SPRING: Five Questions with Maurice Hurt

Maurice Hurt has been a player in transition this spring. Moving from guard to center, he has gotten plenty of snaps with the second team during practices. Though he sometimes struggles with his snapping abilities, Hurt has the body and athleticism to become the dominant center. He took some time after practice to talk about the transition, as well as individual and team goals for the spring.

Q: “How would you evaluate your spring performance so far?”

A: “It’s been alright. A couple bad snaps today but I’m working on it. Today wasn’t my best day but I’m playing a new position so there will be some bad days along the way.

Q: “You’ve been getting a lot of snaps with the second team at the center position. How has that transition been for you?”

A: “It’s been difficult, honestly. Some days I feel great with it and I make great snaps, but still sometimes I don’t feel so good with it and I make some bad snaps. It’s something new for me, I’m just getting the accuracy of my snaps down now, but once I get the hang of it I’ll be fine.”

Q: “How did the move to center come about?

A: “I just wanted to get on the field and I think the coaches felt the same way. The coaches thought that center is the best place for me to get there and I’m fine with it. I have no complaints about the move; I’m just focused right now about getting better every day.”

Q: “What do the defensive tackles look like that you’re going up against?

A: “They look real good. They’re coming up strong. With all the guys we’re losing to the NFL this year, we keep hearing from everyone that we’re going to be a weak team on defense but we know that’s not the case.”

Q: “What are your personal and team goals for this spring?”

A: “They go hand in hand. My personal goals are to get better and develop myself at my position. If I do my part and everyone else accomplishes their goals, then we’re going to be a very good team.”