Florida Gators recruiting mailbag: November 29th edition

The Florida Gators recruiting efforts finished the regular season strong with a huge win over Florida State and the coaching staff is now out on the road visiting prospects.

Mullen and his coaching staff have been hitting the road hard since Sunday and that will continue until early signing day.

Gator Country’s members have a lot of questions about how the 2019 class will shake out and who are the top prospects that the Gators are still after.

We answer your questions in this week’s Florida Gators recruiting mailbag.

Well let’s dive right in to this week’s recruiting mailbag:


UFMBA14: Any update on the quarterback transfer market? I know we can’t talk to Hurts yet but I’m wondering what your gut instinct is on him and/or others such as Tate.

AS: I still believe Florida will look at several grad transfer guys now whether they take one or not is still to be seen but they will look. They will wait and see who all is out on the market before deciding on who to talk too and such.


Polkgator: What are Florida’s chances with Derick Hunter and Quashon Fuller???

AS: Florida has made huge jumps with both prospects and made a big jump with Fuller and his mom on Tuesday night. Fuller isn’t an early signee so they have time to continue to work on him. Hunter is an early signing guy but the Gators are right there with FSU at this point for him.


Ol2ange: What is the total class size for UF this year?

AS: 22-25 is the number that Florida should be bringing in this year.


Ol2ange: Any update with Diwun Black? Do you think he will qualify this year?

AS: Still a semester and a piece to go for him but he has made progress no doubt. Next semester is key for him.


Arob2827: How many more 2019 uncommited kids do you think commit before the early December signing period and who are the most likely to do so?

AS: Maybe one or two but most guys will wait and have their moment on early signing day so they can take official visits and enjoy the process since they waited this long.


Mrgator: How do you feel about the big uglies on both sides of the ball? Will we get the players we need in the trenches to build on what Mullen did this year? If not..what is Mullen’s plan to fill the need especially on the offensive line?

AS: Things are starting to trend in the right direction for Florida on both sides of the ball and I believe that they will get quality players and the numbers they need on both sides. It has been a process that has turned Florida’s way after looking somewhat bad early on. A lot of guys committed to other schools are talking to Florida a lot.


Gator_nica: Are we leading for 2020 running back Bowman? He seems like a must-get for 2020.

AS: Bowman doesn’t have a leader at this point and is pretty open in his recruitment. Teams like Florida, Georgia, Ohio State, Miami and Alabama are all in the mix.


Macbgator: Are we leading for the 3 Lakeland recruits??

AS: At this point, yes I think Florida leads for Deyavie Hammond, Lloyd Summerall and Keon Zipperer and the Gators visited them on Wednesday. Florida State is still in the mix for Hammond and Miami is the mix for Zipperer and Summerall.


Macbgator: What is the latest on offensive lineman Keiondre Jones??

AS: Nothing really new with Jones but he’s still talking to the staff, the Gators will visit him later in the week but he’s still playing so it makes things a little tougher to visit him.


Dkinggator: We still in play for Trey Sanders?

AS: Yes, Florida is still squarely in play for Sanders and are in the process of setting up an official visit with the running back.


Orange_and_Bluke: We seem likely to be put a dent in FSU’s recruiting…speaking of, any chance for flipping 5 star Akeem?

AS: Dent doesn’t have interest in Florida and hasn’t been talking to the staff.


Edwinvincent: Are any of the outside linebacker commits (Black, Hopper) pegged to play star or safety once they get to campus?

AS: Black has been told that he will likely start off at the star position but could end up going back to linebacker but he could also stay at the spot or move to safety. It will all depend on how his body develops under Savage. Hooper is slated to start off at weak side linebacker.


Juggernautz: Any other commits from other schools about to jump on the Gator train as a
result of the noles beat down this past weekend?

AS: I don’t see anyone jumping on board before signing day but these guys are all talking to Florida and committed elsewhere. FSU commit Quashon Fuller and Derick Hunter, Miami commits Michael Tarquin and Kingsley Eguakun and Auburn commits Keiondre Jones and Jaren Handy. I’m sure I left off someone but those guys are talking to Florida and have or will visit Florida.


Alligatoralley: How committed does Hopper have to be to shut down in home visits and official visits with/to other schools?

It’s obviously somewhere north of 110%.

AS: I don’t know the percent but Hopper has been very open about wanting to take visits and I believe he will go through with that. I do know that he’s solid to Florida and has kept the Gators in the loop with visits.


Macbgator: Will we sign any Junior College players and who are we looking at if we do???

AS: Florida will host JUCO defensive end Datona Jackson on an official visit next weekend. He’s the Gators best shot at a JUCO player this cycle.


ATLGATORFAN: What’s the general gator chatter on the recruiting front? In the past we heard how so many teams were negative recruiting previous staffs. Has that tide really turned? Any off the record/ anonymous talks about us good or bad ?

AS: The general talk among recruits and parents is that Dan Mullen is a heckuva coach and they see the program on the rise. Parents and recruits both really like Mullen and believe in his vision. Overall the chatter is very positive for Florida and much better than it has been in the past.


SirRaj: Are we still going hard after Jarvis Brownlee or is he solid to Miami?

AS: Florida isn’t really recruiting Brownlee that much and it looks like he will stick with Miami.


Burton92: Heard the staff is really pushing for Travon Walker. Is it his a pipe dream or is there any chance we could pull him?

AS: They’re recruiting him and stopped by his practice this week but Walker looks like he will stick with Georgia at this point.


KHC_DAD: Are we recruiting Elijah Blades? He could make a really good safety and be a patch for a couple years because we’re not looking great for any of the top guys this cycle.

AS: Florida is recruiting Blades and there was some talk that he would take a visit to Gainesville but nothing has been set up yet.


rajinGator: Mark-Antony Richards looks dynamic and has to be a huge priority with this staff. Where do you think he’s trending right now?

AS: Auburn is the team trending for him but Florida and Miami are also squarely in the picture. Florida has made up a lot of ground for Richards as of late and will get an official from the athlete.


Gators1992: Ethan White – what position does he start out on the offensive lineman? He looks way to stiff and unathletic for tackle? He doesn’t seem quick or athletic enough to pull at Guard? Center?

AS: White is an interior guy and expects to start out at guard.



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