Florida Gators alumni talk about the buzz around the program

The buzz around the Florida Gators program right now is at high that hasn’t been around the program in many years now.

A lot of that buzz has to do with what Jim McElwain and his staff are doing on the recruiting trail at this time but also with what he has built the program up to be.

That buzz around the program has seen season tickets rise this year and also has been something that Jim McElwain has noticed in his locker room.

“ I don’t get an opportunity to feel the buzz, except there is a great buzz in our  locker room,” McElwain said . And [with} our team and right now. That’s a good deal.”

With the Gators in fall camp right now, GatorCountry.com talked to several former Florida Gators players who are around the program a lot to get their take on Florida and where the Gators are at right now.

Check out our quote board as former Gators talk about the program and Jim McElwain.


Former Florida Gators linebacker Fee Bartley:

“What Mac has done with this roster is nuts. He took an unbalanced mess and right sized it in three years. Something midline [Will Muschamp] couldn’t ever accomplish,” Fee Bartley. “Guess when you put your money where your mouth is, it tends to work out for you. There have been bumps in the road but the essence of his vision of ‘the program’ is firmly in place. We keep to the uniqueness that is Florida and not emulating the Alabama’s of the world and we should be back on track for winning championships.”


Former Florida Gators receiver Jacquez Green:

“I always thought he was a good head coach,” Jacquez Green said. “I think he has done a great job of providing a quality support system around himself with guys who can recruiting and coach, which is rare. He also has guys who understand the state of Florida and have great ties to the high school coaches.”


Former Florida Gators kicker Judd Davis

“I think it was only a matter of time before the recruiting really kicked into high gear under Coach Mac,” Judd Davis said. “And over the last several weeks you can feel the momentum taking off. His third year at Colorado State was very similar, in that, it was when he took that program to another level as well.


“One of the current players I’ve spoken to was telling me how he was committed to another big name program and that he flipped to Florida completely because of the relationship he later built with Coach,” Judd Davis said. The athletes, and the their parents are really starting to buy into the program’s future under his watch.”

“Now in his third year he has finally assembled the right personnel around him that truly know how to relate to the athletes on their level and make them want to come be a part of the Gator family,” Judd Davis said. “All the formers I’ve talked to are pretty excited for what’s ahead under Coach Mac.”


Former Florida Gators tight end Ben Troupe

“Coach Mac has a nack for appealing to these players and his energy enthusiasm and body of work is infectious to these recruits,” Ben Troupe said. “Mac has the IT factor and he loves his players. The future and current players see the vision, believe in the vision and want to be part of the legacy that Mac is building. Florida is coming on its way back to dominance and Mac is the reason why.”


Former Florida Gators cornerback Keiwan Ratliff

“Coach Mac is recruiting out of his mind right now,” Keiwan Ratliff said. “Typically we are a late December/January recruiting team even through the [Urban] Meyer years. To see the guy he has on board early is a sign of the things he has for the future. The hardest part for this staff is going to be how they can these guys together throughout the next six months.”

“The program is definitely headed in the right direction recruiting wise but winning ball games on Saturday’s is what will keep us rolling.”


Former Florida Gators receiver Lorenzo Spikes

“Coach Mac is turning the Gator Nation football program around in a hurry the right way. He’s welcoming all former Gators back with open arms.”

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