Florida Gators Recruiting Mailbag: August 27th edition

You’ve got questions and I’ve got answers for you in the Florida Gators recruiting mailbag.

Juggernautz: How much impact will it be on recruits if our offense looks like it did a couple of years ago when we lost only 2 games but the offense was lousy vs if we go 8-4 & it looks great?

AS: It needs to show progression that’s for sure because top receivers and running backs aren’t coming to an offense that’s bad.


Juggernautz: Are we done recruiting QB’s for 2015?

AS: Yes they are. Sheriron Jones is a good quarterback plus they signed two last year.


Juggernautz: What’s your take on the running back Hines?

AS: He’s one of my favorite players in the class because he’s electric with the ball in his hands. I do think that he stays closer to home but a good showing this year and I think Florida could be squarely in the mix. A lot depends on which schools offer his twin sister for track.


Mdmcgarry: I’m concerned about our current talent level at safety and we don’t seem to be in on some of the standout safeties in this recruiting cycle. Ease my fears, if possible.

AS: Keanu Neal, Marcus Maye, Marcell Harris and now Duke Dawson are all very good safeties but they are just young. Harris and Neal didn’t play much last year so they are still learning the position.


MrB-Gator: AS….how many linebacker’s do we take in this class?

AS: Florida would take five if they all want in but I think the realistic number is four just because I think someone will be scared away after four linebackers are already committed.


Macbgator: Andrew, is there a recruit out there that we have a strong interest in , but has not been talked about on this board or any board?

AS: Not really, but that will change as the season goes on and prospects perform well on the field. One guy that I don’t think we talk about enough is Texas A&M safety commit Justin Evans who’s a JUCO guy but loves Florida and the Florida Gators are going to offer soon.


Macbgator: Are we looking at any field goal kickers for this class?

AS: Not yet and I honestly don’t know if they will. Florida just had a transfer in and plus they have the walk-on kicker from South Florida. The Florida Gators have five kickers on campus right now so surely one of them will step up and take the job but if they don’t then maybe they start recruiting one.


Rippedgator: How many do you see us signing? Thanks again Andrew, you do great work.

AS: I think 24-25 guys depending on if anyone transfers or if anyone goes pro early. The numbers always seem to change in December and January after this is all sorted out.


Gator_nica: How are we looking on the Defensive Tackle recruits? We need help here!

AS: Kendrick Norton is the prospect that Florida is in great shape with and with Andrew Ivie already committed, I think the Gators would be fine with just two guys but I also know that Florida wants a JUCO guy here or maybe even Fletcher Adams out of Mississippi but I think he’s a long shot.


Wesstump: How many wide receivers do we take? Who do you think we have the best chance with? How many games do we have to win before the recruits decide to jump on board? Thanks Andrew.

AS: 3-4 is the number at receiver right now but I lean towards four being the number. I’m not sure there is an exact amount but I think once Byron Cowart announces — and if he announces to the Florida Gators — then you will see a run on commits.


Easypeasey: Any chance with K.J. Hill this friday? Or are we just gonna be fighting til signing day for them like with the rest of the skill players (McCloud, Williams, etc…)

AS: He’s likely to choose Arkansas but he will still visit for the LSU game for an official visit. If Florida starts off well on offense then I think you will see guys start taking the offense more serious.


GatorNation6868: Andrew, any updates regarding Callaway and Davante Davis? Do you think we will land them or not?

AS: Nothing new on those guys except for that they say they will visit Florida this fall for a game or two. Right now I think the Florida Gators are in good shape here.


GatorNation6868: Andrew, if Ray Ray and Cain flip will they flip at the same time? Also, do you think if they flip they flip soon or drag it out?

AS: This is honestly a question that I’m not sure they can even answer at this time, but I do think Florida has a great shot at flipping them and I think both would like to have things squared away by January.


GatorNation6868: Andrew, what position does Javarius Davis want to play in college?

AS: Slot receiver and play some running back as well. I also know that he wants to be a returner.


Gatordon: Do the coaches pay any attention to recruiting services ratings?

AS: Some but they don’t base their opinion or offer a kid based of them.


Gatordon: Do coaches ever try to keep a lid of secrecy on a recruit who may be low on the radar screen but is a real diamond in the rough find?

AS: Absolutely, I can remember that Florida kept their interest in Chris Jones the defensive end who committed to Mississippi State low key until the Under Armour game when he started talking a lot about Florida himself.


Gatordon: Can the coaches usually tell when they are being played, or do they get burned?

AS: Most of the time yes because of the frequency of the contact they have with the prospects and the tone they have. For example Dalvin Cook went a few weeks without talking to T-Rob last year and that was when he knew something wasn’t right in that situation.


Gatordon: What is the strangest recruiting story you have experienced?

AS: Wow, that’s a tough one because I’ve got a few stories that are crazy to me but I’m going with Josh Harvey-Clemmons who signed with Georgia back in 2012. Clemmons who visited Florida on his way home from Miami the last weekend before NSD told Will Muschamp and the Gators he was going to sign with the Florida Gators and his grandfather wanted him in Gainesville to get him away from the bad influence around him but on NSD he announced for Georgia. Well, his grandfather wasn’t happy because he knew he was going to get in trouble there and he refused to sign his letter of intent and walked out of the building. He finally he signed it and, well, the grandfather was right; Clemmons got in trouble and is now at Louisville.


Topher96: How important are the first 4-5 games for blue chip recruits? I feel like UF must be at worst 4-1 going into middle October to land a top 20 class.

AS: It’s very important for the Florida Gators to get off to a good start this year because, as you said, recruits start looking elsewhere if the Florida offense doesn’t look good early on.


67viking: If the Gators win 9 games, do you predict a top 5 recruiting class?

AS: Before I answer your question, I want to say I love the screen name. My high school mascot was a Viking and that’s where I got my coaching start.

Ok, now to the question. I think the answer is yes if they win 9 games and show improvement on offense.

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