Florida Gators: Senior Spotlight Hunter Joyer

In a college football world where the fullback is a lost art, Hunter Joyer hasn’t wavered from his position.

The Gatorzone roster labels Joyer as a tight end but that’s merely a formality because Joyer is a fullback through and through; someone who can be used in skill positions when needed but steps on to the field 99% of the time with one thing in mind: protection.

That’s Joyer’s M.O. though and has been for years.

His stats read average for someone in his position and have actually declined as each year, and consequently each offensive coordinator, have come and gone.

Jacoby Brissett hands off to Hunter Joyer versus Furman in 2011. Joyer scored a touchdown on the play/Tim Casey


In fact his only yards thus far this year have come from a 19 yard kickoff return. A kickoff return that found itself in front of a somewhat surprised Joyer after a squib kick.

On his career Joyer currently has 101 rushing yards and two touchdowns, along with 29 receiving yards and another touchdown through the air.

But the protection, like we said above, that’s what has made Joyer so valuable. A stout 5’11” and 230 pounds, Hunter has proved a brick wall as a lead blocker on multiple occasions. In fact it first showed up against a linebacker that should have been able to handle Joyer: Florida’s own Jon Bostic, now with the Chicago Bears.

Hunter Joyer lead blocks for Valdez Showers versus Arkansas
Hunter Joyer lead blocks against Tennessee in 2011

During a fall practice back in 2011, Joyer’s freshman year, Hunter lined up across from the junior Bostic. The matchup should’ve gone exactly as Bostic expected it to; it didn’t. Instead Bostic found himself beat on the play and dumbfounded at what had just happened.

After returning to the huddle he asked linebacker Jelani Jenkins, “You hit Hunter Joyer yet?”

“He’s like, ‘No’,” Bostic remembered. “I said, ‘He didn’t move’.”

And thus has been the case for Joyer for four years. No matter the job asked of him, he didn’t move or shy away, but instead did the job asked of him.

This was something he brought with him to Florida. While still in high school, Joyer’s mom Kirsten, experienced an anyerseum that left her in need of help for months. Hunter’s father had to take on extra work to continue to support the family so Hunter became the primary at home caretaker for his family but primarily his mother. He did so with his nose to the ground, grinding forward without complaint, as is his way and all while keeping up play on the field to earn a spot in college.

The offers came and he decided on Florida over UConn, Miami, USF, Stanford, Texas A&M and Louisville, where his brother Karem spent 5 years as an offensive lineman.

On Saturday though, his brothers and parents eyes will all be on Gainesville, as Hunter Joyer enters The Swamp for one last time. The consummate team player there to do his job one last time.


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Kassidy Hill
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  1. Kassidy-great mention. This kid has persevered his whole career, IMHO, because he has been WAY underutilized. One of my favorite players. Tough, Tough guy. Great attitude, great team player. I hope the kid gets picked up by an NFLteam needing a great FB. There were so many instances we should have been using him THIS year. But he just sat on the sideline while we didn’t get the first downs or TD’s…I guess that’s in the past, I just hope the fact he was underutilized doesn’t hurt his chances to get picked up by a team. Hopefully, he’ll do well at the combine. My hats off to him…Rock on Hunter! True Gator! I bow in gratitude…Go Gators…