Florida Gators recruiting mailbag: November 8th edition

The Florida Gators recruiting efforts have been going strong and Dan Mullen has said he sees more prospects interested in the Gators after starting 6-3 this year.

The Gators will have two more chances to host prospects on campus and one of them is this weekend against South Carolina.

Gator Country’s members have a lot of questions about how the 2019 class will shake out and who are the top prospects that the Gators are still after.

We answer your questions in this week’s Florida Gators recruiting mailbag.

Well let’s dive right in to this week’s recruiting mailbag:


Ufgator84: I know there are a lot of moving parts right now at offensive line, defensive line, and safety, but can you give us a current board on each position (with your chance of getting each player), including the chance of any possible flips?

AS: At offensive line it’s Kamaar Bell (Florida leading), Keiondre Jones (Auburn commit but listening to Florida) and Michael Tarquin (Miami commit but listening). I think Florida can get one of those guys to finish up the class but I also wouldn’t rule out the board expanding and a JUCO guy popping up on the board.

On the defensive line it’s Nathan Pickering (Mississippi State commit but listening), Jaren Handy (Auburn commit but listening), Kayvon Thibodeaux, Khris Bogle, Lloyd Summerall, Justin Eboigbe (Alabama commit but listening), Quashon Fuller (FSU commit but listening), Derick Hunter (FSU commit but listening), Taures Payne (JUCO committed to Kentucky), Datona Jackson (JUCO Colorado commit) and Brayden Monday.

I like Florida’s chances with Monday heading into his visit to Gainesville this weekend. Florida can get one of the JUCO’s if they push for them and Florida is trying to flip at least one of the guys committed else. Right now Fuller, Hunter and Eboigbe are the guys listening to Florida the most.


Gators1992: We definitely need some elite safeties – who are we targeting that is not already committed?

AS: Right now the only safety not committed that Florida is after is Cortez Andrews and he hasn’t visited Florida this year. Florida has Trent Whittemore who will likely start at safety and then one of Tyron Hopper or Diwun Black will also start there.


MrB-Gator: How many Juco’s do we take at what positions?

AS: I don’t have an exact number but I would say 1-2 and I would say that they come at either offensive line or defensive line as both positions need experienced guys that can play next year.


MrB-Gator: And will there be a grad transfer?

AS: It’s a little early to say yes or no as who will be available isn’t clear just yet. I would lean towards yes as Florida needs some experience at certain positions and guys see that Florida isn’t that far away from being a good football team.


Macbgator: How hard are we going after Kelly Bryant??

AS: Florida is going after Kelly Bryant and have been since day one. Dan Mullen and Brian Johnson are handling this one very quietly but they’re going after him.


UFMBA14: At the beginning of the year the word was recruits were waiting to see Mullen’s improvement on the offense.

Are the last 2 weeks (especially Missouri) giving any recruits pause or do they see it as the lack of SEC talent on the roster to execute the game plan?

AS: Not really a pause but guys definitely now see playing time available at certain key areas. Offensive linemen see playing time and guys on the defensive side definitely see playing time.


Gatoronenemyturf: Assuming Elijah Higgins commits to Stanford, do we pass on any other receivers and use that spot for another offensive line or defensive line ?

AS: Florida won’t reach for any receiver this year but they have a few guys that they’re still pushing for. Mullen will likely use that spot for the best available player though. Mullen understands that he has a lot of holes that he must fill.


Gsacco: Still have a shot with Kayvon Thibodeaux with all of this Oregon smoke? Will he visit them again after this or has he already taken an OV there?

AS: As long as he makes it in this weekend then Florida has a slim shot. Oregon is the team that been recruiting him the longest and they’re a legit threat and should be viewed as at least a co-leader with FSU. Willie Taggert has been recruiting him a long time as well so that’s why FSU is in the mix.


KHC_DAD: Do you think we’ll make any changes to the staff/add anyone to support staff after the season?

AS: Dan Mullen is very happy with his staff on and off the field so right now I don’t see any changes unless someone gets a promotion at another school. That’s always something to watch but right now everyone would be welcomed back.

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