it bad in Gainesville? No. No, it wasn’t. It was really bad in Daytona. It was really bad in New Smyrna Beach. It was really bad in Jacksonville Beach. It was really bad in St. Augustine. Areas all over the state people are being affected by a hurricane. Were they affected in Gainesville? No. You couldn’t have known that when you canceled the game Thursday. On Thursday it looked terrible.
Nick:If anyone should understand that it should be people from Louisiana, who have been affected by hurricanes. I don’t understand how you can forget. They just celebrated, or not celebrated, but they just remembered the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina at the Saints game when they played on Monday. They had a ceremony for it. It should still be fresh on the minds, and I don’t understand how people from Louisiana, of all people, are unsympathetic to the fact that people are hurting.
Andrew:Yeah. To me as well. It’s kind of like you knew how unpredictable this really was. I mean, you look at it now, and you’re able to say it now, because it didn’t happen, but you see as much damage as Jacksonville and Daytona Beach and those places had without it coming on shore. If that thing comes on shore, look at what really happens, Nick. It get really bad. Then you see, even on Saturday, where they’re talking about the Gainesville fire department and some of the police were in Jacksonville helping out with this. You wanted those guys to just not go, but if it was in different circumstances it would have been. That for me is kind of what frustrates me. It’s just like you don’t even know.
Then, Florida wasn’t the one that said they couldn’t play on Sunday. The SEC said, “No. It’s not safe to go on Sunday.” Florida didn’t make that call on Sunday. I keep seeing people say, “Well, Florida was scared to play on Sunday.” No. That wasn’t even Florida’s decision.
Nick:The only call, and we talked about this before, the only call Florida made was that we’re not going to Baton Rouge to play this home game.
Nick:That was the only call Florida made.
Andrew:Right. I don’t know. To me, that’s what bothers me is just the way it was. I understand, everyone talks about Clay Travis. I know Clay Travis is an asshat. Nick, you and I both know he’s an asshat. He gets paid for clicks, that kind of stuff. It was just the other guys that just really frustrated me. There was some bozo that’s an Orlando radio station, and he was arguing with one of the Florida fans, and he was just arguing with her saying Florida was cowards. It’s just like, how? What did Florida have to be scared? This isn’t LSU with Demarcus Russel, or this isn’t the LSU of good teams. This team’s very average.
Nick:It’s a game that Florida could lose, and I think that’s, not saying that they would be a home dog, but it’s a game they could lose. That’s a fact, but no one’s afraid to play football.
Andrew:Let me ask you this.
Nick:This is what they do. No one’s afraid to do what they do. Are you afraid to go into work on Monday? That might be a bad example. Nobody likes to go into work on Monday. Are you afraid to do it?
Andrew:I’m ready to go to work tomorrow. I’m ready for football. You know what I’m saying. It’s one of those deals where it’s just like, really? This game was a toss up, in my opinion. This game was a toss up. I was going to pick, never mind. I won’t say who I was going to pick, because I don’t feel like hearing about it, but I did think it was going to be a really good game.
Andrew:I did think…
Nick:Who were you going to pick?
Andrew:I had to go…
Nick:You can’t do that.
Andrew:I was going to have to go with LSU. I can’t say streaks don’t matter and then not do it. Florida hasn’t beaten LSU. You have to beat the streak in order for it to happen.
Nick:Twitter, let him have it.
Andrew:No. Don’t.
Nick:I was picking Florida to win, to end the streak, win at home.
Andrew:Here’s another thing.
Nick:Twitter, let him have it.
Andrew:Here’s another thing. Clay Travis gets this idea Florida’s hosting recruits this weekend.
Nick:That was just irresponsible, because someone tweets at him, “Florida’s hosting recruits. Guess it wasn’t that bad.” He doesn’t do any kind of checking. Doesn’t call anybody. He just runs with it, because it supports his narrative, and it supports the story that he sent out.
Andrew:Yeah. No. It wasn’t. CJ Henderson was on campus on Thursday, because he had came up because he has family that lives in Gainesville. So he evacuated Miami when the evacuation was there. He came up and was going to be in Gainesville for the game anyway. So he came up on Thursday to leave, so he was in Gainesville Thursday and Friday. Yes, he did go to Florida’s practice on Thursday, but he didn’t visit campus. My thing to Clay Doofus is this. Why would Florida want to host recruits then? Do you not thing Florida understood how bad that would look? Second of all, what were they going to show the kids? There was nobody on campus.
