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The Florida Gators will show us who they are

The Gators will show us who they are this week when they travel to take on Missouri.

Chris Johnson Passes Away At 22

Editors Note: This post has been updated from it's original posting with information from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Former Florida Gators football player Chris Johnson was found...

Kirk Callahan extending his gator legacy

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree for Kirk Callahan.A childhood that saw him spend years as the ball boy for his...

Thoughts of the day: April 6, 2014

Losing on a day when the Gators didn't have their A-game is a tough way to end the year.

Thoughts of the day: January 17, 2014

The era of college athletes getting paid to play will probably begin very, very soon.

Size doesn’t matter

Cody Riggs has learned from several safeties on how to make up for his size disadvantage.

The legend of Loucheiz

The legend of Loucheiz Purifoy had plenty of twists and turns during the 2013 season.