Florida Gators recruiting mailbag: October 10th edition

10The Florida Gators recruiting efforts have been going strong over the last month, as the Gators will take that momentum into the 2019 season.

Gator Country’s members have a lot of questions about how the 2020 class will shake out and who are the top prospects that the Gators are still after.

We answer your questions in this week’s Florida Gators recruiting mailbag.

Well let’s dive right in to this week’s recruiting mailbag:


MrB-Gator: And what is the latest on Wardrick Wilson?

AS: Last thing I was told on Wilson is that he could possibly enroll in January if he gets all of his paperwork cleared.


Atllagator: AS, you’ve been following recruiting a long time. What is the biggest thing that has changed from when you started to now?

Also what do you think is the most important thing to a majority of recruits when choosing a certain school? Early PT, relationship with coaches, opportunity to win championships, facilities, etc.

AS: The biggest change has been social media and guys faking offers or simply asking for an offer from a certain school. Also with social media coaches are able to keep in touch with these guys a lot easier now days.

As far as the most important thing, most of the time it’s relationships and feeling at home while at school but playing time is certainly a big factor as well. Everyone talks about facilities but I don’t think a player chooses one school over another for that reason.


Macbgator: With 6-7 openings left to recruit, what are the positions we need to fill???

AS: One running back, one receiver, one tight end, one offensive lineman, one-two defensive lineman and one safety is how I see it shaking out right now.


Macbgator: Who is our most likely recruit at RB to be in this class??

AS: That’s the biggest question remaining at this time. Florida doesn’t have any traction with anyone at the running back position right now. They’re still trying to get Henry Parrish and Jahmyr Gibbs on campus for a visit.


Gatorfantone247: Out of all our flip candidates who is the most likely and who do you expect to flip to us first also when?

AS: Right now I would say Alabama defensive tackle commit Tim Smith is probably the most likely guy that the Gators can flip but he doesn’t have a time frame on making a final decision and he will take official visits.


Gatorfantone247: Do you see tae williams choosing the Gators?

AS: Florida has a really good shot with Williams but they need to get him back on campus again.


Baileyboy1223: With Walker looking like a uga lock how do you think we finish up on the Dline?

AS: Tim Smith is the biggest name remaining on the board for the Gators as they try to flip him from Alabama. The Gators are trending in the right direction for him as well.


Ufgatordad: Many of us had hope before the season that much was going on behind the scenes with Bowman and that he’d make it on campus secretly like Wingo. Unless there has been total silence on those visits, seems like that ship had almost officially sailed. Is that the case? If so, how is it even possible that we haven’t been able to gain any traction with him?

AS: Bowman was sold on playing for Clemson and ever since then hasn’t wavered off of that commitment. Bowman still talks to the staff and the door isn’t completely shut for the Gators but he likes Clemson a lot and they’re on top of the college football world right now as well.


Ufgatordad: For 2021, where is Terrance Lewis currently leaning?

AS: Lewis doesn’t have a favorite right now but Florida, Miami and Georgia are schools that I’ve been told are strongly in the mix for him.


Edwinvincent: What do you think the UA win did for the 2020 recruits in attendance? Also what is your take on 2021 recruits in attendance, do you see UF landing multiple 5 stars in either class?

AS: It did more for the 2021 class because so many of those guys were on campus and have their recruitments open. A win like that will stay in the minds of kids throughout the process because the atmosphere. As far as the 2021 class goes, Florida has a chance to have a top five class next year with a few five stars in that class.


Ufgatordad: At the moment, do we lead LSU for Dumervil? What will it take to lock him up completely, and will he wait til ESD to announce?

AS: Florida and LSU are neck and neck for Dumervil, I’ve had some tell me that Florida might be a little ahead for him but it’s very close and will come down till the end. Both schools are trying to get him back on campus for unofficial visits.


Shade45: What is the main thing holding UF back from recruiting better in-state?

AS: I don’t know if there’s one particular thing but out of state schools like Clemson, Auburn and Alabama have always been a factor in the state and that has only continued. The biggest thing for Florida is to continue winning and showing that they’re the top team in the state and that should help get some of those guys to stay.


Rowan0806: Where do we stand with Darnell Washington? Is he a Georgia lock or do we actually have a chance?

AS: I still have the Gators behind Georgia from everything I’ve been told. Florida made a big impression on Washington on Saturday night and should stay in the mix but Georgia has done a great job of recruiting Washington.


Warecogator: Did our win over Auburn help us with Ladarious Tennison?

AS: Tennison seems very locked in with Auburn even after the win for Florida over the Tigers.


Gators1992: Will 2020 be the year CDM gets his 1st 5 star at UF or will it be 2021 or beyond?

AS: Unless a guy like Gervon Dexter gets his deserved bump then it will likely be 2021 before Mullen gets his first five star.


Youngace: Any targets we are battling LSU for going to be in attendance this weekend?

AS: A few 2021 prospects have said they will be in town but most of them are from Louisiana but they still have interest in the Gators.


OklahomaGator: We built an IPF, we have a football facility set to start construction in June, what is next to keep up with the Jones’s?

AS: Nick Saban always says that if you don’t have a crane working on campus then something is wrong. What else Florida can build is beyond me but I’m sure they can find something.



Andrew Spivey
Andrew always knew he wanted to be involved with sports in some capacity. He began by coaching high school football for six years before deciding to pursue a career in journalism. While coaching, he was a part of two state semifinal teams in the state of Alabama. Given his past coaching experience, he figured covering recruiting would be a perfect fit. He began his career as an intern for Rivals.com, covering University of Florida football recruiting. After interning with Rivals for six months, he joined the Gator Country family as a recruiting analyst. Andrew enjoys spending his free time on the golf course and watching his beloved Atlanta Braves. Follow him on Twitter at @AndrewSpiveyGC.