Analysis of every Feleipe Franks throw, read, and scramble against Florida State

The game against Florida State is in the running for the best Feleipe Franks has played in college. He still had his issues here and there, but for the most part, he was sharp and decisive. This was a vision of the best of what Franks can be in orange and blue.

To illustrate the point, I’m going to grade every throw, read, and scramble he made in the game. Yes, that means this is going to be a long one, so there’s no point in using up any more space on an introduction except to say that designed QB runs won’t appear here since he didn’t have a decision to make on such plays.

Each play will get a score between 2 and -2, depending on how good of a play it was. I tried to save the -2 and +2 scores for the truly standout plays, so there aren’t many of them.

First Drive

Play 1: Zone read. Franks is reading the unblocked end, No. 11 Janarius Robinson. Robinson hangs back, so Franks gives it to Jordan Scarlett. Score: +1.

Play 3: Short out to Lewis. Terrible play. He locks onto C’yontai Lewis from the start and makes an inaccurate throw into double coverage. Had it been on target, it might’ve been a pick-six. Score: -2.

Second Drive

Play 1: Short curl to Lewis. This appears to be something of a rhythm throw, one where he’s supposed to throw to Lewis if he’s open. He was open, so they get a short gain. Score: 0.

Play 2: Short out to Toney. This might be an RPO where Franks is reading the guy lined up against Kadarius Toney. If so, the pass was the right move because Toney’s guy blitzes and the safety is late rotating over. Franks uses a pump fake to keep the blitzer from batting the throw down. Score: +1.

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David Wunderlich
David Wunderlich is a born-and-raised Gator and a proud Florida alum. He has been writing about Florida and SEC football since 2006. He currently lives in Naples Italy, at least until the Navy stations his wife elsewhere. You can follow him on Twitter @Year2