RECRUITING: Haden can’t wait to enroll at UF

Look out Tim Tebow, there may be a surprise waiting to take your job next year. All everything athlete Joe Haden is still playing in the Maryland state playoffs and the future Florida Gator is rewriting the record books in the process. In less than a month he will be making a trek to the Sunshine State and start his collegiate journey shortly after.

Haden is the starting quarterback and cornerback for his Fort Washington (MD) Friendly team. They are in the semi-finals of the state playoffs this week. The 5-11 phenom is certainly one of the main reasons why Friendly has been so successful.

“We are doing real well. We are in the semi-finals Friday night against Urbana,” Haden said Wednesday. “They are pretty good and have a nice running back.”

To say he is having a stellar season may be an understatement. But this has been an ongoing process for Haden who just broke the state career passing touchdowns mark with 78. On the season he has about 2,400 yards passing with 35 touchdown passes and four interceptions. He also has 900 rushing yards and 11 rushing touchdowns. For good measure he caught two touchdown passes. On defense, he is able to play full time and has four interceptions and one for a touchdown.

There is no wonder why other schools are all over Haden. He works hard to do what he does and his effort pays off on the field. Other big time programs would love to change his mind about being a Gator, but Haden says that isn’t going to happen.

“Some other coaches are coming to the school, but they know I am strong to Florida so they are just wishing me the best,” Haden said. “I talked to Coach Gonzales this morning about 6:30. Coach Gonzales is coming next Friday and Saturday.”

“I talk to Coach Gonzales all the time,” he said. “He just talks about my family and stuff. We talk about football, but he is a great person just to talk about personal things. We also talk about me getting on the field early.”

Haden has been watching the Gators this year on television and he can see himself fitting rather nicely in the offense down in Gainesville. The four-star athlete could get the ball in his hands in many different ways in the Gator offense.

“I have been watching a whole lot of their games,” he said. “I love the offense. It’s a spread and perfect for what I can do, I think I will fit in there perfect.”

In less than a month Joe Haden will be making the journey to Florida. He will get to the state early to appear in an all-star game in south Florida and then go from there to Gainesville to start his college career. He leaves home on December 30th to start the next segment of his life. With the many skills he possesses, look for Haden to make an impact quickly as a Gator.