Departing seniors think Gators can win National Championship

Newly minted five-star defensive tackle is quickly becoming a fan favorite and he hasn’t even enrolled at the University of Florida.

Dexter has been a vocal member of the recruiting class, actively talking to other prospects and trying to get them to join him in Gainesville. Dexter has been a successful recruiter, which probably led to this tweet.

“We going to the White House next year,” Gervon tweeted.

Dexter’s tweet was sent the same day that LSU was at the White House being recognized for winning the 2019 National Championship, so it was clearly at the forefront of the news cycle but one former Gator thinks it’s more than just a signee seeing something and tweeting.

“That shows you the type of competitive nature they have coming in and the competitive mindset that Coach Mullen looks for in these players,” Jon Greenard told Gator Country.

Florida’s recruiting class is far from done but Greenard’s point holds true through most of the class and for the type of player Florida is looking for. The Gators’ coaching staff doesn’t sugarcoat things in the recruiting process. The only thing promised is that you’ll be hearing Nick Savage’s whistle before the sun rises as you get to work. There’s a certain type of mentality that Florida is building, one that is necessary to create a championship program and we see that now in Florida’s recruiting tactics.

Florida has won 21 games in two years with Dan Mullen. That’s an incredible feat but, and Mullen will be the first to tell you this, they’ve fallen short of their goals. New Years Six Bowl games are great and getting to double-digit wins in a season is not an easy accomplishment but Mullen wants the standard to be championships and Florida hasn’t gotten there, yet, but could soon.

“The ceiling is so high, they don’t even have a ceiling,” Greenard said. “They have a lot of guys coming back. I’m at a loss for words with the amount of talent they have in that room. I’m excited to see what they can do because I know they’re going to do better than what we did. They’re going to do their thing.”

Tyrie Cleveland one-upped Greenard going all-in on his prediction.

I see them coming out the East this year undefeated,” he told Gator Country.

Van Jefferson echoed that, too.

“I think it’s possible, I think it’s really possible,” Jefferson said when asked if Florida could win the National Championship in 2020. “I think they’ve got all the pieces and the schedule works out well for them. I feel like if they can just stay on track and keep that up they’ll be fine.”

Ultimately that story remains to be written. The Gators are losing a lot of talent and production but getting guys like Trevon Grimes, Marco Wilson and Kadarius Toney back for their senior seasons is a great start. It goes back to the mindset that Florida is establishing and the process in which they are trying to establish it.

“They do it the right way and anytime you do things the right way it’s going to show in the long run. They don’t cut corners and they’re not going to let you cut corners. They’re very attentive to details and that makes sure you understand everything.”

Dexter’s tweet raised some eyebrows but the departing seniors, the guys who really know the ins and outs of the program don’t seem to think Dexter’s confidence is unfounded, rather prophetic.

Nick de la Torre
A South Florida native, Nick developed a passion for all things sports at a very young age. His love for baseball was solidified when he saw Al Leiter’s no-hitter for the Marlins live in May of 1996. He was able to play baseball in college but quickly realized there isn’t much of a market for short, slow outfielders that hit around the Mendoza line. Wanting to continue with sports in some capacity he studied journalism at the University of Central Florida. Nick got his first start in the business as an intern for a website covering all things related to the NFL draft before spending two seasons covering the Florida football team at Bleacher Report. That job led him to GatorCountry. When he isn’t covering Gator sports, Nick enjoys hitting way too many shots on the golf course, attempting to keep up with his favorite t.v. shows and watching the Heat, Dolphins and Marlins. Follow him on twitter @NickdelatorreGC