Florida Gators recruiting mailbag: January 10th edition

The Florida Gators recruiting efforts finished their season strong with a huge win over Michigan and the coaching staff is now looking to finish off the 2019 class strong.

Mullen and his coaching staff welcomed nine early enrollees on campus this week and this weekend will host several official visitors.

Gator Country’s members have a lot of questions about how the 2019 class will shake out and who are the top prospects that the Gators are still after.

We answer your questions in this week’s Florida Gators recruiting mailbag.

Well let’s dive right in to this week’s recruiting mailbag:


Baileyboy1223: Anything new on Nathan Pickering?

AS: Nothing new with Pickering at this point except he has officials scheduled to Alabama and Mississippi State. Florida needs to get an unofficial visit out of Pickering in order to feel like they have a legit chance.


Go7gator: Will we know by Friday the names of some of the incoming transfers? All of them? (Assuming Friday is the last day to enroll for Spring…)

AS: Right now, I believe the only real target to watch is Jonathan Greenard from Louisville. I don’t think Florida is in the running for any other transfers for this semester.


SirRaj: Is Bubba Bolden someone we’re considering?

AS: Bolden is transferring to Miami


Macbgator: Anyone on commit watch this weekend??

AS: Never say never but it would surprise me if someone committed this weekend as all of the prospects visiting this weekend have other visits scheduled.


Macbgator: Of the defensive line recruits on the board, which one is most likely to commit to the GATORS!!

AS: I would lean towards Vilbert Smith but Penn State is also in good shape with him but there’s some talk about how much room they have left. After Smith, Florida has work to do with most of the other guys visiting.


Juggernautz: With Fuller’s Mom not visiting w\ him, what do you think our chances are him committing to us % wise?

AS: Less than 50% at this point, Fuller has been on record as saying that his mom had to sign off on Florida before he could even think about flipping to the Gators. If his mom doesn’t visit then those chances are pretty much gone.


Juggernautz: What will be our recruiting priorities for the next recruiting cycle?

AS: I think you will see a much more balanced class for the most part as most depth issues will be solved after this year. I will say that defensive tackle and safety will have to be addressed next year. The good news is that the defensive back class in 2020 is loaded instate.


Wearetheboys: Hearing any inside chatter that combination of post season Bama/Dawg beat downs, FSU/UM implosions, and UF blow out is creating brand renewal for us among targets and potential flips?

AS: Not so much for the 2019 class but there is buzz around the program for the 2020 and 2021 classes after those guys watched Florida’s season this year. Mullen and his staff have created a lot of buzz with underclassmen in particular instate underclassmen. Bama and Georgia will be around still but Florida has an edge of Florida State and Miami right now.


Gator_n_Bmore: Looking ahead to 2020, perhaps prematurely, who are the defensive tackles besides Gervon Dexter high on the board? How does the state look for high end DTs as a whole next year?

AS: McKinnley Jackson out of Mississippi, Tim Smith out of Sebastian River and Miami commit Tre’Von Riggins out of IMG are all guys talking to Florida a lot right now. The state doesn’t look great for defensive tackles next year but overall there are several good tackles in the southeast in 2020.


UFMBA14: What’s your gut feeling on Arjei Henderson? Will he stick?

AS: The feeling I had most of last week was that Henderson was FSU bound due to his previous relationship with Willie Taggert but I do know that he has always liked Florida and likes Mullen’s offense. With FSU getting the last official visit, I think Florida will have to work hard for it. I say it’s about 50/50 he sticks at this point simply because of his relationship with Taggert and them getting the last visit.


IAmBornAGator: Technical question about final slots and hitting 85 cap. How are transfers especially grad transfers counted. I know all scholarships can’t exceed 85 but……..………..do grad transfers count against 25 per class and/or the EE caps?

Also with that said who are transfers/grad transfers we are pursuing? I know OG RJ Proctor from VA, OT Stewart Reese from Miss State and DE Greenard from Louisville…..are their others like the defensive tackle from UCLA or the other OL?

AS: Grad transfers don’t count against your 25 class count but it counts against how many Florida can take this cycle due to the 85 man cap. Florida could take up to 28 new players this year including recruits and transfers at this point.

After the spring, I expect there to be a few guys transferring and a few on the offensive line as well. Some of these guys don’t graduate until May so that’s the reason for the delay in them transferring.


Uthater: Hearing anything regarding a potential Khris Bogle visit? Realistic chance here?

AS: I asked him about it and was told that he doesn’t plan to take visits but even if he did, I don’t see Florida having much of a chance with him. Tennessee was the team that finished second and Manny Diaz was a guy that Bogle liked at Miami so the Canes would also be ahead of Florida.


Burton92: Assuming both visit. Which is more likely to be in this class Travis Jay or Quashon Fuller?

AS: I honestly wouldn’t hold my breath on either of those guys coming to Florida at this time. Both could visit Florida and Fuller has said he will but at this time Florida has a lot of work to do with both of those guys and with Fuller’s mom not visiting with him, that puts Florida’s chances even slimmer.


SirRaj: You had mentioned to watch out for Penn State for Mark-Antony Richards, who do you think leads for him?

AS: Auburn is still the leader from what I’ve heard but Penn State, Florida and Miami are all still strongly in the mix. Official visits are key for Richards and his family.


Ol2ange: Do you expect any staff changes for next year due to their lack of recruiting success? (staff meaning any support staff or actual coaches)?

AS: Right now, I lean towards no. Mullen likes consistency in his staff and the team performed well this year and recruiting is picking up for Florida as well. I think a lot of people have to remember that while Mullen was in the SEC, he didn’t recruit the state of Florida a ton either so he needs a little time to develop those relationships. Also Florida has started out strong in regards to the 2020 and 2021 classes.

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