Florida Gators recruiting mailbag: November 22nd edition

The Florida Gators recruiting efforts have been going strong this year under Dan Mullen as the Gators head into the final game of the year.

After this weekend, Mullen and his staff will be out on the road recruiting as they look to finish the early signing period strong.

Gator Country’s members have a lot of questions about how the 2019 class will shake out and who are the top prospects that the Gators are still after.

We answer your questions in this week’s Florida Gators recruiting mailbag.

Well let’s dive right in to this week’s recruiting mailbag:


MrB-Gator: Who looks good for us at the running back position?

AS: I like Florida’s chances with Nay’Quan Wright. The Gators have done a great job of recruiting him since last year.


Polkgator: Who looks good at the defensive line positions?? Thanks

AS: Lloyd Summerall, Quashon Fuller and Brandon Dorlus are guys that Florida is in good shape with. Nathan Pickering, Justin Eboigbe, Derick Hunter and Khris Bogle are guys that Florida are in strong contention for .


Daswamp: Any chance with Donate Lucas?

AS: Lucas is locked in with Florida State.


Macbgator: Will we take 6 offensive line if the ones we wanted, wants in??

AS: Right now it appears that Florida would take five guys, there’s a small chance that they would take six but I would slim that they take six. Someone would be asked to look around in that case.


Johnl: Does UF get at least one of Kaiir Elam/Chris Steele?

AS: Yes, I think Florida gets one of those guys. Florida is in good shape for Steele at the moment but are a little behind Georgia for Elam at this time.


Orange_and_ Bluke: Evan Neal and Trey Sanders…we get them both we win big…true or false?

AS: It would certainly help Florida a lot on the field but I just don’t see those guys in the class for Florida.


Brainstorm: Do you see anyone currently committed who might not be in the final class?

AS: It seems to happen every year that someone will leave the class, while nobody appears that way right now, I wouldn’t rule it out at all.


Okcgator: What do you expect our receiver class to end up looking like?

AS: Right now Florida is happy with the guys they have committed unless someone that is a can’t miss wants in. They’re still going hard after Elijah Higgins but Stanford is trending for him.


Burton92: Is there anyone highly ranked the coaches keep in contact with that we might not know about or that the coaches are trying to keep quiet because they are committed elsewhere?



UFGator402: It seems as though momentum as died down a little bit. Do you feel that this class will finish in the top 10 or is 11-15th more realistic based on where we currently stand?

AS: I think they will be close to top 10 and things have died some simply because guys who have waited this long will simply wait until the early signing period. They will take official visits first.


Gatorzfan: A lot of chatter recently on DJ Williams, your thoughts. Thanks

AS: Very good player but right now Florida is focused on Trey Sanders and Nay’Quan Wright. I could see if Florida misses on those guys they would go after Williams.


ATLGATORFAN: What JUCO and transfers are we looking? Had a great haul with Shurley, Jefferson and grimes last year. Gotta think we got that route again to fill some holes

AS: JUCO defensive ends Datona Jackson and Kentucky commit Taures Payne are the two JUCO’s that Florida is actively recruiting. As far as transfers go, Florida is watching the market on that but they really want start recruiting those guys hard until after the year.


Zombieg8r: I’ve noticed there WAS a lot of interest in Kelly Bryant, that has since cooled. However, I haven’t heard much mention of Jalen Hurts. Is this because that it most likely won’t happen or is it under the radar? Also, if not either of those two is there ANYONE that might land in Gainesville?

AS: Florida is still looking at several guys but not Kelly Bryant anymore. They may go after Jalen Hurts in the spring if he leaves the Alabama. I expect them to go after a graduate transfer at the position.


Irgator12: The recent FSU decommitted tackle, Charles Cross, any mutual interest?

AS: He’s headed to Mississippi State.


Orange_and_Bluke: Can we please steal Quashon Fuller from Willie?

AS: Florida would absolutely love that and right now fuller is listening hard to Florida. The key is getting his mom up on the official visit and getting her approval of Florida.


GatorFanSeth: Who’s signing early?

AS: The commits planning to sign early are Mohamoud Diabate, William Harrod, Jalon Jones, Jaydon Hill, Jaelin Humphries, Jesiah Pierre, Wardrick Wilson and Ethan White. The targets planning to sign early Kamaar Bell, Justin Eboibge, Derick Hunter, Trey Sanders, Chris Steele, Lloyd Summerall, Michael Tarquin, Nayquan Wright, Keon Zipperer


rajinGator: How much better would our class look right now if we had what we think will be our 2021 facilities currently in place?

AS: That’s tough to say because while I believe facilities are lacking, I also think that facilities are a little over played. Yes they would help some but not a ton. I mean honestly how many guys can we say have signed at Alabama over Florida simply because of facilities.

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