Under Armour game not just about football

LAKE BUENA VISTA– The Under Armour All-American game is mainly about football and competing but on Wednesday the All-Americans traded in their cleats for tools to help build bikes for 50 boys.

All-Americans partnered with the Orange County Sheriff office to help build bikes for 50 boys from the Orlando and Tampa Bay communities in Orlando, Florida.

To begin the event each boy was partnered with two All-Americans to help build a bike that just came out of the box which followed by a safety check and a lap around the indoor obstacle course.

Football is easy for the athletes but building a bike is a different story as many of the players’ had a hard time with the bike building and this was a first for most of these guys.

“I have never built a bike before,” linebacker Dillon Bates said. “I had to read the instructions and look at some of the other team’s bike.”

Bates wasn’t the only player that had issues.

“I have no idea when the last time I have built a bike,” Lorenzo Carter said. “I love bikes though so it was pretty fun to build one. I may just have to major in bike building.”

Following the obstacle course each team was taken to the side where their picture was taken by the Under Armour representatives.

For the players this is a time to give back to the youth and really just put a smile on someone’s face while also getting away from football for a few hours.

“It’s awesome to be here and relaxed with the kids,” Bates said. “It’s nice to see them really smile about getting a new bike. It’s really fun and it’s great to give back to the community.

“It’s really good to give back to the kids,” Carter said. “I remember when I was a little kid and I was glad to get a bike by then. “

“To help someone else is great,” Adoree Jackson said. “It was good to have fun and see them just run around like little kids. I like to make people smile.”

While the players enjoyed the time spent with the kids some of the boys walked away with their first bike according to one player.

“It was great to give back to the community and see the smile on their faces,” Quincy Wilson said. “The boy I was working with said this was his first bike he had ever gotten.”

The boys were still elementary age kids and they definitely enjoyed their time spent with the Under Armour All-Americans.

Players noticed the excitement that they brought to the kids but also took the responsibility of being a role model by giving them advice. Carter gave an example of the type of advice he gave them.

“To eat their vegetables and stuff because right now we are role models and they look up to us and do what we do,” Carter said.

Each boy left the event with a new bike, a helmet, some Under Armour gear as well as an invitation to the Under Armour All-American game on Thursday in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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