Florida Gators recruiting mailbag: September 20th edition

The Florida Gators recruiting efforts has been able to pick up some momentum with three straight home games to open the season and the ability to host prospects on campus.

Now the Gators will go on the road for two straight road games against SEC teams and it will give prospects the chance to watch Florida on national TV.

Gator Country’s members have a lot of questions about how the 2019 class will shake out and who are the top prospects that the Gators are still after.

We answer your questions in this week’s Florida Gators recruiting mailbag.

Well let’s dive right in to this week’s recruiting mailbag:


Ufgator84: Any positive developments on the offensive line or Safety boards?

AS: On the offensive line nothing major besides Florida is talking to JUCO offensive lineman Montravious Richardson who is committed to Mississippi State and also still talking to several other committed guys like Auburn commit Keiondre Jones and FSU commit Dontae Lucas. At safety, they’re recruiting Tennessee commit Aaron Beasley, Ohio State commit Jordan Battle and Cortez Andrews still. They’re talking to a lot of guys but just trying to gain momentum with some of them.


Edwinvincent: By my count we have 82 players on scholarship with 11 graduating seniors this year. Leaving 15 available spots for the ’19 class. Is it possibly to get to a full class of 25? What size class do you think we have this for the ’19 class?

AS: I’ve always been told that the numbers will work themselves out and that’s something I stick by this early in the game. I will say that the staff is hoping to sign as close to a full class as possible as they have a lot of needs on this team to fit Dan Mullen’s systems.


Dhainer24: Last week, in a couple of different threads, you mentioned most likely 1 more offensive line, and it would most likely be a tackle and very possibly a JUCO tackle. But, it was also mentioned that we continuously talk to Keiondre Jones and Dontae Lucas. With Jones being cousins with Emory and Lucas being part of that sinking ship up in Tallacrappy, I would think our possibilities of flipping those guys are decent. Do either of those guys trump us getting a JUCO, or are they plus ones? Can we afford to take a plus one on the offensive line, or will that mess up numbers elsewhere? Would any current commits be urged to look elsewhere to make room for Jones or Lucas? Thanks.

AS: First thing, you can never have to many linemen so if they fit another linemen in the class then you do that because they need quality depth badly. Secondly if the staff believes that Jones and Lucas want to come then they take them without hesitation, as they’re that good. Getting a JUCO could still be an option if it’s the right one as they need someone who is ready to come in and compete at the positon next year.


UFMBA14: Have you heard anything about Diwun Black’s progress in the classroom? We all really want him to qualify and make it in this class.

AS: He has adjusted well to his new school but he’s only been in a school a little over a month so you can’t tell much. Black is also scheduled for the ACT again soon so that’s another big thing for him.


Gator_n_Bmore: Defensive tackles and Offensive tackles

We needs some studs that can contribute early here.. do you think the staff expands the board and goes after some kids currently committed elsewhere? Where would the studs come from at these positions?

AS: The board has to expand at these positions in order to land players as right now the options at those positions are limited. I believe Florida will start looking at some JUCO guys at those positions as well as some guys that are committed elsewhere. Also remember that guys pop up after having good starts to the senior years as well.


Isleptinbhg: How many of our current commits do you think will sign during the early signing period ?

AS: Quarterback Jalon Jones, offensive linemen Ethan White, William Harrod and maybe Wardrick Wilson, linebacker Mohamoud Diabate and defensive back Jaydon Hill have all stated that they want to early enroll.


FormerGatorGreat98: Who if anyone are we likely to pull from F$U as their program burns to the ground?

AS: Florida is recruiting several of FSU’s commits like Dontae Lucas, Quashon Fuller, Nick Cross and Akeem Dent. Right now Lucas and Fuller are the two guys who are listening to Florida and say they may visit Gainesville.


FormerGatorGreat98: Also, what is the story with Lloyd Summerall?

AS: Florida is in good shape with Summerall who plans to officially visit Florida for the LSU game. Summerall is an early enrollee so the Gators won’t have to wait until NSD for a final answer on him. Miami is the Gators biggest competition for Summerall but Mullen and Sunseri’s relationship with him helps Florida big time.


SirRaj: I understand that the staff is working tirelessly to make inroads in Florida, which was not a big focus for them at MSU. However, I am a little surprised that they have not been able to pull many players that they had developed relationships with over the years in the interim to make up for it (sans Emory & McPherson). According to 247 Composite, the state of Mississippi has 14 players rated 4-stars or better and other than Nathan Pickering it does not seem like we made a serious run at any of them. What do you think the reason for this is?

AS: Mississippi and Alabama are two of the tougher states to pull prospects from because of the instate schools so that hurts and secondly Florida isn’t the quickest drive out of state either. Florida did land Diwun Black from there and are still in the mix for Nathan Pickering.


SirRaj: When we were recruiting Diwun Black I recall him being a Mississippi prospect but now I see him as a Central Florida, what’s the story there?

AS: He transferred to the state of Florida to be closer to Gainesville and to help with academics.


UFMBA14: I know we have Lloyd Summerall and Keon Zipperer on the board from Lakeland high school, a long time powerhouse and producer of top talent. How are we doing on our relationship with this school?

AS: The relationship is there, Mullen has had relationships with those guys at Lakeland for a long time now and a lot of people still involved was around when Mullen was around. The Gators are also in good shape for both of those guys so that would help the relationship even more.



Andrew Spivey
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