Florida Gators recruiting mailbag: September 3rd edition

The Florida Gators coaching staff has put together a solid 2021 class already and have started to work on the 2022 class now that they’re able to start calling and texting those guys.

Dan Mullen and the coaching staff have a few more spots remaining in the class as they look to finish off on some needs in the class.

GatorCountry brings you a recruiting mailbag to answer your questions on the 2021 class as well as the 2022 class.

Check out the mailbag here to get all the answers to your questions.


TebowNut6: I love the recent reports that our offensive line (the first string anyway) has shown improvement from previous years. My impression has always been that one of the main things missing from our guys is the same mean streak that the Pouncey’s, for example, played with. Talent and strength are vital, but so is the ‘throw you to the ground and stomp on you’ mentality. Do these guys have that as part of their game yet? Do our new guys – Braun and Reese – bring that type of mentality?

AS: Ethan White is the guy that I’ve heard that is really getting to the second level and having that road grader mentality. Joshua Braun is the same way, he’s physical and can hold his own in one-on-one match-ups. Reese is more of a guy that’s very sound and is going to know what to do type of guy.


Gator_nica: Is there a quarterback controversy brewing between Emory and AR? If so, could this lead to one or the other transferring, which would lead to adding more QBs in the next cycle?

AS: No controversy brewing there. The thought is that Emory will be the guy next year and then it will be Anthony Richardson’s turn. Mullen likes for his quarterbacks to learn for two years before they play.


IAmBornAGator: Transfers have played a prominent role on our roster under Dan. Are there some transfers on the staff’s radar or is it too early to talk about transfers?

AS: A little early right now because there’s so much uncertainty around the country as far as football goes. Mullen will continue to monitor the transfer portal though.


Gatorboy08: Saw a very interesting report somewhere on Twitter saying that if Yousef Mugharbil could visit, he might commit. Are we really potentially in the lead for him at the moment? If not, how are we looking right now for him?

Since 2022 edits are going out, It doesn’t hurt to get an idea on where things stand with some of those guys. So who are some of our top targets at WR next year?

AS: Florida has continued to trend up for Yousef and the Gators are definitely one of the team at the top of his list but they just need to get him on campus.

At receiver for next year Samuel M’Bake, Kevin Thomas, Caleb Burton and Erriyon Knighton has some names to watch.


Kdm: Who are the top 4-5 2022 OL showing serious interest in UF right now?

AS: Tyler Booker is the biggest name but it will be interesting to see if he plays offensive line or if he goes to defensive line. Julian Armella, Blake Miller, Zach Rice and Jacob Allen all took virtual visits with Florida and have shown interest but the Gators are still expanding the board here.


UFMBA14: AS you mentioned Mullen’s first 2 calls were to Jacurri and Jaheim. I know it’s early but where does Florida fall at this stage for these 2 special players?

AS: Florida sits high on the board for both of these right now and while neither are ready to make a decision, the Gators should be in the thick of it until the end for both guys.


Macbgator: Who are the main recruits at RB that we are pushing for in 2022.

AS: Terrance Gibbs, Jamie Felix and Damari Alston have all been guys that Florida has recruited hard and have shown mutual interest in the Gators.


Matherly87: Has any policy been mentioned about high school players attending home games this year and if so what has UF done to build the interest? What level is UF allowed to go with any recruits that come to a home game? I would think if a limited number of out of town people can attend the game then a limited number of players should be allowed to come. It’s not the SEC’s fault that other conferences made the choice to abandon sports for this fall.

AS: Teams are being very cautious with who’s allowed around the team so right now I don’t see visitors being allowed on campus this fall unless something changes big time. Teams just don’t want anyone around the team in fear that someone is infected and comes on campus and then infects the team. This is going to be something to watch as sooner or later guys have to be allowed to take official visits.


Blackbird68: With the current ban on official visits and in person contact, is there any movement toward moving the early signing period?

AS: Right now the plan is to have the early signing period stay the same as many guys are early enrolling so the early signing day is needed.


Gatorgreg1: If we were to pick up another offensive lineman, would you think we’d take 5 there or would someone possibly decide to leave?

AS: I don’t see Florida dropping any of the current offensive line commits and all of them seem very solid with the Gators as well. I do believe that Florida wants another lineman to make five in the class and while they don’t lead for anyone at the moment, they’re trying hard.


Gatorgreg1: Same sort of question for defensive end. Would you suspect that number would end up being 3 or 4?

AS: I could see Florida taking four guys at defensive end. Tunmise is a guy that will rotate everywhere so you count him more as a defensive lineman instead of just an end. They’re still recruiting Bryce Langston, Leonard Taylor and Tunmise at the position.


Gatorgreg1: Any thought we can flip Leonard Taylor?

AS: Florida has continued to recruit him and Taylor still talks to Florida but nothing has been talked about as far as a flip at this time. The Gators will hope to get Taylor on campus sometime this fall or winter.


Gatorgreg1: What are your thoughts on Arnold and Sorey becoming Gators after their visit to The Leghumpers?

AS: I still feel as if the Gators are at the top or at least in the top two for both of these guys. Arnold is still a Florida/Bama battle with UGA in the mix and Sorey it’s neck and neck between UF and UGA. The good news for Florida is that neither of these guys are deciding anytime soon.


Johnagator: With the quarterbacks we have already, is Jacurri Brown more likely to pick a school that is not so loaded?

AS: I don’t believe that will play a role in his decision. When he would arrive in college, the Gators would likely only have Del Rio, Kitna and Richardson on the roster as Trask is likely gone after this year and Emory after the 2021 season.





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