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Mar 27, 1943 (Age: 73)
Lakeland, Florida USA.
Retired - 32 Years with Northwest Orient Airlines

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GC Hall of Fame, Male, 73, from Lakeland, Florida USA.

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    1. mulegator
      Hey Ray .. can you fix my sec post please ?? Eliminate the entry without the poll ?? Thanks amigo.
    2. hocgators
      As many know on the forums, I work with the Florida Men's Tennis Team. I had posted information about the team on the all sports forum. Now that the all sports forum is no longer available, I assume the best place for me to post is in swamp gas?
    3. arun
    4. mikehev
      Hi Ray,

      Any chance SUG makes it back? I saw my earlier post removed with the same question, so realized you did not want to discuss in a forum.

      Why was he booted?

      I was a subscriber from 05-08 I believe. I really appreciated what SUG did, but want to get your side of the story before jumping to any conclusions.

      Thanks man.

      In Christ,
      John 3:16
    5. hbgator
      Delrio refuses to try a long FG just before the half with 15 seconds left.

      Brown had no Time outs left. Delrio Punts!

      Jags lose game at the two yard line of the Browns trying to score a TD. 14-10

      Delrio did not even give them a chance.
    6. GoGator
      Do we get the football mag this year. I thought this was a well done piece--with pics and bios of the players. Thanks.

      dan aka go gator
    7. ecogator
      Thanks so much Ray for your kind message and for being a good person. The scripture was very appropriate. Go Gators!
    8. Tebowism0823
      Hello Ray,

      I would like to take some time to thank you for all your nice and informational posts. People like you make it enjoyable to be a part of this site. Thanks!
      Hey Ray, do you happen to be the gentleman that I met at a Lakeland Christian football game a month or so ago? I was behind you...short, stocky, bald, with a goatee? I just came back on after coach Muschamp was hired and remembered you telling me that you were a member here, thought I would say hi
    10. imagatorholic
      Ray: I still don't understand this ESPN stuff. Is the Troy game going to be televised? If so, where? Sun Sports is showing the Iowa/Iowas State game at noon.

      I know you always post information on upcoming games, but last week I looked for it but couldn't find it. What forum do you post it in, and what day of the week do you usually put it in print?

      With regard to last weeks screw-up I have e-mailed Direct TV and Sun Sports. I got an answer today from Fox Sports "Ask Us", but it was no real answer, so I have sent a follow-up e-mail to them. Will let you know if I ever find out anything.

      Thanks for your help.

    11. G8rdad
      Thanks Ray...hope I didn't sound like I was doubting you...as always, you're a great source of info.

    12. mrsdunbar
      Nice picture Im new to the forum but, Im a long time gator fan so I know ill fit right in. Maybe as I go along Ill figure the whole thing out . I guess all thats left to say is GO GATOR!
    13. alreegator
    14. slinkygator
      Game day mojo!

    15. vanders
      thanks for all you do on the boards to make them fun

      Go Gators
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    Tuesday, February 28, 2017.
    Gator Football Spring Practice Begins.

    Friday Night, April 7th. Time TBA.
    ORANGE and BLUE Spring Debut! :)

    "Put me in Coach! I'm ready!" :)
    "I don't know too much about football. I just kick the ball and it goes in." :)
    - K Eddy Pineiro.
    * 2016 Orange and Blue Spring Football Game. * :)

    + God Bless Everyone on Here. +


    Mar 27, 1943 (Age: 73)
    Lakeland, Florida USA.
    Retired - 32 Years with Northwest Orient Airlines
    Born in Mason City, Iowa. Grew up in Miami. Attended UF. member of Gator Band and TKE.