Florida Gators recruiting mailbag: January 25th edition

The Florida Gators recruiting efforts got some major momentum during the early signing period when they signed 13 players.

Dan Mullen and his staff have taken the dead period to set up the recruiting board as they push to signing day on February 7th.

Gator Country’s members have a lot of questions about how the 2018 class will shake out and who are the top prospects that the Gators are still after.

We answer your questions in this week’s Florida Gators recruiting mailbag.

Well let’s dive right in to this week’s recruiting mailbag:

Gatorfan228: Are we trying to get two of Xavier Peters, Andrew Chatfield, Caleb Tannor, and Caleb Johnson for linebacker? What’s the chances on each and what is Florida’s preference.

AS: Yes, those guys are all being pursued as outside linebackers/defensive ends. Peters is more of a true linebacker. Chatfield and Tannor or more true buck type players and Johnson is an end who also drops back into coverage at outside linebacker. Right now the chances are slim on Peters because of academics. On Tannor and Johnson, they had good visits last weekend but they have two visits left. I think the Gators get one of those guys though. With Chatfield, this weekend is key as Miami and FSU both had great visits with him as well. The Gators do have some momentum with Chatfield though.


VincentVega73: Who is the most absolute must get recruit this cycle? And why? And percentage you feel we get him?

AS: I hardly ever think there’s a must get recruit but the must get in my opinion was a quarterback and the Gators got one in Emory Jones. As far as remaining guys, I say a linebacker and offensive lineman. If you want me to name one guy, I’ll go with Nick Petit-Frere just because he’s the highest ranked guy and he’s a guy that is a solid left tackle. The Gators have some momentum with him heading into the visit but the Ohio State visit next weekend is a big one.


Rrtrackman: Anything new on Harrison Bailey?

AS: Nothing new on Bailey except that the Gators staff has been by his school since they’ve been hired.


Jonsantiago1: What percentage would you give the Gators of landing the following 3 offensive line? Barnes, Gouraige, Nicholas Petit-Frere?

AS: All three? I would say less than 50 percent right now but my confidence on Nick Petit-Frere has risen some. I still believe that Florida is in good shape with Gouraige right now. Florida has work to do on William Barnes and his teammate Ed Montilus as they plan to visit next weekend. North Carolina has the lead right now.


Jjthejetplane: What are the chances that Malcom Lamar and Andrew Chatfield pop this weekend?

AS: I don’t think either pop this weekend but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be Gators on NSD but both have plans to announce on signing day. Florida has work to do on both of them as FSU is a big threat for Lamar and Miami and FSU are a threat for Chatfield.


Kurtborglum: Exactly how many spots remain available with the transfers, Watkins commit and the de-commits?

AS: The Gators signed 13 guys so they have 10 spots remaining in this class. With Watkins and Gouraige committed, they can take 8 more guys in this class.


Isleptinbhg: It seems like the new staff has offered scholarships to an unusually large number of players for the 2018 cycle? Is this just because it is a transition year or is it is a reason to worry about the coaches not being able to get their first choices?

AS: Dan Mullen is offering guys he believes can play at Florida but not all of them are committable offers at this time. Mullen wants to have some back up plans in place in case some plan A guys don’t come to Florida. Also he’s offering some pretty good players in this class and not just a bunch of guys he’s reaching for.


Mrgator: Is Mullen still looking at a second quarterback or is he happy with Emory Jones plus our current roster?

AS: Right now, I don’t see a second quarterback in this class. I believe Mullen is comfortable with what he has on campus now.


Camtheman: Outside of Noah Boykin, what are our options at cornerback?

AS: Boykin is the Gators best chance right now at cornerback. They’re still trying to get Taiyon Palmer on campus but that looks like it won’t happen. The good news is that Florida’s chances with Boykin have improved a lot.


Irgator12: How excited are you to see all these offers go out? It’s like the new staff does not want to miss out on anyone and are wasting no time in establishing relationships.

AS: It’s always nice to see a bunch of offers go out, it makes the day a lot better than days that nothing happens. As fans you guys should be excited as well as Mullen isn’t afraid to offer someone and try to get in the game.


DylanGator: With Noah Jefferson’s grades in question, how does the defensive tackle board look outside of Nesta Silvera?

AS: Outside of Silvera, the only other defensive tackle scheduled to visit Florida is Auburn commit Coynis Miller. The Gators don’t exactly need a defensive tackle in this class but would like to get one.


Akfloridagator: Olijiah griffin still visit? Anyone on commit watch this weekend? Could Quay Walker visiting Georgia this weekend give us a shot at his last visit?

AS: Griffin isn’t scheduled to visit at this time. I don’t see a commit at this time but this time of the year never say never. Florida is scheduled to visit Walker this week and next week as they’re trying to get that last visit next weekend. Walker will either visit Florida or Auburn next weekend.


Jpgator: With Richard Desir-Jones leaving after his suspension does that open another spot to fill and will Mullen try to sign three or four offensive line?

AS: It opens up another spot yes, and Florida would like to add three more offensive linemen in this class.


Dhainer24: Is the offensive line board as big of a mess as many on here are predicting? Are we really trending away from all 3 of Richard Gouraige, William Barnes and Ed Montilus? Are we still an extreme long shot for Nick Petit-Frere? Are there any backup plans in place if it is the worst case scenario?

AS: Mississippi State offensive line commit Griffin McDowell is a guy that’s scheduled to visit on February 2nd and is someone that that Florida can get. The mess on the three is a little overblown as it looks all three will visit Florida after all. As far as Petit-Frere goes, things are much closer now and the Gators have a real shot.


Chicagogator94: Do you expect any more transfers before NSD? Do you expect us to sign a full class.

AS: There’s always transfers after spring ball and that’s even more the case under a new coaching staff. And yes, I expect a full class.


Ctresh: AS: With us pushing for so much talent late, and for so many guys that are either committed or leaning elsewhere, what are the signed guys in the 2018 class doing to help? Is there anyone (Emory Jones for example) reaching out to the offensive linemen to help sway them..? I feel like I haven’t heard about any of our 2018 signees reaching out to these guys, but maybe it’s behind the scenes.

It seemed like Matt Corral’s group text was a big help just from a staying in contact, and relationship building perspective. Anything like the going on now, or are the guys just focused on workouts and stuff?

AS: Jones, Trey Dean and Iverson Clement have been and continue to be big recruiters for this class. Those guys are texting and talking to guys a lot. It hasn’t been talked about a lot simply because they’re on campus and we can’t talk to those guys now. But trust me those guys are working and especially once they get on visits.


Gator_nica: With JaJuan Seider gone, who are the recruits he was after and how does this affect them?

AS: All of Seider’s guys have signed but he was recruiting the American Heritage guys but Mullen and Brian Johnson have also developed a relationship with those guys. The loss of Seider hurts but the good news is that his main guys are signed.



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