Florida gators recruiting mailbag: 8/23

There may be nine days until the Florida Gators take the field to kick off the 2014 football season but high school kids across the country are hitting the field this week and, of course, Florida Gators recruiting never sleeps.

We turned to our members, asking them to send us questions about how Will Muschamp and his staff are doing on the recruiting trail and this week’s recruiting mail bag is chalk full of good questions and tidbits about some of the most highly sought after recruits.


GatorNation6868: What’s new with the defensive back recruiting board?

AS: Nothing really new here from last week. Jaquan Johnson committed to Miami but the Florida Gators were never really in the mix for him after last fall. I think Florida is still in it for safety Tim Irvin.


15gator05: Any update on Byron Cowart?

AS: Nothing new from him, personally, but I’ve been told that he’s likely to announce at the end of September. I still expect him to commit to the Florida Gators but we are just waiting on him to say when he will announce.


Kellykool: What is Muschamp thinking?

AS: Will Muschamp is thinking “dang, can the season get here soon?” LOL


Macbgator: Who are we recruiting for tight end?

AS: Right now Florida is done at tight end with Kalif Jackson and Camrin Knight committed but they will continue to recruit guys like Auden Tate and Devonaire Clarington out of Westminster Christian.


MrB-Gator: AS…..who do you think are the RB’s in this class (I assume we take two)?

AS: Florida may only take one running back but it will depend on who wants in and the rest of the guys for other positions if they have room. Right now I think Ray-Ray McCloud will be the guy. Nyheim Hines could be another back in the class but I think he stays closer to home.


Macbgator: Who are the prospects we are recruiting at wide receiver?

AS: Antonio Callaway, Deon Cain, George Campbell, Ryan Davis, Javarius Davis, Auden Tate and Tyron Johnson to name a few.


Ycgator2012: Would we take both Hines and McCloud if Ray-Ray chose to flip? Seem like two very similar players.

AS: Yes. I believe Florida would take both if they have room in the class. It really depends on other positions and how many guys they land on the offensive line and linebacker positions.


Gotime51: How do the recruits feel Florida will fair this year? Do they have the sense that we could be really good and surprise people?

AS: I plan to get prospects’ take next week but from what I’ve been told by some commits they expect a good season. Some are saying they win the East and some are just saying a lot better than last year.


G8r_done: I saw that somebody cristal balled Daylon Mack to UF. Is there legitimate intetrest in us or is it just smoke?

AS: Right now it’s just smoke, but he’s saying the right things currently. Until he visits then I say it’s just smoke but he is talking to the Florida Gators coaches and commits daily.


Xbluex: From previous posts you indicted that we are trying to flip Ray McCloud or possibly Dexter Williams. Is Dexter Williams still a possibility… In play at all? What ever happened to Tim Irvin? Seemed there was some interest initially however, I have not heard mention of him in some time. Thanks.

AS: Tim Irvin is still on the board and Florida made a good impression on him during his visit for Friday Night Lights. The Gators want him at safety.

As far as Dexter Williams goes, the Florida Gators still have a shot but this season will be key here.


Gatordon: How confident, in your opinion, is the coaching staff in delivering a very successful recruit class?

AS: Very confident because they believe this season will be a success and they know that will deliver the top kids.


Gatordon: Andrew, having done this for a while now, which school(s) are you most leery of when it comes to negative recruiting or making unrealistic promises?

AS: Clemson and Georgia. Georgia has been caught negative recruiting a lot and Clemson also negative recruits, big time.


Gatordon: Hardest position(s) to recruit other than QB?

AS: Offensive line because they are going up against kids that aren’t the same size or as athletic as they are.


Gator_nica: Say Driskel explodes and leaves early. Do we play two Qb’s next year? If so, should we be recruiting another qb or are we done with Jones?

AS: Florida is done at the quarterback position with Sheriron Jones already committed and I doubt that changes.


BigOlGator: Hi Andrew. Of the H.S./JUCO guys CWM has on his wish list (including those ostensibly committed to us), are there any that you believe could come in and have the immediate impact of a Hargreaves or Taylor?

AS: I believe CeCe Jefferson, Byron Cowart, Ray-Ray McCloud and JUCO cornerback Justin Martin are guys that could make an instant impact.


FrankGator627: I bet my Seminole buddy $100 bucks our recruiting class would finish in the Top 10. Good idea or bad idea?

AS: Good idea if Florida has a good season on the field.


TebowNut6: Who’s the recruit that’d most likely result in a windfall of commits once they pulled the trigger for Florida? CeCe? Cowart? In other words, who’s the piped piper that everyone looks to and the one that we hope and pray commits so the domino effect occurs?

AS: In my opinion it’s Byron Cowart because he has some Tampa kids that will likely follow him or listen to him if he commits to the Florida Gators as expected.


Enickelsen: Several ratings services have dropped Holland in their rankings. My understanding is that this is due to him not taking the camps very seriously. Should we be concerned about his attitude and/or his work ethic? (If he comes he is just a kid having fun, if he goes somewhere else he has has attitude problems)

AS: He is just having fun and he likes to compete. Anyone that doesn’t have him ranked in the top 250 is crazy and has hurt feelings. Jeffrey Holland is a good player and good guy that just likes to have fun and compete.


Easypeasey: Tevon Coney just announced he’s deciding next month which I think has been planned for a while. How are we looking here?

AS: He seems very concerned about the other linebackers that Florida is recruiting but I think Florida needs to get him back on campus again to have a chance at landing him.

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Andrew Spivey
Andrew always knew he wanted to be involved with sports in some capacity. He began by coaching high school football for six years before deciding to pursue a career in journalism. While coaching, he was a part of two state semifinal teams in the state of Alabama. Given his past coaching experience, he figured covering recruiting would be a perfect fit. He began his career as an intern for Rivals.com, covering University of Florida football recruiting. After interning with Rivals for six months, he joined the Gator Country family as a recruiting analyst. Andrew enjoys spending his free time on the golf course and watching his beloved Atlanta Braves. Follow him on Twitter at @AndrewSpiveyGC.


  1. I wonder if UF is going to get Calloway and Davis out of Miami? Is the depth chart scaring defensive back recruits? UF has none right now, that’s pretty unusual. I think the best players don’t worry about the depth chart, maybe I’m wrong. Also I see listed several players that are committed to other schools, like Williams, Cain, Tate, and McCloud. Does UF have a Plan B for the possibility that those guys might mean it when they chose other schools?