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  1. Folks, some of you have asked if we were trimming our forums since there are no sports at the moment. We’re going to keep everything open on the forums to provide a sense of normalcy here. It’s our hope Gator Country can be a place of comfort for you during these crazy times. Be safe my friends and take care. -Ray and the GC staff. GO GATORS IN AL KINDS OF WEATHER!

    PS. If you happen to find yourself in tight financial circumstances with regards to renewing here please reach out to us. We’d be happy to help sort it out.
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Apr 4, 2020 at 6:24 AM
Apr 3, 2007
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Mar 27, 1943 (Age: 77)
Lakeland, Florida USA.
Retired - 32 Years with Northwest Orient Airlines


Super Moderator, Male, 77, from Lakeland, Florida USA.

Moderator VIP Member
RayGator was last seen:
Apr 4, 2020 at 6:24 AM
    1. 60gator
      Emory Jones is from LaGrange, Georgia not FL. Thanks for your service.
    2. GatorPrincess8
      Ray, you are in my prayers, God speed.
    3. powers
      How do I delete my account?
    4. RayGator
      Actually, my Cancer was my right Kidney and it was all removed very soon after they found it.
    5. SavageGator
      Ray, you're in my prayers. I too have had prostate cancer for the last 4 years with. I've had two biopsy's. Fortunately it is the slowest growing kind according to extra tests. But has to be watched carefully. I hope yours is over and done with!

      1. solari likes this.
    6. wrpgator
      Hi Ray, Like you, I had prostate cancer. My surgery Aug, 2014. My psa had been rising fast but was caught early. For 3 yrs after I had tests every 6 Mo. Last year doc said "see you in a year".
      With news of Mike Slive's passing due to recurrence, initial diagnosis in '90's, wondering if 6 mo. check up is better. How about you...how often do you get checked out.
      Hope all is well...Thanks! wrp
      1. RayGator
        I have an semi-annual checkup. A couple of weeks a go latest one is OK for no prostate cancer. Still have BPH.
        Jul 8, 2018
        wrpgator likes this.
    7. Tolbert1906
      FWIW, I did warn about the language in that video, in case people are at work or just don't want to hear cursing. I always thought the "Always Be Closing" scene from that movie was great. It has a cult following of its own.
      1. RayGator
        It could be posted on Too Hot. Mods there might be OK with it. Be their decision.
        Nov 25, 2017
    8. wearetheboys
      Based on your experience and perspective, what are your thoughts on the best HBC pick? Got a name? Thanks.
    9. maxgator
      Ray - what gives on locking the callaway tweet/snapchat thread I posted in swamp gas???
    10. MJGator8104
      C'mon Ray. Server problems again during a game? and yet again chat is down?
      1. RayGator
        Having problems too.. Try and contact an Administrator, GatorGrowl
        Nov 5, 2016
    11. pecks
      Ray, you remember Bob Disney? Had a sweet swing, crazy as a run over dog! He's a friend and would like to contact you!
    12. DrKnowledge
      haven't stopped by in a while...just curious....was there a ban on Eason posts? thanks-Craig
    13. SavageGator

      I do not know if anyone is monitoring what diehardgator960608 is posting but it's pretty inflammatory. In the years I've been here I've never reported anyone but this person sure doesn't sound anything like a Gator.

    14. ovillegator
      RAY - Can you help me? I posted a Twitter thing that I thought was funny and used the same heading it had -- was going to put (JOKE) after it but posted it after writing my thoughts at the bottom of the Twitter thing -- apparently has everyone in a tizzy (I get it -- I freaked out when I saw the headline on Twitter). Can you fix title, please? Thank you!
    15. Zepgator
      Ray - how do I report someone that is posting curse words towards me? I'm not asking that he be banned, just contacted.
    16. RayGator
      So far things have been going OK. Have follow-up checkups from time to time to see if there any more Cancer problems.
    17. DawgFanFromAlabam
      Ray - still doing OK?
    18. RayGator
      Everything has been going fine lately. Sometimes hard to believe I actually had Cancer surgery. Looking forward to Christmas.
    19. MtownGator
      Hey man how are you holding up in the midst of everything? I thought i didnt need a thread to check up on you.
      Gator Strong.

    20. DBCooper
      Ray, Hope you are making progress daily. Glad you're back and remembering you in prayer for continued healing.

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    Mar 27, 1943 (Age: 77)
    Lakeland, Florida USA.
    Retired - 32 Years with Northwest Orient Airlines
    Born in Mason City, Iowa. Grew up in Miami. Attended UF 1961-1963 and member of Gator Band and TKE.


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