Ask the quarterback

1. Do QBs become frustrated when they’re not asked to throw much, even if the team is winning games with a run-dominated offense? — robbers 

A quarterback that is a good passer would become frustrated if he is not allowed to pass.  Most likely the coach would recognize his talent and implement a passing game.  When Doug Dickey came Florida he liked a split back veer option offense. When he realized our talent type he switched to a pro style offense. He called colleagues in the pros and picked up some pass plays that we used and helped us move the ball better.

2. If we could emulate the offense of any FBS team in the country who would you like to see us resemble and why? — chiefnsbfd

I like a multiple offense that utilizes multiple sets, formations and motion. I like Texas A&M’s offense for one.  I also like the read option out of shotgun. Texas Tech and Baylor have nice offenses. In the SEC, there are several teams with good offenses.  South Carolina and Alabama are doing very well.

3. If Pease is not retained as OC, who would you recommend? What other changes would you make to the current coaching staff? — gatormike51 

I think my son-in-law Lane Kiffin would be a good fit. Plus Layla (his wife) went to Florida. He is a good offensive coordinator and play caller. Believe it or not he has a better winning percentage as a head coach than 90% of the coaches who have a job today.

4. Having played the position and been a Coach, when it comes to recruiting what do you look for in a potential college QB? — g8orbill 

I look for a quarterback that can do it all: be a winner, leader, good student and citizen, a credit to our university. I would also like one that can run and throw.  If I were a QB in the US right now I would be begging to go to Florida with the QB situation we have there right now and the potential to win championships.

5. Coach Reaves, you are Coach Muschamp. What is your strategy with the current recruiting staff? — rockledgegator

We have 18 commitments already.  All but three are linemen, linebackers and cornerbacks.  I would load up with skill position players: two quarterbacks, two running backs, four wide receivers and two tight ends.

6. Do you think Pease would be better served coaching from the field rather than the box this week, seeing that most of his starters are second and third stringers? I would think those guys are more in need of hand-holding and direct encouragement, and there’s got to be someone he trusts to watch from above. But I’ve never been a coach! What do you think? — orvillegator 

I personally liked coaching from the field. I could see a lot better and also you can meet with your position players and offense when needed.  Sometimes coaches switch from press box to field during the course of a season to change things up or because they think they need to do more coaching up as the game goes on.

7. Have you had the opportunity to assess Kerwin Bell’s offense at JU and if so what do you think of his offensive philosophy? Do you think it will work at UF or in the SEC? — chiefnsbfd 

No, I haven’t seen Kerwin’s offense at JU and haven’t kept up with it.  Kerwin was a graduate assistant at UF our first year in 1990.  I thought he showed potential to be a good coach then.

8. Do you think coach Muschamp is capable of changing his philosophy about offense? My opinion is he will not survive next year without a dramatic improvement on the offensive side. If you think he is unable to change, then how can Foley bring him back next year? — ufgator865

I think Coach Muschamp will change his philosophy on offense next year and will find a coach to implement and coach a great style.  We have the potential so let’s get it done.

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John Reaves
When he finished his University of Florida playing career in 1971, John Reaves was the most prolific passer in the history of college football. He threw for 7,581 yards in his UF career but he's best remembered for the 70-yard touchdown pass to Carlos Alvarez on the third play of his collegiate career against Houston in 1969. A first team All-American, Reaves played in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles, Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Bucs, plus three years in the USFL with the Tampa Bay Bandits. He was the quarterback coach at Florida from 1990-94. He's also the father-in-law of former USC coach Lane Kiffin.


  1. I forgot to mention Clay Helton as potential OC. Son of Kim Helton who was the Center on our 1969 team and a good coach himself. Clay was hired at USC by my son in law Lane Kiffin and he has developed into an excellent OC and Play Caller.
    I drove by his neighborhood in LA when I was out there last year at a game and he lives right off the Pacific Ocean with an unbelievable view. USC pays very well too. So I don’t know if you can wrench him away from Hollywood.