VETTEL: ‘Tis the Season of Giving

Being how it is that time of year. And considering I bear an embarrassingly strong resemblance to St Nick I figure we need to give out a bunch of Christmas presents for the main players in Gator Nation.

Billy Donovan —– Let’s see, he already has an NCAA Title, great team, great program and fan support. He also has a multi-million dollar contract, a gorgeous wife, beautiful healthy kids… he needs nothing!

Urban Meyer —– He has almost everything Donovan does. So his present is pretty easy to come up with. A strong performance and an all-too-typical narrow win in the BCS Title game.

Chuck Heater —– Well earned recognition as perhaps the best position coach ever to work at UF.

Bobby Bowden —– A graceful exit. When your son gets fired and your longest lasting assistant “retires” to take a job with the boosters your program is a mess. One of the most accomplished coaches in college history should not end his career in such a credibility destroying manner.

Lloyd Carr —– A copy of the Dale Carnegie course on how to make friends and influence people along with a visitor’s guide to Glendale, Arizona.

Chris Peterson —– The first year Boise State coach gets a win over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl so he can stake an inarguable claim to part of the national title. Just like Utah two years ago, the Broncos will have a perfect record if they can win their post-season game.

Lon Kruger —– A win over Bob Knight so “The General” doesn’t get the record-breaking win at his expense. And just to make it a great present, your son Kevin will hit a “three” at the buzzer for the winning points.

Wilbur Marshall —– The next spot in the UF Ring of Heroes. The best defensive player I ever saw in Orange and Blue is noticeable in his absence.

Chris Hetland —– A 51-yard field goal in the final minute to get the win in Glendale. What an ending to a trying season for the Gator kicker.

New York Knicks Fans —– Isaiah Thomas’ head on a platter.

The Goldman and Brown Families —– OJ’s disappearance, permanently.

Carolyn Peck —– As couple of girls taller than me.

Pat McMahon —– A freshman pitcher who steps right in and gives the Gators a quality third starter and an end to Sunday disasters.

Mary Wise —– A gigantic outside hitter to put the fear of God into opponents and put Wise over the top with her first NCAA Championship.

Conference Commissioners —– The spine to establish a legit Division 1-A football playoff that would involve at least eight and no more than 16 teams.

Chris Leak —– One shining, unforgettable moment in Glendale

Jarvis Moss, Bubba Caldwell —– Sound advice that leads to a great senior season.

Billy Donovan —– I finally thought of something! His first outright SEC regular season championship.

All Internet Posters —– The discipline and class not to attack the character and integrity of others simply because they disagree with you.

Gator Country Subscribers —– A great holiday of fun, family and friendship.

Reggie Nelson —– The thoughts and prayers of college football fans in Gator Nation and throughout the nation as well as the strength and peace that can only come from above.