Florida Gators add veteran offensive lineman Mason Halter

The Florida Gators added a much-needed player when Mason Halter, a 6-8 offensive lineman from Fordham University, announced on Twitter that he would be attending the University of Florida as a graduate transfer, eligible immediately in 2015.

“On the 23rd of June I will be heading down to the University of Florida to start my Masters degree and fulfill my last year of eligibility playing as a Gator,” Halter wrote on his Instagram. “Can’t thank the Fordham coaching staff and all my teammates over the years for molding me into the player I am today! Can’t wait to get down to Florida and start grinding with the team.”

Halter is originally from Hinckley, Ohio where he lettered in football, basketball and baseball at St. Ignatius High School before going to Fordham.

Halter was a two-time FCS All-American and a three-year starter for the Rams. He played left tackle at Fordham but with sophomore David Sharpe at left tackle; expect the Gators to look at Halter to replace Rod Johnson at right tackle this season.

The Gators exited spring practice with just six healthy offensive linemen after Rod Johnson’s injury. Freshman Tyler Jordan has already enrolled on campus and is working out with the team and senior Trip Thurman should be healthy for this fall, but getting a player with experience, who could potentially step in right away and play is huge for Coach Jim McElwain and the Florida Gators football program.

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Nick de la Torre
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  1. Idk what you guys are talking about.. do you really believe that a 6-8 300 pound lineman with 3 years starting experience, who hapens to be a 2 time all-american can’t hold his own on our line? A line that will be riddled with true freshman this year. Stop being so negative. Even at the FCS level it takes TALENT to be an all-american. Look for this guy to anchor the right side this year.

    Glad to have Mason on our team and I can’t wait to see him on the field.

    • SKYFLAME asks the right question. Having graduated from Fordham this guy wanted to enter the college version of free-agency. The guy would then contact various Power Conference school to test the level of interest. Apparently Old Dominion was the only school interested enough to make an offer. QUESTION: Why was no successful, major program interested in the guy? Can you picture this guy going against an LSU defensive linemen? May a humbly and in a non-negative mindset suggest that that there may be a significant difference in talent between LSU, Georgia and FSU and Fordham and even that national powerhouse, Old Dominion. Unbelievable!!

  2. Funny how you guys don’t post on the member forums…I speculate you’re trolls. Whether you are or not…we need bodies now for depth. If we could get all-american Division 1 transfers we would take them. However, with the holes we have to fill with the incoming freshmen talent coming in the fall. Its just a matter of having a big warm body to throw in the way of an SEC defender…Sure they will make quick work of some of our guys. However, Mac is a lot smarter than you idiots, and will scheme and develop these guys into SERVICEABLE OL men. Right now… we got smoke! He’s providing the mirrors…and the rest is abra cadabra! Now you don’t see them…now you do. No one believes these guys are going to kill it on the OL. You’re a fool to think we all do. Expectaions are not overboard my any means when it comes to who and what we got for an OL platoon. BTW, who have you recruited to UF? I thought so! Shut up!

    • A Suggestion to DPGATOR (sic): Please attempt to exhibit a degree of maturity. Everyone who does not agree with you—may not be an ‘idiot’, or a ‘fool’. Perhaps you might consider this. Rather than personally attack anyone who disagrees with you and resort to things like ‘you idiot’, ‘you fool’, ‘you troll’, ‘get off my site’, ‘Shut up’, try this. Simply write: I disagree with you for the following substantive reasons. In other words, address the issue on the merits rather than simply attack the intellect or character of the one with which you disagree. It might increase your credibility with others who visit this site. And, it may even make you feel better. Give it a try!!

    • DPGator, it’s a known fact that Landport and Skyflake are the resident trolls on this Gator board (probably FSU ones). Just ignore everything they post, because it’s always negative and it’s always biased.