SPRING: Five Questions with Carlton Medder

As it was at the end of the season, the offensive line still looks to be a major strength of the Florida Gators. Meyer even went as far as to say he would be very disappointed if this area of the team did not have a great spring. Returning starter and senior Carlton Medder took some time to talk about next year’s offensive line and the some of the newcomers to the mix.

Q: “How has the spring been so far?”

A: “It’s good, we’re a little rusty. We’re still in the process of getting it backed cranked up all the way, but it’s a lot of fun.”

Q: “Does the offensive line still have the same chemistry it did at the end of last year?”

A: “Yeah it’s there. I don’t think we lose anything with the starters by adding Ronnie Wilson. There’s no doubt we’re only going to get better as a unit.”

Q: “What about the addition of the Pouncey twins to the offensive line?”

A: “I love them. They’ve got a great work ethic and they’re already really strong for people supposed to be in high school. All we’ve got to do is get the offensive system into their head and they’ll be good to go.

Q: “Who has taken over as the leader of the line now that Steve Rissler graduated?”

A: “Traut (Phil Trautwein), Drew (Miller), and myself are really trying to step it up as the three seniors. We’ve been sharing it. We’ve got Tebow as our offensive system right now, and he’s pushing all of us to get better. We’re really excited to help out all these young guys.”

Q: “What do you hope to accomplish this spring?”

A: “I just want to get these young guys right. We need these freshmen to grow up right now and help us during the season.