Spotlight on Florida Gators Seniors: Latroy Pittman

As the Florida Gators football team honors their seniors on Saturday before taking on Florida State, each guy that jogs out onto the field with a bouquet of flowers for mom will be carrying with them a different facet that has been crucial for the Gators success.

For wide receiver Latroy Pittman, that facet will be an attitude that has pushed his teammates forward whenever need be.

On the field Pittman has contributed in many different ways, doing what ever was asked of him at any given time, whether on offense or special teams.

As a receiver he’s accumulated 188 yards on 19 catches in his career with the Florida Gators thus far.

Off the field Pittman has been a constant breath of fresh air for his teammates.

“He’s been an active guy,” says fellow senior and offensive lineman Trip Thurman.

“He’s always the guy in the locker room making the jokes and just kinda getting the team together… They’re good jokes. Everybody laughs; everybody kinda rallies around him in the locker room too.”

Junior running back Kelvin Taylor says these jokes and attitude have earned Pittman all sorts of nicknames from his teammates, with each changing for the situation.

“Pittman, that mans crazy,” laughs Taylor.

“We got all types of names for Latroy. We call him all types; purple hearted, we just call him anything we can think of. But Pitt man, he brings a lot of juice to the team. Very funny guy man, he’s an awesome kid and he’s gonna be missed a whole lot so guys like that we gotta send those guys out right, so we’re looking forward to Saturday so I can’t wait.”

A four star that chose Florida over Alabama, Georgia, FSU and Michigan among others, Pittman came to Gainesville from just down the road at North Marion High School in Citra, Florida. Now on Saturday he’ll run onto Florida Field one last time, completing his journey as a Gator with the teammates he always keeps laughing.

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Kassidy Hill
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