Who will emerge at the starting tight end

Replacing your top receiver is no easy task but when he is also your top tight end, it becomes even harder.

For Florida the quest to replace tight end Jordan Reed has been a difficult one this spring, as the Gators return four guys with hardly no experience at the position.

Clay Burton, Tevin Westbrook, Kent Taylor and Colin Thompson are all vying for the starting tight end job this year but according to Brent Pease, things aren’t going all so good.

“We have got to get better, get better,” Pease said. “(We are) not good enough right now.”

When asked if anyone was standing out, Pease did single out two players who have caught his eye this spring in practice.

“It’s been nice to have Colin Thompson back,” Pease said. “He’s getting some reps in. Tevin (Westbrook) is starting to do some good things now that he is getting a majority of the reps and really being at the position. He wasn’t with us last spring.”

Pease doesn’t necessarily believe that it’s a fundamental thing or even the mental aspect of the game that is holding back the tight ends.

When asked on Thursday, Clay Burton agreed with Pease that it’s more about getting out on the field and getting reps.

“It’s just a lot of little details,” Burton said. “Just, I don’t even know how to explain it just little details that we need to get better and with the scheme just more time in our playbooks, and then we’ll be alright. It’s experience. More reps on the field and stuff. I think we’re doing pretty well as of now.

Last year Reed had 559 yards receiving on 45 catches and added three touchdowns in Pease’s offense.

Whoever emerges out of the pack as the starting tight end will have a lot of opportunities to shine in the offense.

Pease believes that finding that starting tight  end is very important to the success of this year’s offense.

“It’s very important for someone to emerge,” Pease said. “He’s going to be in a good matchup situation against backers and understanding how he is going to stretch the defense at times. If I’m those guys, I understand and see what happened with Jordan (Reed) and I say I want to be that guy.”

For Pease his message is simple, “they got to step and earn that role,” and Burton believes whoever steps up is going to do a good job.

“I think the best is going is to get the job and do a good job, Burton said. “That’s how it’s going to go.”

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