Florida Gators recruiting mailbag: May 9th edition

The Florida Gators coaching staff is out on the road checking out spring practices during the evaluation period that runs through the end of May.

This is a big period of recruiting as the staff is able to evaluate guys and also try and set up visits for the summertime.

Gator Country’s members have a lot of questions about how the 2019 class will shake out and who are the top prospects that the Gators are after right now. We answer your questions in this week’s Florida Gators recruiting mailbag.

Well let’s dive right in to this week’s recruiting mailbag:


Thedynasty11: When do you believe Florida gets their next commitment? The barbecue on the 19th?

AS: The 19th is very possible with so many big targets expected on campus. The staff will definitely try and get a commit out of the event to set up momentum for the summer.


MrB-Gator: Is Jalon Jones the only quarterback for this class?

AS: Right now, I lean towards yes but as the season goes on that could vary well change towards adding a second one. A lot will depend on if anyone decides to leave the team if they don’t play much this year.


Scottb15: How much, if any, and who do you see shooting up the rankings out of our current commits throughout the camp circuit and the summer?

AS: Tyron Hopper and Jalon Jones are the two guys that I believe will rise up the rankings the most. Hopper has been very good at every camp he has been at and Jones is a guy that performs well at these camps. Both guys should see a rise in their rankings. It also wouldn’t surprise me to see Ethan White rise up the rankings as he’s a guy that teams are looking hard at after seeing him at spring practices.


Blake_usmc: Defensive back and receiver board? I know there’s a ton of targets and a lot of top talent interested? Who’s at the top and who’s realistically got a chance of coming to good guys? Does a guy like Marks have a chance of getting pushed out or is he solid?

AS: First let me say that the staff really likes Dionte Marks and he’s very solid so I don’t see him leaving the class. I’ll also start with the receiver board. Mycah Pittman and John Dunmore are two guys that Florida has a good shot with after outstanding visits this spring. Newly offered receiver Elijah Higgins of Texas is another guy that Florida has a legit shot at.

For the defensive back board Florida is in good shape with Chester Kimbrough and Kaiir Elam and are in thick of things for Derek Stingley, Jaden Davis, Cortez Andrews and Tyrique Stevenson.


Jonsantiago1: How many more kids do you see committing from now through Friday Night Lights?

AS: I would say close to five between now and Friday Night Lights. The summertime always produces commits and that’s also something that Dan Mullen has a history of. Mullen likes to push for commits in the summer so that he can have a lot of class finished by the fall.


Macbgator: What does our defensive line board look line and who are we most likely to sign as of today!!!

AS: For defensive end the Gators are in the mix for Lloyd Summerall, FSU commit Quashon Fuller, Derick Hunter, Derrick McLendon, D’Sean Perry and Nathan Pickering. They have the best chance with Summerall, Hunter, Fuller and Pickering right now.

At defensive tackle they’re in the mix for Patrick Lucas, Jaelin Humphries and Tyler Davis. With a good chance at Lucas and Humprhies.


Rajingator: Chances for Joe Burrow and your opinion of him as a player?

AS: If Florida decides to pursue Burrow than the Gators have a shot but there’s some talk that Mullen and his staff won’t pursue Burrow. I do think Burrow would be a good fit for Florida as he already knows the system and he gives you another player to compete for the position.


Ufgatordad: Trey Knox. A recruit that has gotten some of the most attention of any recruit over the past few years without actually ever committing. Any light you can shed on where he is in our board, the staff’s take on him, where he eventually ends up, etc.? Also, do you see him as a top 10 receiver nationally in this class?

AS: I think Knox is a very good player and one of the top receivers in the country but right now Florida hasn’t pushed for him. When Knox visits this summer that could very well change. Where he ends up is a question right now as even the kid doesn’t know. A lot of teams are pushing for him though.


Akfloridagator: Any shot at Quavaris Crouch ?

AS: Since Crouch hasn’t visited Florida yet, the chances of landing him are pretty slim. Clemson is in a pretty good spot for him and South Carolina has also made a move for him since he may end up playing linebacker at the next level. Florida needs to get him on campus this summer to have any chance.


74gator: Are we interested in teammates linebacker Rian Davis and defensive tackle Tyler Davis from the Orlando area?

AS: Florida has interest in both and has visited both but they haven’t pushed or recruited either hard yet. Florida hasn’t offered Davis yet either but that could change if he camps at Florida.


Gatorzfan: With all the California and Texas offers lately, do you feel chances to get a couple are realistic for 19 or 20?

AS: I feel like Florida will get a prospect or two at least from California this year but I’m not sure if they will land someone from Texas or not. Right now I lean towards no on someone from Texas. Florida has done a good job in California and are in the mix for guys like Ethan Rae and Mycah Pittman.

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