SPRING: Five Questions with Dustin Doe

With a practically barren depth chart at the linebacker position this spring, staying healthy is one of the coach’s biggest concerns. One of the two returning players to the position, Dustin Doe, is poised to have a huge year. After getting some playing time in his true freshman year, Doe proved himself as an aggressive linebacker who is not afraid to hit anyone.

Dustin took some time with us after practice to talk about his responsibility after last year’s defense is gone, as well as how good the current defense actually can be.

Q: “How have your spring practices been?”

A: “It’s been good. It’s the first time I practiced in the spring since my junior year of high school so I’m glad to be out here and get to run around a little. We’re trying to form a little chemistry with the defense and hopefully pick up where the defense from last year left off.

Q: “What is it like to see the impact of Brandon Siler and Earl Everett on this program, and now see that you are expected to come in and replace them?”

A: “It’s a responsibility. We learned a lot from them and that was part of our experience last year. We feel like we owe it to them and the team from last year to step up to the plate and not skip a beat.

Q: “Coach Meyer said that Brandon Spikes is the vocal leader of this defense. What is it like to play next to him?”

A: “He’s really outgoing and vocal. But sometimes he may have an off day so I have to get up in his ear, so it works both ways. I’m not really a vocal guy out there, but its great playing with him because we need that on defense.”

Q: “How good do you think that this defense can be?”

A: “It can be as good as we want. There’s a lot of speed and athletic ability out on this side of the ball. We’re obviously very inexperienced, but as I’ve seen so far this spring, we’re very hungry and we want to get better.”

Q: “What are your personal goals for this spring?”

A: “Get as good as possible. I don’t ever want to be at a point where I’m not getting better. I want to keep getting faster and stronger than I already am. I want to come in and learn the ins and outs of this defense, and grow mentally as a linebacker in this system.”