Nick:Yeah. You just got to do a little bit of research there. Just do your job. Don’t just run with something because somebody tweeted at you.
Andrew:I don’t know, Nick. I got frustrated with the whole thing. I think it was very stupid of the way it is, but what it is. There’s a lot of stupid people in this world. To look at the recruiting side of things, Nick, before we get out of here. Florida will try to get some guys in this week for the Missouri game. They’ll also try to get guys in for the South Carolina game, make that the two big weekends. Then if this LSU game does get rescheduled that will make a big weekend. Is it great for Florida? No. Everybody knew how bad this home schedule was going to be. At the end of the day, if a kid commits to your school just by the atmosphere chances are they’re probably transferring in a few years anyway. It’s bad that they didn’t get them on campus like they wanted to, but at the end of the day if they can get them on campus soon everything’s good.
Nick:Maybe we’ll have an LSU game to host recruits at at the end of the year, which is where you’d like to be hosting recruits anyway, towards the end of the season.
Andrew:As our good buddy, Chad Wilson, texted us this weekend, there’s only one cure for recruiting, Nick.
Nick:Win it. Keep winning.
Andrew:Keep winning. If you can get to Atlanta on December 6 when everybody else is home, except for one team, guess what? That’s even better.
Nick:Yeah. Sorry, I know Coach Jones is going to be in home today, but I can’t. I’m going to be in Atlanta, playing a football game.
Andrew:You just trying to get me razzed up today. That’s all you’re trying to do. Trying to get me mad and trying to get me riled up and trying to get me frustrated and everything else. That’s just what you’re trying to do today.
Nick:Maybe it’s working.
Andrew:You definitely got me riled up. That’s what you did. You got me riled up. Got me mad. Butch, his luck ran out. That’s about all I can say. Al Golden, I don’t know why anyone ever thought about that. Nick, we’re going to have a lot of things this week for Missouri. We had a lot of things last week for basketball Media Days. If you were mad about the thing and just didn’t read anything, check out what Bailey had to write about basketball Media Days. Nick, you also had one. Florida also did pick up a basketball commit last week. Check out the basketball scene. We’re trying to get that better. We’ll see.
Nick:That will be good. Basketball season is rapidly approaching. That’s sad, because that means football season is like halfway done.
Andrew:I was typing this up today, Sunday, Nick, and was looking that high school football season is already into Week 8. Just yesterday I was typing the first one. That’s crazy. Tell the people where they can find us. We’ll get out.
Nick:Real quick. Georgia, on Sunday Georgia beat South Carolina. Jacob Eason threw for 29 yards.
Nick:29 yards in the wind.
Andrew:Oh my. What about Rutgers? 39 yards of offense in a whole game?
Nick:Michigan’s defense is legit. Michigan’s defense is better than Florida’s. I’ll say that. They’re a more complete defense than Florida. Remember, we talked about that last year going into the Bowl game. That Michigan defense is for real.
Andrew:I don’t care how good you are, boss. 39 yards?
Andrew:39 yards? Come on. I don’t think they got their first 1st down until like 4th quarter.
Nick:Listen to this stat. Here’s one for your Richt wago. First Bulldog win in Columbia since 2008.
Andrew:Oh my. One thing was for sure. Mr. Spurrier didn’t like losing to Georgia. He definitely took care of. Somewhere he’s being not very happy that they won. I don’t root for Will Muschamp very much, but I was definitely pulling for Willy on Sunday.
Nick:Not this guy.
Andrew:Not this guy. Nick, tell people where they can find us. We’ll be back on Wednesday. We’re going to try to find a guest to come on Wednesday with us. We’ll find somebody. We always do. We’ll have our week back on track.
Nick:www.GatorCountry.com for all your Florida Gators news. @GatorCountry on Facebook and Twitter. @TheGatorCountry on Instagram. You can follow me, @NickdelaTorreGC. He’s @AndrewSpiveyGC. The podcast, as always, is on iTunes. Pop in there. Find the link. And always on the website.
Andrew:Yup. It always runs at 5, guys. It’s on the website. I can’t speak for Nick, but this guy ain’t waking up at no 5:00. That’s why we don’t tweet it, but it’s always on there. Just simply go to the feature box. It’s there, or like Nick said, it’s on iTunes. Even we don’t tweet it at 5:00 in the morning, it’s always there. I promise.
Nick:It is.
Andrew:As always, guys. Go Braves. Chomp, chomp. Mark, Butch, you suck.
Nick:You stay classy, Gator Country.
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