SPRING: Five Questions with Markus Manson

One of the interesting stories this spring has been the transformation of Markus Manson. Making the transformation from running back to cornerback will be tough, but with the athleticism he possesses, it gives him a chance to get on the field much quicker. Manson talks about the change and how well he is adapting.

Q: “Are you strictly at cornerback this season? Who’s been helping you out there?”

A: “Corner this year. I’m there for the spring. The defense is easy; there are just some things I need to work on. Markihe (Anderson) has been the best out here so far and has shown me a lot so far. But no doubt, I want to win a starting job.”

Q: “Have you ever played on the defensive side of the ball?”

A: “I played a little in high school, but not like this. It gives me a chance to get out there and just run. Now I just have to work on my technique and hopefully get this thing down.”

Q: “How did the change from running back to cornerback come about?”

A: “Well, Coach Strong came to me and said give corner a spot because running back wasn’t working out. I realized that running back just wasn’t working out and that I had nothing to lose, so I just decided to give it a shot. I’m just really eager to get on the field.”

Q: “What receivers are looking the toughest to you right now?”

A: “Bubba and Percy are tough now. If I go against them everyday, I’ll get better. They’re the best in the nation right now. They’ve burnt me quite a few times already, but it’s still early.

Q: “Is there a sense of disappointment about changing positions?”

A: “I mean there might be a little bit, just because I’ve been a running back my whole life, but right now I’m just eager to get on the field. If cornerback is that position that does it for me, then I’m more than fine with that.”