SPRING: Five Questions with Drew Miller

Senior center Drew Miller has seen every position on the Florida offensive line. His unselfish attitude has set the bar high for the rest of the line, and has shown how highly this coaching staff views his ability. After Wednesday’s practice, Miller took some time to talk about his move to the center position, as well as the leadership role he assumes as a senior.

Q: “How’s the move to center been going so far?”

A: “So far good. Each day I get better snapping the ball and with the fundamentals, so it’s getting better. You’ve got to get better every day during spring practice and I think I’m doing just that.”

Q: “Which is tougher, the fundamental or mental aspect of playing center?

A: “Both. The adjustment is difficult because of both aspects, but it’s something I’ve got to work with and work on. As long as my focus stays strong, I’ll get it down.”

Q: “Does playing guard and tackle in this offense give you an advantage when it comes to learning to play center?”

A: “It’s just another position that I’ve got to learn. It does help though. I know most of the techniques on the line so it gives me the ability to help out the other guys when they need it.”

Q: “Have you taken a leadership position on this offense as one of the guys who knows the basics of this offense?”

A: “Yeah definitely. Coaches are challenging me to do just that. It’s my senior year here, I’ve been at this school for three years so far and I know what is expected. They moved me to center for two reasons; first to be a leader, and second they thought I had the ability to do it. I’m excited to take on the challenge.”

Q: “Being one of this team’s leaders, what have you gotten to see out of some of the younger guys in the Pouncey twins?”

A: “They’ve impressed me a lot. A lot of freshmen come in not knowing what to expect and being so used to dominating, but these guys have come in and worked hard everyday. They’ve worked hard everyday, but most importantly they take coaching well, and that’s what you need to do to make an impact here.”