A Change of Plans for Binjimen Victor

Binjimen Victor wasn’t quite as ready as he thought he would be.

He had a date set, a list of four schools in mind and seemed to be all ready to make a commitment as to where he would play college football.

But as the date drew closer and closer, Victor (6’4”, 176 lbs.) a 2016 wide receiver recruit out of Coconut Creek, realized he needed some more data before making his most important decision yet.

“I was gonna commit on June 22 but I decided to wait and see what everybody has to bring to the table,” Victor recently told GatorCountry.com

“So I waited and I talked to my family about it and that’s the best thing to do.”

Now he has seven to eight months to take in everything he might need to know before making his ultimate decision.

Victor says he will either commit in January at the Army All-American game or just wait until the beginning of February for National Signing Day.

During that time he will take all five of his official visits as well as a string of unofficial visits.

At least four schools getting those visits (official and unofficial) are the ones that were on the original list Victor had whittled his choices down too.

“Tennessee, Ohio State, Florida and Georgia,” he revealed, also adding that the list was a random order and not indicative of how he had them ranked.

Now though, he’s ready to see how he could fit in at different schools before making a choice.

“Now it’s just wide open, [I’ll] give everybody a chance to recruit me.”

Still making a push for Victor are the Florida Gators and his main recruiter, wide receiver coach Kerry Dixon.

“Come make an impact and be apart of the team, be a Gator, come play”, is the message Victor says Florida is giving him.

“Basically Coach Dixon say whenever I’m ready, just tell him, so just come be a Gator basically.”

Through Junior Day and an unofficial visit, Victor has already gotten a chance to see at least a snapshot of what being a Gator would be like.

“I saw the type of offense they run and what they do. I saw more around campus and I saw all the facilities and I got to meet most of the coaches,” Victor expounded.

The offense that head coach Jim McElwain sets up will be crucial as the lack of wide receiver production has been lacking in recent years. The Gators ended the 2014 season ranked 104th in passing in the nation with only 179.9 yards per game.

“It’s scary because they haven’t had a decent, they had a good receiver but they haven’t had like a good receiver core, but at the same time it’s also good because they have a couple of 2016 commits that can make an impact for them. So basically anywhere I go, I can come in and compete and get me a spot.”

Whether or not Victor will be one of those 2016 commit’s remains to be seen, at least for several more months, but when considering the Florida Gators football team, he has important factors to take into account.

“I see myself fitting in because it’s home basically so…it’s not all about fitting in, its just coming in and basically playing time and what me and my family decides to do.”

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