US ARMY: Talent abound for Torrey Davis

It would be difficult to find a deeper unit on either team than the East defensive line. With so much five star talent in one area, it sets up for a battle where defensive linemen can push each other to get better. This is the case with Torrey Davis, as competition from other defensive greats has caused him to step up his talent.

After the first two days of practice, five star defensive tackle Torrey Davis says he has never experienced anything like these practices.

“It was a lot of work,” Davis said. “It’s getting me ready for college football though, so whatever that takes is good.”

At the East practice, there is always one man heard yelling to keep the entire team energized. This also happens to be the same player that most East players mention as their vocal leader this week.

“No doubt about it, it’s Hollywood (Marvin Austin),” said Davis. “He always keeps us energized and working hard.”

The Seffner (FL) prospect is most thankful for the talent he has faced for one main reason. He says it is a very solid way for him to measure himself up with some of the best talent his age in the nation.

“I don’t think anybody who is in this game ever goes against people the same level athletes as themselves,” Davis said. “So now they get to see where they stand in this game.”

One of the more unique opportunities in all star games is the ability commitments of a certain college have to get together and begin to make an impact on their school’s recruiting class. Have the Florida commitments done this?

“Oh yeah. The Gator boys are the ones who are always talking and chilling, so they like to hang out with us,” Davis said. “We’ve been working as a team a lot and not just on football things during practice.”

Of the opportunities to recruit during this week, none present a greater opportunity than the one on one time spent in their hotel rooms. Davis, a Gator commitment, is rooming with one of the best wide receivers on the Gators remaining recruiting board.

“Deonte (Thompson) and I are in the same room. I’m going to get Deonte at UF, that’s for sure. He’s something else,” Davis said.

However it is the demeanor of one of the current signal callers in the Gators recruiting class that Davis has been impressed by the most.

“I’m very happy with Brantley coming to Florida,” Davis said. “He came and met me right when he got here. He came over and he actually knows stuff about me and it isn’t all about himself.

“He isn’t all in the spotlight like some quarterbacks, which I like because I’m kind of a laid back guy too. I really respect that out of him. He’s a good leader.”

With the countdown now under a week for the Florida Gators to possibly win their first national title game in ten years, Gator fans are not the only ones becoming anxious. Davis is looking forward to watching his future team play for the championship, but claims Gator fans will grow more familiar with it in the near future.

“I can’t wait for the national championship, but Gator fans should get ready for a lot more of them, especially if we keep getting all these great class,” Davis said.

“D’Angelo Mccray and I were talking about it today at practice, about who would have the better class. Between Florida and Illinois, I think right now we have the best class for sure.”

If the Gators are to compete for many national championships in the future, one of the key players to lead them there looks to be Chris Rainey. After seeing him some this season and in practice for two days in Texas, Torrey Davis has come away very impressed at what Rainey can do.

“To be honest, I didn’t know Rainey was coming until he walked around a corner Sunday night and shocked me,” Davis said. “He looks so good in practice. He comes over here to Texas and just keeps doing the same stuff he was doing at Lakeland, just making people look stupid.”

Of all the Gators in San Antonio this week, Davis says he and Gator tight end Aaron Hernandez have gotten the closest.

“Aaron is my chico,” Davis joked. “He is really cool. I can’t wait to go to school with him at Florida. We’ve been hanging out a lot this week so far. We’re going to be really close at Florida”

When Davis first committed to the Gators, it seemed as if questions would loom over him about whether or not Florida State would be able to steal him by Signing Day. Now that those rumors are gone thanks to an abysmal season in Tallahassee, the rumors are now concerned with Torrey Davis qualifying to make an impact in Gainesville next season.

“I’m real close to it. I haven’t gotten my new GPA yet, but I’m really close with my test scores.”