Florida Gator Recruiting Mailbag

Q.) Will Lane and Adams play for the Good Guys?

A.)At this time, I think Ermon Lane and Jamal Adams will both choose Florida.

Q.) How do we look with Lane? I feel he is the key to this class after Grier. If he still visits to FNL, how do we look? Would he commit soon?

A.)Right now Florida is in good shape with Ermon Lane. Florida would really like for him to commit in August like he had planned.

Q.) Which defensive end prospects do you feel has a very strong interest in the Gators?

A.) Lorenzo Carter just named Florida his leader but there is a long ways to go with him. Trent Harris has Florida as his leader and the Gators look good for Justus Reed as well.

Q.) Has Racean Thomas been in contact with the staff or gotten his offer yet? When he does, how hard will the staff pursue him and will he come to FNL?

A.) Brian White is on vacation this week, so the contact should happen next week. Thomas is unsure if he was going to visit for FNL or not. The Gators have definitely turned up the heat on Thomas.

Q.) Do we take a 3rd DT? And if so, preferably one from JUCO or HS?

A.) I don’t believe the staff wants a third defensive tackle.

Q.) At FNL, we always get one or two commits, and a few silents… Do you expect anything different this year?

A.) I think the same will happen this year.

Q.) How much talent do you expect to be at FNL this year? Sounds like a lot of high profile guys could be in attendance.

A.) A ton of top talent is expected in. This could be the biggest FNL in the Will Muschamp era.

Q.) Has there been any impact on recruiting from all the negative PR about Aaron Hernandez?

A.) None that I have heard of. I honestly don’t think you will hear much because it’s Muschamp’s team now, not Meyer’s.

Q.) Do you think there is an unreasonable number of 4-star recruits in the Panhandle? (7 per ESPN rankings)

A.) Somewhat, yes, but I haven’t seen all of them play, so I can’t judge every one of them.

Q.) Are we slipping away with Trent Harris and Richard Yeargin? At one point the two seemed to be part of this class and now Harris might be a Cane and Yeargin might chose ND.

A.) Florida isn’t slipping away for Harris but the question is, does he decide soon enough that he will be allowed to commit, or does a guy like Justus Reed beat him in the class? With Yeargin, I think Notre Dame leads for him right now.

Q.) Can Justus Reed commit if he wanted to?

A.) Yep

Q.) Have things changed with Q. Wilson? Do you think he now might be part of this class?

A.) I think he could be, yes, but I’m still not sold that he will be.

Q.) Has Rudolph moved on from becoming a Gator? A lot of chatter that he is seriously considering Auburn, Alabama and Ohio State.

A.) He is considering more schools now but Florida is still right in the thick of things. His visit for FNL is a huge step for him.

Q.) Who do you think will be the LBs in this class? Garret seems like an LSU lock, McMillian looks like he will chose Ohio State and now Miller is starting to show a lot of interest to UGA.

A.) Honestly, this is the most difficult position to predict. I think Florida is moving up for Raekwon McMillan but is it enough? Right now, I’m not sure. One guy to keep an eye on if he visits is Nyles Morgan.

Q.) If Williams and A. Jackson don’t visit for FNL, do you think they still may be in this class?

A.) No, simply because prospects usually don’t choose a school based on just one visit. I think both need to make multiple visits to Florida.

Q.) Do you think Ben Knox will remain in this class? There is chatter that he won’t attend FNL.

A.) Yes, I do. He says that he plans to visit for FNL.

Q.) How does the OL board currently look like?

A.) Isaiah Wynn and David Sharpe are the top two targets right now, followed by Demtrious Knox.

Q.) Do you think there will be a 2nd TE in this class? If so, who will it be?

A.) Deondre Clark is the top remaining prospect at the tight end board. Right now, I think one tight end may be all in this class.

Q.) What’s the latest with Davonte Lambert? Have the coaches backed off?

A.) The coaches haven’t completely backed off, but they haven’t been recruiting him as hard. He plans to still take a few more visits before deciding, including a weekend trip to Georgia.

Q.) I feel strong about the OL Knox from Texas, as well as the Texas DB Adams. How you feeling there?

A.) With Adams, I think he and Florida are in good shape. With Knox, let’s see if he visits for FNL.

Q.) Who do you think we end up with along the defensive line and BUCK positions as of today?

A.) Justus Reed, Lorenzo Carter, Khairi Clark, Anthony Moten, Taven Bryan and one more defensive end.

Q.) Is it too early to get a mock class from either Andrew or Nick?

A.) Let’s get past FNL first, then we’ll get to that.

Q.) Still leading for L. Carter?

A.) Yes

Q.) Will I get an offer this year? I have been waiting 20 years and still have not received one.

A.) I, Andrew Spivey, am extending you a NON-Committable offer.

Q.) Miami still believes they can flip Moten and it has been reported in the Miami Herald that he is listening. What are your thoughts on Moten sticking with UF?

A.)I think he sticks with Florida, especially after he visits.

Q.) Will there be any flurries of commitments in the near future, or are we looking at mostly late in the process?

A.) FNL and early August you could see a few guys commit.

Q.) Should we be concerned about Paul taking more visits when he said he was done after committing to UF?

A.) Honestly, you shouldn’t even really consider him a commitment at this time. He has a lot of work to do to be in this class.

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