SPRING: Five Questions with Cam Newton

Cam Newton took the practice field knowing that this could be his time to shine. His first time donning the Orange and Blue was a learning experience, ones with its highs and lows. The stud freshman quarterback took some time to talk after practice, addressing his performance and his ability to pick up the offense.

Q: “How was spring practice?”

A: “It was good. I’m trying to get used to the pace of the practices at this level, but I had a lot of fun out here today. Obviously a little nervous, but I was good by the end.”

Q: “How do you feel about the competition at the quarterback spot?”

A: “It’s intense right now. We all want to just come out here and show what we can do. It’s been great with Tim (Tebow). He’s been very helpful. He helped me out a lot today; just clearing up some little things in the offense.”

Q: “How well have you been picking up the offense?”

A: “Well, it’s coming along. I think it will come with more repetition and more practice.”

Q: “With one of this team’s strongest positions being at wide receiver, how much does that help you as a quarterback in a new system?”

A: “It’s huge. Having guys with experience who know what routes to run and know what they’re doing in this offense is a big help to the quarterbacks.

Q: “What do you want to accomplish this spring?”

A: “I just want to come in and prove what I can do. This is just a learning time for me to come in and see the offense and where I fit into it. It’s good to come in early and get close with all the guys and see where I fit.”