Rain cancels UF women’s tennis

The University of Florida women’s tennis team’s match against the 13th-ranked North Carolina Tar Heels was cancelled due to rain.

The Gators and Tar Heels tried to squeeze the match in after the crew dried up the court from the rain this morning. The start was delayed for almost an hour and a half. They got in two of the three doubles matches when the rain started again.

The only thing colder than the weather was the ice in the veins of Lauren Embree and Sofie Oyen. Embree and Oyen shut out Zoe De Bruycker and Caroline Price, 8-0. Joanna Mather and Caroline Hitimana fell to Haley Hemm and Tessa Lyons, 8-2. North Carolina’s Shinann Featherston and Lauren McHale had just taken a 8-7 lead in the back and forth match against Allie Will and Alex Cercone when the court became saturated.

The Gators will head back to the court on Wednesday against in-state rival and 22nd-ranked Florida State at 5 p.m. The Gators will look to continue their current 98-game home winning streak at Linder Stadium at Ring Tennis Complex.


1. Shinann Featherston/Lauren McHale (24), UNC led Allie Will/Alexandra Cercone, UF, DNF 8-7

2. Lauren Embree/Sofie Oyen, UF d. Zoe De Bruycker/Caroline Price, UNC, 8-0

3. Haley Hemm/Tessa Lyons, UNC d. Joanna Mather /Caroline Hitimana, UF, 8-2

Gator Country reporter Sara Ladwig can be reached at sladwig@gatorcountry.com